Town Hall w/Mike Jette (Dem) for Pima County Attorney TOMORROW 9AM!; ALL G.R.A.C.E Bills Passed in Senate!!!

Town Hall w/Mike Jette (Dem) for Pima County Attorney TOMORROW 9AM!;  ALL G.R.A.C.E Bills Passed in Senate!!!

JOIN US This TOMORROW, Feb 17th (SATURDAY), 9AM, for a Town Hall with Mike Jette, (DEM) for Pima County Attorney!

Hosted by Sherry Harrison, "Law Matters" on KVOI


Mike is a real prosecutor who is compassionate but will prosecute criminals and hold them accountable making our County Safe, unlike our current County Attorney.

Join us this Saturday at the Fraternal Order of Police Hall at 3445 N Dodge Blvd this Saturday at 9 am.  All parties are encouraged to attend and welcome! Mike Jette, federal prosecutor, believes in compassion, but that we should enforce our laws! Enforcement stopped under current county Attorney Laura Conover (DEM) leading to the lawlessness we see on our streets, busses, and businesses: shoplifting, theft and assault, choosing NOT to prosecute crime making US the victims of her failed leadership.

THANK YOU TCFC Members for your emails!!!!   All of the G.R.A.C.E Bills passed in the Senate yesterday!!

We will provide more info in this Sunday's Newsletter!

Give Recovery A Chance for Everyone!

  1. SB1578 involuntary treatment; substance abuse
  2. SB1591 criminal damage; fine; business victims
  3. SB1593 homeless encampment; crime enforcement
  4. SB1597 mental health court; incompetency; diversion
  5. SB1612 aggressive solicitation; sign requirement
  6. SB1613 theft; classification; private arrest
  7. SB1614 fentanyl; threshold amount; one pill


  • Mike Carlson

    CONGRADULATIONS AND THANK YOU so much for your time and effort,its to bad that our failed elected public servants have brought us down to this level to begin with. We all hope its not to late and will continue to support Tucson crime free in your very much needed mission.

  • Carol Sue Clark

    So very thankful to and for all of TCFC members. For all that you are doing to push these necessary changes that will benefit everyone. We all can do something even if seemingly small to help this important movement. Keep on keeping on!

  • George Valdez

    Good morning, unfortunately we cannot attend as we have obligations in Phoenix. I did want to provide some input as we have shopping centers in Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, NV and Oceanside, CA. The issues there as you can imagine are significantly worse. However, I have noticed on my site inspections at these locations that Tucson is beginning to FEEL like these other cities in respect to what you see on the streets. This will only get worse if things do not change and aggressive enforcement/ punishment is not enforced.

    Thank you.

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