100 New Members!!; Mayor Romero and Council Failures Validated by Courts; Mayoral Forum Sept 27th; TCFC Ally: Our America - Call To Action!

100 New Members!!; Mayor Romero and Council Failures Validated by Courts; Mayoral Forum Sept 27th; TCFC Ally: Our America - Call To Action!

This week we added, 100 Members!  Welcome to the TCFC team!!

Mayor Romero and City Council's - "Tucson’s differential water rates ‘unreasonable as a matter of law,’ court rules"

Pima County sued, and won the lawsuit, against the City of Tucson for implementing higher water rates for County Residents without justification for the higher cost.

Instead of focusing on keeping us safe, they support drug addition and lawlessness in our city.  This judgement against Mayor Romero and Council is a reflection of more systemic problems with elected officials continuous failed policies being out-of-touch with who they are supposed to serve. Tucson City Council concentrates on creating failed policies that even extend beyond enabling Crime. A prime example of this is Mayor Romero and the City Council’s effort to extort Pima County residents who are forced to buy the basic-life giving commodity of water from only one available vendor: Tucson Water.  

Mayor Regina Romero and Council tried to pull the "race card" but the judge did not bite: 

"Tucson argues that Pima County lacks standing to claim race-based discrimination. According to its Response, Pima County does not make that claim."

Findings from the judge that even can be applied to the FREE CRIME BUS the Mayor is ramming down our throat.  Mayor and Council did not do their homework just like they are getting ready  to impose the $10,000,000 a year shortfall of the FREE CRIME BUS to our taxpayers.  They are being lazy, and this is another example of failure to lead.  Quotes from the judge:

What does “just and reasonable mean”? At the very least it means rates must be grounded in cost of service.

"Pima County argues that Tucson’s water rates for users in unincorporated areas are not “just and reasonable” as required by A.R.S. § 9-511.01."

"...persuasive cases from other jurisdictions support an interpretation that “just and reasonable” rates must be tied to cost."

"Second, A.R.S. § 9-511.01 requires a municipality raising water rates to prepare and publish “a written report or supply data supporting the increased rate” which includes “cash flow projections” showing anticipated revenues and expenses. A.R.S. § 9-511.01(A)(1). The Legislature would not have required that data if it did not intend rates would be tied to it."

CLICK HERE:   Judge Rules Tucson Water "Differential Rates" 'unreasonable'

Cox Communications is sponsoring a "Mayoral Forum" Sept 27th

The live event is only open for attendance by members of the Tucson Business Alliance

Candidates attending are:

  • Edward Ackerley, Ed.D. (I)
  • Hon. Regina Romero (D)
  • Janet Wittenbracker, J.D. (R)
Presented by Cox Communications, the event will not be a debate; it will be a forum where direct questions are posed of the candidates on a number of critical issues that our community is facing

Tucson Mayoral Candidate Forum
Wednesday September 27, 2023


TCFC Ally Spotlight - Our America - CALL TO ACTION

From Our America website:

Hometown Heroes wanted! The national organization “Our America” invites you to join our grassroots team in Tucson to encourage the mayor and council to increase the Tucson Police Department budget to increase staffing, reduce response times and protect the residents of Tucson. Please check out this link to Hometown Heroes. If you agree as I do with Our America’s vision and principles, sign up and we will work together for Tucson to have “Safer Streets, Brighter Futures”.

Click Here: https://joinouramerica.org/hometown-heroes/?utm_campaign=HometownHeroesActivists&utm_medium=Grassroots&utm_source=Recruitment&utm_content=FormLink


Please put your name on Our America’s letter to the Tucson mayor and council to increase the budget for the Tucson Police Department so they can hire more police, reduce response times and protect the residents of Tucson. This letter is just the beginning of a major drive by Our America, working together with other groups and citizens to make fighting crime Tucson’s top priority.

Click Here: https://joinouramerica.org/tucson/

Our America's Organizational Building Workshop taught by The Leadership Institute. September 26th from 6pm-9pm. Includes dinner. American Legion Post #36, 5845 E. 22nd St. Tucson, AZ 85711 Register 

Click Here: https://www.litraining.org/.../0828f90c-2be7-455f.../summary

In case you missed it last week: TCFC Video: "Tucson - A City in Crisis"

CLICK HERE:  https://youtu.be/2p9Ic5EXhtA


  • Bonny Bass

    Do you know that the last time Tucson elected a Republician mayor was 1999? Before that, 1971. Basically, we get what we vote for. Tucson is a mess because, despite voters saying no, Mayor Romero makes us a sanctuary city, does nothing about crime and destroys our mass transit by allowing free bus fare. VOTE for change.

  • Anonymous

    Would you want your company advertised on a Tucson city bus? Of course not! What are the advertisers not thinking? Their brand is wrapped around the crime bus. Advertisers, stop paying and subsidizing this boondoggle.

  • Anonymous

    The monthly Tucson Parks and Recreation Commission (TPRC) meeting will be held Wednesday, Sept. 27, from 3:30-5 p.m., at Tucson Parks and Recreation, Mesquite Room, 900 S. Randolph Way, and online. This City of Tucson commission of citizens serves as an advisory panel to the Mayor and Tucson City Council. Its role is to make recommendations to the Mayor and Council regarding recreational activities and park facilities within the City, operations policy and procedures, user fees, park development, and park name changes.

  • Anonymous

    Read the channel 4 article 200 people given 48 hr eviction notices!!! City of tucson is rallying around? Seriously? Right out of the c manifest. Create chaos but we are the saviors!!! Another non profit using these residents access money etc ?. Promised rehab, etc etc. Read the article

  • Mike Hunt

    Denise Meeks is right, county residents should start illegally drilling wells on their property and bypass Tucson water altogether so Tucson residents would be forced to pay higher water rates. While we are at it, the County should increase the sewer rates to Tucson residents, then Denise can install a septic tank on her property when she gets sick of being forced to pay higher sewer rates just because the County thinks it’s a good idea.

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