Some new, visible, TPD enforcement seen! Feb 19th, 2023,

Some new, visible, TPD enforcement seen! Feb 19th, 2023,
Hello TCFC Members!
  • This week we have seen and had reports of TPD stepping up enforcement in SOME high crime areas.  And WE ARE PUSHING FOR MORE! No-one should fear enforcement. Nothing should stop the City and County from getting people into treatment.
  • We have confirmation that treatment beds are available.  Some Treatment providers are reporting they are only at 70% occupancy with 30% open beds. We know of a minimum of 140 open beds. With enforcement of our laws, and treatment available,  we expect personal accountability which will lead to a safer community.
  • TCFC is getting congressional attention, and had a seat at table (Josh Jacobsen) on a Bi-Partisan Roundtable this week with The US Speaker of the House and Congressman Juan Ciscomani discussing how Fentanyl is affecting Tucson and Pima County.  Josh shared how TCFC and its near 3000 members are exposing how our elected officials are pursuing failing policies.  TCFC is leading efforts for treatment and humanity but demanding accountability to enforce our laws.


    • Organized retail theft is on the rise with free Sun Tran buses as the getaway vehicle. At our monthly meeting with TPD detectives and retailers this week we heard from large retailers experiencing "Flash Mob" groups timing shoplifting with the Free Buses City of Tucson Mayor and Council support.  Riders tell us about awful experiences like people cooking meth on the bus as well as other criminal behavior.
    • Pima county is moving forward with “No Pandhandling Signs” being created and installed.  Thank you for your suggested locations. We will pursue City of Tucson intersections next and will report any progress.
    • We met with Judges and Superior Court representatives this week.  We discussed and gained a more clear understanding of how we can address limitations holding people accountable for crimes as well as the fact that the courts never see all the "refused" cases by our County Attorney Laura Conover.  The judges expressed support for the TCFC enhanced Transition Center at the Jail Annex on Mission Road.
    • TCFC met over at the Jail Annex with Non-profits in the treatment provider business and learned more about how to best work together to provide wrap-around services and how to best get people needing treatment into their programs so empty beds will come to an end when we have people that need them.


    Fire tears through homeless camp - Mayor Romero and Council Failed Policies at work


    • Anonymous

      Please look at the intercessions of Speedway/Swan and Speedway/Craycroft. These corners sometimes have up to seven panhandlers. So dangerous for everyone

    • Nancy

      Thank you for ALL you are doing! How can we help?

    • Anonymous

      Let’s have a reality check here: These campsites are HOMES for mostly vagrant individuals. These individuals need to be apprehended, evaluated and channeled to the appropriate existing agencies. Treatment facilities need to be an option for those that are “dangerous to themselves or others”. Treatment should include learning skills and working (at least part time) so they can re-enter society as productive citizens. This problem will not go away as long as vagrants are enabled to camp out anywhere they like without consequences.

    • Anonymous

      Obvious, Tucson Crime Free Coalition is working proving grass roots efforts still work! This can go national for every city, county and state, such a big powerful threat that the people we elect to serve us will do just that as we hold their feet to the fire and make them 100% accountable.

    • Anonymous

      As CJ above said…. You can’t make people want to stop using drugs and being criminals but we can put pressure on them and make it uncomfortable.

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