Another Bus Driver Assaulted; Tucson - A City In Crisis - VIDEO produced by TCFC

Another Bus Driver Assaulted; Tucson - A City In Crisis - VIDEO produced by TCFC

Tucson in Crisis Video by TCFC  (see link below)


The Tucson Crime Free Coalition has produced a 10 minute video:  "Tucson - A City in Crisis" that highlights pictures gathered over the last 9 months by TCFC steering leaders, and our members. This video documents the failures of public policy: unchecked rampant open-air drug use and addiction, pedestrian deaths, crime on our busses, theft in our stores, closing of businesses, assaults, burglary, public sex acts, all largely within the City of Tucson. Mayor Romero and City Council members have and are supporting sanctioned fentanyl encampments all across town, in our parks, along our freeways, and along the nationally acclaimed Tucson Bike Loop.

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO:  "Tucson - A City in Crisis"

In our August 20th newsletter, we gave our members an inside look at the largest encampment and humanitarian disaster, the 100 Acre Wood Bike Park.

"The 100-Acre Wood Bike Park is a collaboration among the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists (SDMB), the City of Tucson, and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.” However, now it has become a wasteland of stolen property and shopping carts, where TPD does not enter, drug dealers are free to sell as they please and addiction is rampant.

"But are there are trees?" This is what Mayor and Council ask.

More will come here this winter!


Yesterday, another bus driver was assaulted on the FREE Sun Tran Crime Bus force-fed to our community by Mayor Romero and our City Council. We don't expect this will be covered in the media. Notice all the pictures of drug crimes at bus stops the the TCFC Video.

This is Tucson under our current elected leadership.

The local media (with few exceptions) acts as apologists for failed polices carried out by our elected officials, but seem to gain courage after TCFC reports on real issues impacting the community.

The Tucson Crime Free Coalition is committed to working toward solutions for Tucson and Pima County and change direction of these failing policies. Help us continue to grow our coalition, our strength is in numbers! Stay engaged!

We are not limited by what others are doing elsewhere. In Pima County, we can decide how we are going to solve this problem and what steps to take!

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO:  "Tucson - A City in Crisis"


  • Bob Abel

    Powerful message in the “City in Crisis” video!!
    The Marxist mentality that is taking over the Dem party is behind these atrocities. They have a comprehensive agenda. Re-defining words is one of their most powerful propaganda tools.“Homelessness” is a perfect example. This behavior used to be prosecuted as “vagrancy”.
    Until we STOP USING their terms – the naive of our society will remain in malaise. Let’s start by saying “urban campers” (also illegal) are polluting our neighborhoods. “Choice” is the Marxist term for ABORTION (destroying a pre-born human) . However, we cannot address abortion now because “women’s rights” no longer mean anything (“trans men” are now “women” too). Even objective scientific reality is being assaulted (there are only two sexes – determined by chromosomes). Our newest supreme court justice cannot even define “woman” (because she is “…not a biologist”). The Nazi’s convinced their citizenry that Jews were “pigs” and were grouped together with other “worthless eaters” (the old, infirmed & religious dissidents).
    In Eric Metaxis’ book “If You Can Keep It” he explains to all of us how constant vigilance and positive citizenship is our only hope for saving our constitutional republic. BTW – please notice how the latest mantra for the Dems is “Democracy” – they are actually advocating “autocracy”.
    Don’t even try to unpack “social justice” – it’s an oxymoron.
    Membership and support of TCFC is a great step forward in taking back our community, city, county, state & country. Invite your friends & family to join.

  • David Salazar

    Einstein is definition of insanity. Do in the same thing over and over again and expect in different results.

  • Anonymous

    Each of us needs to forward this information to friends and request that if they see the value they forward it to others. Let’s keep spreading the word!

  • Anonymous

    The location in the photo that accompanies “Yesterday, another bus driver was assaulted on the FREE Sun Tran Crime Bus” is the same intersection as the Tucson Police Midtown station, dedicated to an officer killed in the line of duty. Ryan Remington did not deserve to be fired for protecting himself and stopping the threat from a menacing and terroristic shoplifter armed with a deadly weapon who had fled one store and was about to enter a second one full of shoppers and employees.
    This has to be the last term of the Romero-Cunningham-Santa Cruz administration.

  • Sally Doe

    I never feel safe waiting for buses on Oracle. It’s a open drug den at the bus shelters. The other day I had to catch the bus going the other direction because the shelter was full of fentanyl smoke. I don’t want that smoke near me. I fear for my safety. You don’t know what the person under the influence is capable of. Today I was downtown bus station and I seen a mentally unstable man expose himself and throw trash everywhere. I told the security guards about his actions and they just laughed and ignored it. I’m a senior and may be forced to have all my stuff delivered. It’s no longer safe to use Sun Tran. I want Sun Tran to start charging fares again to keep that element off the buses. I call the buses homeless shelters on wheels.

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