URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Tucson Mayor and Council on April 4th, will discuss raising your taxes to fund the FREE BUS used for CRIME!

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Tucson Mayor and Council on April 4th, will discuss raising your taxes to fund the FREE BUS used for CRIME!

Mayor Regina Romero and Ward 1, Lane Santa Cruz, on April 4th will ask the City Council to approve a plan to raise your taxes to fund the FREE BUS which is enabling CRIME in Tucson!

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Please watch this video from TCFC asking you to take 30 seconds and email the Mayor and Council, today!! (we have provided the letter to cut and paste):


STEP 1: Copy as a whole, all the email addresses below and paste in the TO: line of your email.

mayor.romero@tucsonaz.gov; ward1@tucsonaz.gov; ward2@tucsonaz.gov; ward3@tucsonaz.gov; ward4@tucsonaz.gov; ward5@tucsonaz.gov; ward6@tucsonaz.gov; citymanager@tucsonaz.gov; help@tucsoncrimefree.com; cityclerk@tucsonaz.gov;

STEP 2: Copy and paste this text into the subject line of your email:

No FREE BUS, No MORE CRIME Tax!  Make us safe! Stop raising my taxes!

STEP 3: Copy, paste this text below in the email. Edit as you wish. SEND!

Dear Mayor and Council,

Regarding Item #7 put on the April 4th, Study Session put on the agenda by Mayor Regina Romero and Lane Santa Cruz: "Discussion and Direction Relating to Fare-Free Transit for Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Van (City Wide)"


FREE Bus fare is not free when you raise taxes and impose levy’s on citizens and businesses. We simply cannot afford more taxes. This is bad policy for our community and is bad for Tucson.

I want busses to be safe and clean again.  The free bus program needs to stop as it is not safe for drivers or riders and has become a method to transport fentanyl around our community. Organized retail theft is being facilitated by the bus being free as criminals are timing their theft and getaway with the arrival of the free bus.

In the past there have been plentiful options for free and reduced fares for those in need that apply and qualify.





  • Brian

    @Nicole No one is asking to ban buses. And “free buses are essential for teens” is nonsense. I don’t recall buses being free when I was a teen.. How did I ever get by? Oh yeah, I rode my bike, walked or paid the bus fare with money I earned doing yard work for neighbors.

  • Nicole

    I totally disagree and this messaging is inconsistent. Banning something because it is “used for crime” is overreach. People also use their cars for crime and even though I pay taxes to build and maintain the roads that criminals use… So let’s ban cars and refuse to pay road taxes because the roads are used for crime? Neither proposition makes sense. Free buses are essential for teens who can’t get around safely otherwise. I’m personally fine with adults paying for buses or my taxes paying for buses. Either one is fine with me but your argument should make sense.

  • Janet Cocio

    No more free rides. My concern is for the drivers. No one wants to pay for someone else. Make the riders pay their own fare. It should have gone back to normal last year.

  • Jonnett Erlinger

    Regina Romero is pathetic you all should be ashamed of yourselves none of you care for the well being of other riders who work and already pay taxes. The safety of the public is important more then the low life druggies and the non caring public people who are tax dollars are still paying for stop the free bus riding and stop raising taxes on people who work hard

  • Anonymous

    No FREE BUS, No MORE CRIME Tax! Make us safe! Stop raising my taxes!

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