Yesterday around 3pm, ON A SUN TRAN Bus @ East 22nd Street and South Alvernon Way there was a stabbing.  KOLD Channel 13 reported a stabbing but continues to omit it happened on a Sun Tran Bus.  Our sources confirm it did happen on the bus and a man is fighting for his life after being stabbed in the neck.

TCFC has been reporting crime on the Free Crime Bus but Mayor Romero has recently been quoted...  ...saying there is crime on the bus is "Ludicrous!".  Tim Steller in the Arizona Daily Star recently reported that crime happens but worked extra-hard to play-it-down.

Mayor Romero and Council will report soon they are going to take $9+ million taxpayer dollars, every year, that we don't have to support permanent free bus fares to support more free fares making it a FREE Crime Bus.

TCFC supports reduced or free fares for those who qualify, just as it has always been, previous to the free-for-all creating crime.

CLICK HERE for KOLD Channel 13:



  • Anonymous

    I hope everyone will vote for the Republicans that are running right now. Janet for Mayor, Ross, Ernie and Victoria for council. That is the ONLY way to change Tucson for the Better! Tomorrow, Tues, Nov. 7 is the LAST day to vote! Please Vote!

  • Ray Blanco

    At least it wasn’t a gun. We’d all be lectured right now about our gun problem. Smh. This mayor is a joke!!! And everyone else who voted for her. We need order back to our city.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my question why are the Pima County Supervisors voting on a resolution regarding Israel and Hamas? Seriously ! these are the people we have elected to get their act together to represent and support Pima County and the City of Tucson? and being a clean, safe, productive community ? they are voting on issues outside of Tucson! outside of Pima County? Focus! Pima County Supervisors Focus! your job is Pima County! it’s not your job to implement resolutions regarding other countries hello? Oh my gosh where is common sense? do they all need to be replaced? apparently!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t usually have the time, but watching the Mayor and Council Meeting tonight. Call to public has numerous people relating very sad experiences as a result of lack of law enforcement, asking for help. Apparently members of “Our America”. Someone needs to contact them and incorporate them into TCFC. “Please help us.” We’re not the only ones who see a big problem in Tucson.

  • Bonny Bass

    Denise, I hope you take the same amount of time to check the facts as TCFC does. Better yet, come to the meeting Thursday and educate yourself.

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