TCFC & Pima County, "Say No To Panhandling" Signs on a median near you; Exciting News: Transition Center opening June 6th; TCFC Monitoring New Policy Implemented by Sheriff Nanos; Election Info from TCFC

TCFC & Pima County,

TCFC & Pima County Put up "Say No To Panhandling" signs!!!

The signs are going up!  Some are already at a median near you!  This is a simple education tool for the public to understand that giving money just makes the problem worse.  That dollar you give to a pan hander can potentially buy 2 Fentanyl pills!  Some users tell us they use 10-15 pills a day!

Here are Pima County Charities:

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The Transition Center, TCFC and Pima County have been working on is opening, officially, June 6th! 

We have confirmation from Pima County that the Transition Center next to Pre-Trial Services, on Silverlake Road, next to the Pima County Jail will open on June 6th.  This is the facility that will provide wrap-around services to those after arrest as well at those being released from Jail.  We will be providing you additional information about how this facility will work. TCFC and Pima County have been working on a comprehensive plan to make sure that services are provided to those in-need, targeting repeat offenders and having a goal of preventing repeat offenses.  This is one of the first real solutions that can address the causes of crime and addressing the cycle of addiction and mental health crisis.  TCFC still has no indication that Mayor Regina Romero and City Council members want to do anything new other than continue to pursue their failing policies, but we always have hope.

New Policy from Sheriff Nanos reportedly is releasing those that should be jailed

Approximately 1.5 weeks ago, Sheriff Nanos released a new policy where if an arrestee indicates they ingested Fentanyl within the last two hours of arrest, the Jail Medical Staff will refuse them.  The effect of this is officers will likely let them go with a paper arrest.  TCFC received confirmation this week of the first occurrence of this happening and this person committed an offence that was very serious and would have been put in jail.  Word is going to get out quickly to criminals that this is a "Get out of Jail Free Card," if it hasn't already.

While medical rejection is not necessarily new for some cases, the specific policy related to Fentanyl is new, and will have the effect of criminals also including drug addicts and dealers left on the street to continue their destruction and cause more crime when they normally would be in jail.  Below is the exact text of the new directive that has been sent to officers

From Sheriff Nanos: 
"PCSO Booking staff has advised our officers of a new policy.  If your 10-15 makes a claim to the jail booking or medical staff that they have ingested fentanyl within the last two hours, they will be medically rejected and have to be medically cleared at a hospital.  Also, if they were given narcan within the last two hours the jail will reject them.  St. Mary's will not medically clear until 6 hours after narcan use."

An officer has to sit with the criminal for 6 hours taking that resource away from protecting us.  We need solutions from our elected leaders to stop telling us "we don't have enough resources" and fix this. We elected you to find solutions. TCFC will continue to monitor this new development.

Election Information

Prop 412 is on the all Mail-In ballot for City of Tucson election on May 16, 2023.  This is the special election to approve a franchise agreement for TEP.  Here are several links to read about Prop 412 from the AZ Daily Star:

It is unfortunate that Mayor Romero and the City Council do not view fentanyl and crime reduction with the same urgency that they view Proposition 412. TCFC believes a safer community for all must be our top priority.



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  • Luke Abrams

    If we do not donate to the presumably homeless panhandlers, is there a nonsectarian place for them to go for meals and etc?

  • Anonymous

    Hello Monica & All -
    This was first read of your blog/newsletter — it’s really good!
    I’ll make sure to share it w/ as many small business owners.
    Great work to inform us.
    Thank you!

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