URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Tucson Mayor and Council on April 4th, will discuss raising your taxes to fund the FREE BUS used for CRIME!

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Tucson Mayor and Council on April 4th, will discuss raising your taxes to fund the FREE BUS used for CRIME!

Mayor Regina Romero and Ward 1, Lane Santa Cruz, on April 4th will ask the City Council to approve a plan to raise your taxes to fund the FREE BUS which is enabling CRIME in Tucson!

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Please watch this video from TCFC asking you to take 30 seconds and email the Mayor and Council, today!! (we have provided the letter to cut and paste):


STEP 1: Copy as a whole, all the email addresses below and paste in the TO: line of your email.

mayor.romero@tucsonaz.gov; ward1@tucsonaz.gov; ward2@tucsonaz.gov; ward3@tucsonaz.gov; ward4@tucsonaz.gov; ward5@tucsonaz.gov; ward6@tucsonaz.gov; citymanager@tucsonaz.gov; help@tucsoncrimefree.com; cityclerk@tucsonaz.gov;

STEP 2: Copy and paste this text into the subject line of your email:

No FREE BUS, No MORE CRIME Tax!  Make us safe! Stop raising my taxes!

STEP 3: Copy, paste this text below in the email. Edit as you wish. SEND!

Dear Mayor and Council,

Regarding Item #7 put on the April 4th, Study Session put on the agenda by Mayor Regina Romero and Lane Santa Cruz: "Discussion and Direction Relating to Fare-Free Transit for Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Van (City Wide)"


FREE Bus fare is not free when you raise taxes and impose levy’s on citizens and businesses. We simply cannot afford more taxes. This is bad policy for our community and is bad for Tucson.

I want busses to be safe and clean again.  The free bus program needs to stop as it is not safe for drivers or riders and has become a method to transport fentanyl around our community. Organized retail theft is being facilitated by the bus being free as criminals are timing their theft and getaway with the arrival of the free bus.

In the past there have been plentiful options for free and reduced fares for those in need that apply and qualify.





  • Anonymous

    Mayor and council think we have a homeless problem when it’s actually an addiction problem. Addicts are empowered and enabled they quickly adapt to taking every advantage of the system. Making the system easier or more lenient for them is not the answer. Empowering them to take advantage or influence authentic people in need is not the answer. They will continue to do whatever it takes to steal and then trade the stolen items for their choice of drugs. That’s all they care about 24/7.
    The little old lady who’s only option is taking the bus should never half to sit buy addicts openly doing drugs on the bus. The addicts have no fear of consequences for the county attorney is just as lenient.

  • virginia olivares

    Hello, I totally disagree with free bus passes and raising our taxes for that purpose. We are in need of taking care of other crucial matters in our city. I vote NO, Thank you virginia Olivares

  • Anonymous

    Mjust sent mail and added some additional comments to personalize the email. Hopefully this will make an impact to stop their plan that facilitatates crime.

  • Paul Schloss

    Wrong Priorities. Mistaken Mayor & Council’s policy. No new taxes on Tucson’s crumbling tax base. Turn over SunTran to the Regional Transportation Authority where it belongs. Invest the $53m cost to the General Fund of SunTran in Public Safety, Police, Fire, Parks & Road Maintenance!

  • Nancy

    DONE! Enough of this incomprehensible craziness in our city!

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