The return to the neighborhood of Estevan Park, TPD needs follow-up with citizens, More Free Crime Bus Fentanyl Use

The return to the neighborhood of Estevan Park, TPD needs follow-up with citizens, More Free Crime Bus Fentanyl Use

Happy April 30th!  We hit 100 degrees today!

Estevan Park returned to the Citizens & Neighborhood

As we reported last Thursday, we are so happy that another of our parks has been returned to its intended use for citizens to enjoy!  We are hopeful that it will stay clean and safe to use.  The wake of the destruction of our Mayor and Council's failed policies is still in-place with the new taxpayer funded, $350,000 playground burnt to the ground. We are confident, since we know that beds and treatment are available from our non profit partners, that those that accepted the help that was offered, were provided that help.  Thank you again to all our members who sent the message that the failed policies of our elected officials are enabling human suffering for those stuck in the cycle of addition and crisis.

City/TPD Responsible for Delays Providing Accident Reports

KVOA reported this week that TPD records backlog has caused citizens up to 6 months of delay due to TPD not  providing records needed to process citizen accident claims.  This is another of the issues our elected officials in the City are not addressing and citizens have to go to the news to expose.  City Manager, Mike Ortega admits this is a known problem. It's just like our situation with not enough officers to provide the basic services we pay for and do not get. All we hear is we don't have enough people but they don't provide innovative solutions to address.  Response is always to cut services without cutting what we pay.  The responsibility rests with our Mayor and Council for continuing to fail us.

(Eastside) Fentanyl smokers at the Sun Tran Udall Transit Station smoking lounge and on the Sun Tran free fare crime bus #3225 route 8 Saturday 4/29/2023 approximately 12:15 pm

Here is a story from one of our members:

"Yesterday I arrived at the UTS bus shelter referenced above to wait for the bus to ride home and immediately noticed the individual already sitting there was holding a cigarette lighter, which was a red flag because smoking at bus stops is illegal and because they are fentanyl drug paraphernalia. He is the one photographed later sitting in the last seat in the back of the bus. His acquaintance soon arrived, they spoke and as the route 8 bus #3225 rolled in, the second one commenced smoking fentanyl from a blue cylinder heated at one end by his own lighter. The bus driver left to take a break. 
The one who had been smoking at the bus shelter sat in the back a couple of rows in front of me, leaned down and began smoking fentanyl, using a white shirt draped over his head to try to conceal it. 
     The bus driver returned, I told him what was happening and he ordered the one with the shirt on his head smoking fentanyl to leave the bus as I called 911 because the one leaving threatened me as he left.
The 911 dispatcher said there was “a call in” and both Tucson Police and Sun Tran have my telephone number but neither one has contacted me about this brazen fentanyl smoking openly in public next to the Carol West Senior Addition of Udall Park at Sabino Canyon Rd. & Tanque Verde Rd."


Click Here: N4T Investigators: Drivers facing delays getting accident coverage due to Tucson Police report backlog


Click Here:  Josh Jacobsen speaks with the 501c(3) National Police Association

Click Here: Officer hospitalized after finger allegedly bitten off by homeless person at Metro station

Last week and Upcoming:

TCFC and Pima County met this week again to plan the services that will be available at the Transition Center at the Pima County Jail.

TCFC met with representatives from the Goldwater Institute reviewing their successful verdict from their lawsuit against the Phoenix City Council last month forcing Phoenix to stop the suffering.

TCFC will speak directly with Congressman Juan Ciscomani this week

TCFC is speaking at the Catalina Rotary Meeting this Thursday

TCFC is speaking on a Panel next week with TPD Chief Kasmar and La Frontera CEO, Dan Ranieri

PICS of the Week (taken this week):  Human Crisis on our doorsteps.  TCFC & Pima County working on real solutions with our partners.

Taken on our streets.  Open air drug use


Taken right in front of a business



  • Anonymous

    A family member was in a serious accident and has been told that the accident report will not be available for at least a month. Meanwhile she is unable le to get the full compensation she deserves. Her car was totaled, she was not at fault … her car replacement is on hold as well as compensation for missing work and college do to her injuries. Unacceptable.

  • Anonymous

    Elections have consequences. Your elected officials, Mayor and Council, are responsible for continuing to fail to address the problem’s causes. Report any fentanyl camps. We provided everyone links to resources. Go to our links tab at the top of the home page of Until Mayor and Council take their job seriously and start protecting us all, their failed policies are going to affect us all! I have some next door too.

  • Anonymous

    And there’s another small encampment starting at Alvernon and Ft. Lowell. West of Alvernon and south of Ft. Lowell, not quite a block away. The encampment is on street level and not down in the wash which is just north before the traffic light at Alvernon and Ft. Lowell. I was returning from the Tucson Botanical Gardens and, since I was driving, I was not able to take any photos.

  • Anonymous

    Re: Accident Reports
    Used to be the officer would respond, fill out the report and do a diagram etc and issue a citation. Sure, that might take some time. But don’t all the officers have computers in their squad cars? I would think so. All they would have to do is fill out the form in the comfort of their squad, hit enter, and it should be in Records, yes? Filed under the case number, right? So, all the citizen should have to do it, give TPD the case number, and actually, TPD should be able to just send, by email, the report to the citizen, yes? (The officer should get the email address from the citizen). Now, that is in cases where an officer actually responds. C’mon. Trash your pronouns and work on something worth while. It is 2023, City Council. Are you awake?

    The “free” bus service. Whoa. Perhaps might be better known as mobile homeless camp, a magical mystery ride. Don’t forget, the heat is upon us. This “free” service is just what they need. Go from crime scene to crime scene free of charge. Homeless camp to homeless camp, no charge. And Air conditioned. Ride all day. Do you expect the poor bus driver to act as a police officer. I do not. These people will not listen to an officer-do you think a bus driver can be more influential. Who actually benefits from this? Anyone who can avoid the bus avoids the bus. The druggies will benefit from this “free” service. I put “free” in quotes for the simple reason that nothing is “free”. You, yes you, are paying for this(assuming you pay taxes)! You! Someone is playing you for a fool. And are we supplying the busses with narcan? Again, this is all big money going after a tiny, tiny, expensive population that chooses this lifestyle. Big money. Wait and see- bus drivers will be driving these people to Emergency Rooms for treatment. They are going to become free taxis. Would you let your child ride in one of these buses when there is the chance that fentanyl residue was deposited on the seat? hand rails? yuch.
    Wouldn’t you think you would get a return on your money by, perhaps, hiring someone to pull records from a police computer.

  • Anonymous

    The policy of “treatment or jail” for public drug abuse needs to be enforced. Leniency will drag our city down like so many other cities.

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