TCFC & Pima County Moves Forward with REAL Solutions, The Point In Time (PIT) Count, Fentanyl Addiction

This week the Tucson Crime Free Coalition steering leaders participated in the “Point In Time” count. The purpose was to survey people living on the streets. We volunteered because we believe it is important for us to be a “hands on” organization. We are not ideologues, we are REAL people looking for REAL solutions to the fentanyl and crime crisis that is ruining our community. We have been into numerous encampments around town. It is extremely sad to see how deeply people fall into the addiction cycle and the resulting lifestyle.

Pictured Left to Right with other PIT Count Team Members:

Josh Jacobsen (TCFC), Dave Gamrath, Kevin Daily (TCFC), Jon McLane, NI, Michael O'Connell 

People ask us frequently, what is it like to visit encampments? Here are the key takeaways from our experiences:

  • Substance abuse, particularly fentanyl or “blues” is a main factor for those that live on the streets.
  • Many people tell us that they have lived on the streets for extended periods of time, often times years. 
  • Many people report that they are unaware of treatment options or services that are available.
  • “Hustling” is the term some people used for how they get money. That includes scavenging or “finding” things to sell or trade on the street. 
  • Violence is not uncommon as a part of living on the street.
  • We have had people admit that they are able to purchase “blues” (fentanyl) and sell them to others for a profit to fund their habit as well. 

From what we are seeing, the need for the Transition Center at the Pima County Jail is more important than ever. Our laws need to be enforced for us to have a safer community for all. Treatment needs to be offered to those that are receptive so that they can have an opportunity to turn their lives around. Prosecution is needed for criminals that will not abide by our laws. While Pima County Supervisors, Bronson, Christy and Scott along with TCFC are implementing real solutions that will provide the drug treatment and wrap-around services for those in need. 

The Tucson Crime Free Coalition rejects any government policies or services that enable people to continue living in the substance abuse cycle.

Below are pictures of what we saw just in just one of the washes we have visited, the Flowing Wells Wash. All of these people, at least 26 at our count, are put in great danger of drowning.


PICTURES FROM Gardner Lane and I-10 including under railroad tracks:

It's moving North here is a tragic situation at La Cholla and Orange Grove

Quick Hits from week:

TCFC steering leaders Kevin Daily and Josh Jacobsen speak at the 1/24/23 Board of Supervisors meeting

Josh Jacobsen:

Kevin Daily

KOLD Story on the filth of Tucson

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  • David Smith

    These symptoms are not only found in our city, but all across the USA and globe.
    In addition to working together to counter the problem we can all pitch in and donate/ volunteer in our community with the resources and abilities we have.
    Thank you for this well managed respectful group.
    David Smith
    28 years in business on Ft Lowell

  • Anonymous

    What is the percentage of homeless women to men? Children? Whole families?

    Are there any Churches involved in outreach?

    I’m not new to Tucson but new to owning property. I was not aware of the severity of this crisis until I purchased property.

  • Michele F.

    Why are we looking to expand our public parks if overnight camping and sleeping is permitted. This is not the intended use. There is a woman who has been living next to the water fountain at the loop rest stop/parking area at River and Swan for over 2 years. The area has essentially turned into her private restroom and living space.

  • G. Wisniewski

    I’ve never seen a city so committed to self- destruction.

  • Hunter Williams

    Tucson is a good town. It could be a great town if municipal and civic leadership works smart and is responsive to constituents’ concerns to get its chronic homeless community — MANY of whom are dealing with serious illicit substance abuse issues — out of public infrastructure improvised camps, including underpasses, culverts and washes, and into shelters that are supervised by an accountable agency. Fentanyl is killing and incapacitating, daily, on our streets. I lost a family member just last month to fentanyl/methamphetamine. Thank you, TCFC, for your good work.

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