Video: TCFC Members, WE ALL DID IT!  We demanded, advocated and even begged, and the City Returned Estevan Park to the Neighborhood!!

Video: TCFC Members, WE ALL DID IT!  We demanded, advocated and even begged, and the City Returned Estevan Park to the Neighborhood!!
Tucson Crime Free Coalition members, 

We have great news to share with you and our community. After months of our reporting and advocacy, conversations with the City, community involvement and media coverage, the Estevan Park fentanyl camp has finally been cleaned up and the park has been returned to the neighborhood and community!

TCFC and Pima County are moving forward with real solutions. We are hopeful that this is a sign that the City of Tucson sees the urgency of what our community is dealing with and is ready to be part of the solution as well.

When encampments like this are cleaned out it is a huge endeavor. We know that the City staff that has to physically perform this action and TPD do not have an easy job and we appreciate the job they did today. Part of this process is making sure that all of the inhabitants are given a 72 hour notice and are provided with shelter and treatment options. We hope that many of these individuals were receptive and took the opportunity to receive help. It is simply not humane to enable people to live in such dire and desperate conditions. We must continue to offer treatment and support to those in need, yet enforce our laws and hold people accountable.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR TCFC MEMBERS! Stay Vigilant as we are only beginning and we want to accelerate momentum as we work towards a safer community for all and reclaim what belongs to us- public places and our community. 

Tell a friend!  Our 3600 members and pressure is what is making them start to listen.  We need more!  Signup and get involved on our website:


  • Mrs Van Helsing

    I think we should agree upon a piece of land with permission for properly Cow Boy setup with camp shower, camp toilets, canopy tent with table, wash bin, stove, ice chest, pantry shelf- food supply, tents marked out in a circle, agreement signed to rules, resources and advocates know where to go, people keep watch- Examples from SHARE of Seattle Washington and Tent City of Portland OR! If we ask genuine people like me with lived experiance- see that abuse, neglect, no answer to the problem is found in shelters, not enough shelter beds, not enough affordable housing available- they will have to camp it out so let us BRING ORDER VS CHOAS to lives forgotten In Budgets, politics ect- The Data from Az Heathy Communities, Az Town Hall, Az Housing Coalition, TPCH, HAST plan, CEHD, UofA study, P chip, Poverty Report, ect show that WE HAVE A DUTY TO SERVE ORDER! so, no complaining- no try- JUST DO IT! – i WILL IF YOU DONT or do—see you BOOTS ON THE GROUND BROTHERS!!! @SOPHIA’S SOCIAL JUSTICE
    ENOUGH complaining- I just solved IT!

  • J.

    Haters & complainers have arrived here and that’s actually a good thing.
    That’s how you know you are making a difference.
    Use the negative stuff as fuel. Keep the faith.

  • Brian Field

    In case your arm hurts from patting yourself on the back, try coming down to 2nd st and 13th ave. Those people didn’t just disappear into thin air.

  • Anonymous

    TOMZ you are totally right by calling our Tucson City Council “Sick Puppies”. They only see the money to treat but there’s no cure in their wicked method. Average govt programs in America for the last 10 years like in Ca, Austin TX and others treating the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) folks receive 15 to 22 cents on the dollar. Govt officials friends get rich as long as they provide political campaign kick back monies. Our taxpayers funds get spun back to these officials to get re-elected again and again. And Watch…. these SUD illegal campers will come right back with newly shoplifted camping gear and supplies.

  • Anonymous

    Maintain this momentum by continuing to clear squatters camps on public property, especially parks and arroyos, and also expanding the effort to include the Sun Tran free fare crime busses and Sun Tran bus shelters tobacco/marijuana/fentanyl smoking lounges in Tucson.

    ‘State Judge Blows a Hole in Leftist Case for Neglecting Homeless Camps …
    1 day ago An Arizona judge issued a ruling forcing Phoenix to clear a massive homeless camp — and it may pave the way for other progressive cities to do the same.’

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