Tucson City Mayor & Council Elections, Questions for the Candidates. The failure of Prop 412, Sober living FRAUD and more!

Tucson City Mayor & Council Elections, Questions for the Candidates. The failure of Prop 412, Sober living FRAUD and more!

Upcoming Mayor and Council Elections

This week TCFC is ready to hear from Candidates for Mayor and City Council to understand their positions on addressing the #1 problem in Pima County: Fentanyl and Crime.

But first, we are asking you, our members, what questions you want them to answer?  After hearing from our members, we will provide the candidates with a list of questions and we will share their answers with you.

Please submit no more than 5 questions to the email address:  help@tucsoncrimefree.com

Please keep them to no more than two sentences each.  We will review your responses, gather common themes, submit questions to candidates and share their responses!!!  You can make your own decisions based on how they address your concerns.

Prop 412 Fails with Voters

Last week, proposition 412, a new 25 year franchise agreement between the City of Tucson and TEP to replace the franchise agreement that expires in 3 years, which was strongly supported by Mayor Romero, Ward 3 Councilmember Dahl, Ward 1 Councilmember Santa Cruz, Ward 2 Councilmember Cunningham & Ward 4 Councilmember Lee was soundly defeated by voters. The outcome serves a reminder that voters have a powerful voice on policy and the direction of government. To that end, TCFC will continue it's non-partisan work to create dialogue between our members and elected officials and candidates to provide voters with the opportunity to hold elected officials accountable for the #1 issue facing Tucson and Pima County: fentanyl and crime and the aftermath it's inflicting on our community. 

Sober Living Houses - FRAUD

TCFC was alerted to this issue from one of our members!  We are so happy to hear that the justice system will be dealing with these people accused of defrauding and hurting vulnerable people. It is yet another reminder that fentanyl & drug use is an enormous problem that will require real collaboration by and among government agencies and the public. 

CLICK HERE:  https://www.kvoa.com/news/local/arizona-suspends-over-200-sober-living-facilities-in-arizona-for-scamming-people/article_70fdc54e-f5de-11ed-8679-9f136d71b226.html

TCFC Guest Speaker at Tus Vecinos en el Barrio Meeting


TPD Officers from The Tucson Police Protective League joined Tucson Crime Free Coalition speaking about the #1 problem in Pima County, Fentanyl and Crime!




  • Anonymous

    Kershen, Arthur independent
    Signatures filed: 40
    Romero, Regina democrat
    Signatures filed: 3,961
    Wittenbraker, Janet republican
    Signatures filed: 2,593
    Then at the bottom of page listed:
    Ackerley, Ed independent
    Signatures filed: 4,543
    Mayoral candidates
    As of: April 28, 2023

    Why is Ackerley listed at bottom of the page? It states: Statement of Organization has been filed, creating candidates committee.
    Statement of interest has been filed allowing circulatuon of nominee petitions, but is not a formal declaration of candidacy .
    Listed at office of city clerk
    City of tucson

  • Anonymous

    Will you put up a link to candidates running?

  • Anonymous

    All our officials care about are illegals and criminals.

  • Anonymous

    thank you for the great newsletter…

  • Anonymous

    This town isn’t safe anymore. The fentanyl from open borders is a huge problem.
    The mayor should be going to the funerals of all fentanyl deaths as should Biden

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