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TCFC Member Call To Action, State Level Legislation, Wash Deaths, Pedestrian Fatalities!

TCFC Member Call To Action, State Level Legislation, Wash Deaths, Pedestrian Fatalities!


If you are a citizen, property owner or business owner and are willing to share documented issues that you are having around your property or business, please contact us at Help us advocate for our Tucson. If you see the problems but are unwilling to work on solutions out of fear of the Mayor and Council or flat-out apathy, we get what we deserve.

Picture of the Week!

This (IRONIC) picture below was captured by one of our TCFC members of a person smoking fentanyl directly in front of the Westside Tucson Police Station at one of the Mayor and Council's beloved Free Crime Bus stops.  People stuck in the cycle of addiction have no fear of being held accountable for breaking the law and using illegal drugs in the open. Mayor and Council will be discussing their (Financially Broke) Free Crime Bus on Tuesday, February 6th. 
Business Owners, Property Owners and Citizens, Speak UP! January is high season for Tucson. Snowbirds are here, students are back, the Gem show is in town and Tucson is in general brimming with Tourists here to see our beautiful city.
However, that is not all they are seeing. Our warmer weather attracts fentanyl tourism, open air drug use visible throughout the city, retail theft is on the rise, to date our pedestrian fatalities are much higher than last year, encampments continue to grow with people living in inhumane conditions, City Manager Michael Ortega is resigning for an unknown reason (one might guess he knows the direction of the City’s financial is not good), the UA lost $240 million (or only $177 Million, who knows) and yet our elected officials will tell you that our city is doing amazing.
Tucson is not doing well and we all know it. With your help as our members helping grow the Tucson Crime Coalition, we have been able to force our way into relevancy and work on solutions. Highlights include signage on county medians, The Transition Center at the Pima County Jail (thanks to Pima County Administration), legislation at the state level with Senator Wadsack and Representative Hernandez and much more behind the scenes. Yet, still more work needs to be done to change the course Tucson and Pima County is headed. For the last few months, TCFC leadership has been meeting with large employers, commercial property owners and stakeholders in our community. The focus being solutions. We all see the problems, the question is what are you willing to do?


Below is a letter that was submitted to Mayor Romero and Councilmember Dahl as a respectful “ask for help” from a property owner that has had enough. TCFC applaud’s the effort coming from this property owner to bring more light to the issues in our community. We need many more voices like this, that is why we have included a "Call To Action" this week. To date this property owner has not received correspondence back from Mayor Romero or Council Member Dahl.

CLICK HERE:  For Mayor and Council Email Addresses


"Mayor & Councilmember Dahl’s office,

I surrender as a desperate property owner of industrial buildings located at XXXXXX address. To date we have had all our windows broken, the electrical service has been completed gutted, a hole has been cut in the side of the building and now the telephone service to the project that provides monitoring for our fire alarm has been completed gutted, so we have no current fire alarm protection.  We file police reports on all know vandalism & property crimes, and we have NO TRESPASSING signs posted throughout.  What are we doing as a community to mitigate the damage and destruction to our community and personal property?  At this point our insurance carrier will not provide coverage due to the vacant nature of this building for our claims.  We have suffered at least $50,000 worth of damages.  I NEED YOUR HELP; OUR COMMUNITY NEEDS YOUR HELP.  We have just lost one of our existing tenants who has elected to vacate our property due to property crime and vandalism.  I have copied an adjoining property owner on this email as he is suffering as well. 

We own and operate property throughout Tucson and unfortunately, we are experiencing this same problem on almost every property we own within the city limits.  I need your help as I am not sure what I can do personally to curtail this onslaught of lawlessness.  Please help.”

TCFC Supported AZ Senate Bill Released for Bipartisan Consideration

For months now, TCFC and Senator Justine Wadsack (LD17) and her team have been working on submitting bills for bipartisan changes to state law. Early potential support is coming from Representative Consuelo Hernandez (LD21). The purpose of these bills are to allow for more comprehensive treatment of those suffering from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) as well as Serious Mental Illness (SMI). These treatment options include the establishment of court systems and involuntary custodial drug treatment of criminals outside of jail. TCFC will be reporting more on this in the coming weeks. We are Grateful to be having these conversations with Senator Wadsack and Representative Hernandez. 

Failed Policies of sanctioned camping in washes led to Death of Man and Woman in Rillito River

TCFC has been advocating for City of Tucson and Pima County to remove those living in washes from the danger of monsoons and seasonal rain.  KOLD reported on Jan 17, that two bodies, a Man and Woman, were found dead during the flood in the Rillito River. How many more will there be because elected officials fail to protect human life through failed policies?

Pedestrian/Traffic fatalities, Far Outpacing Last Year For The Month Of January

Fentanyl and Methamphetamine have been drivers in pedestrian fatalities in 2022 and 2023. 10 Pedestrian Deaths so far in January!  Last year: 2.




  • Anonymous

    Re. ‘ LETTER FROM ONE OF OUR BUSINESS MEMBERS’ and the accompanying photographs: one of the best graphic documentations of the fact that graffiti is NOT a victimless crime and it is NOT art.
    The mattress: illegal camping & trespassing.
    The hole in the wall: breaking and entering by someone who possessed burglary tools.
    The wall covered in grafitti: vandalism.

    When someone observes grafitti vandalism in progress they are permitted to call 911 to report it:
    “Putting graffiti on public or private property is against the law. If you see someone in the act of “tagging,” call 911.”

    After the fact report any grafitti vandalism visible from a roadway to:
    Use the “Type of Complaint” drop down menu to select “Report Grafitti” then attach photographs.
    Always take pictures, lots of pictures of crimes in Tucson.

    The City does not remove graffiti from the following:
    Construction sites or equipment,
    Non-city-owned dumpsters
    Storage containers
    Interior of structures
    Bus stops
    ADOT property (example: freeway sound walls)
    Surfaces above two levels
    Structures along railroad rights-of-way
    Private property not clearly visible by public right of way (example: interior backyard fence of private residence)
    Locations with no access (example: wall behind locked gates with “no trespass” signs present)

  • Tom

    Ok. So now I need to tell my wife and kids to stay out of the libraries, and stay away from the hospital.

    The libraries:

    The hospital:

    The libraries: This has been a problem in many libraries for a long, long time. People taking baths, etc. It must be really bad now. But only 750,000 for security, and then let’s hope no child is assaulted or kidnapping if they try to use the library. I guess under the circumstances, it could be considered a place to pick up kids if you’re a perv. So, does the city have good insurance? But fortunately for us, supervisor grijalva is looking for advice? Grijalva, question, haven’t you known for years about this problem and lack of law enforcement? Maybe there is a civil law suit here.
    These all look like drug felonies. In fact, I guess even burglaries if you enter the library to commit a felony.

    The hospital. Wow. You don’t want to go there either. No wonder no one in Tucson goes out.
    47 year old hakeem?? Most certainly his first rodeo, right? Maybe under this name, maybe here. But he gets around and could care less about anyone else as long as he gets what he wants. HOW CRUEL. HOW HEARTLESS. We need more people like him, right? That’s why he was welcomed here by regina,etal.
    A month later, “found” walking in the street? I bet. Balboa and Ft. Lowell- that’s why I don’t go down Ft. Lowell to the gym anymore. Can’t handle a sidwalk? Just another Tucson traffic statistic.
    13 fentanyl pills? Not 1 or 2, 13. Isn’t that possession for sale? How does he get money for this drug?
    There’s that drug again: FENTANYL.
    “They let him go as charges were dropped” WHAT? Is anyone downtown working? Hello?

    He was previously sent to drug rehab and LEFT AFTER TWO DAYS. Yep, all this money spent on all these programs works.

    We can go on. But you get the point: Victimized by this fine asset to our community, hakeem. And then victimized again by an incompetent, heartless, criminal justice system. And sadly, it’s not over yet for her.

    Hunker down. Keep your head on a swivel. Be ready to protect yourself and your family, regardless of where you are in Tucson.

    How’s Akil White doing?

  • Tom

    Blurred faces? Here’s another question: Why do they hide the citizenship status of all these offenders from us?

    Mary, so are you saying police are not arresting these people? And county attorney not prosecuting? I refer you again to the success of Guliani’s broken window approach to law enforcement. It works(Worked). Can you arrest, prosecute and incarcerate your way out of these problems? You bet. Look at what happened in El Salvador when their president locked up all the gangbangers:“El Salvador says murders fell by 70% during 2023”. How did they do it? Read the news.

    If El Salvador can solve a homicide problem, aren’t we competent enough to solve a drug problem? (Please remember, to say simply “drug problem” really does not address the total impact of even simple drug use. Because this problem almost causes all of our other problems. Homicides follow, thefts, burglaries follow, assaults, rapes, etc. follow, impaired people wandering into streets getting hit by vehicles follows, failing students and schools follow, non-functioning members of our society result, police, emergency, hospital treatment(which really belongs to tax paying law abiding citizens) and services follow. The size of the problem, the expense, the damage to community created by allowing and not pursuing even simple possession charges, is staggering. is it not?

    Wouldn’t it be worth it to enforce the laws on the books? The size of the potential punishment should provide incentive to any drug arrestee to flip on his supplier. Work your way up the chain. Let’s get serious here.

    Here’s the oath of office taken:“…do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Arizona, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same and defend them against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of the office of ______________________ (name of office) ________________________ according to the best of my ability, so help me God (or so I do affirm).”

    38-443. Nonfeasance in public office; classification
    A public officer or person holding a position of public trust or employment who knowingly omits to perform any duty the performance of which is required of him by law is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor unless special provision has been made for punishment of such omission.

    Tucson City Code Sec10B-1Policy provides, in part: “It is the policy of the city to preserve, protect and promote neighborhoods through the efficient delivery of city services and resources, and to actively participate in long term and future planning for the achievement of a desirable social, economic and physical environment for all inhabitants of the city through proper use and coordination of public and private resources…”

  • Mary Slachter

    The six C’s:Church Charity (city or county)Communication, Cooperation,Colabiration for the whole human being not parts and pieces!!! Start today. In 1 1/4 mile square there are 600 homeless, businesses every day being tagged , doors closing everyday, broken windows, sewer lines, electric,water lines, utilities, constant theft,fentenal and burnt foil every where,furniture and trash every where,thievery as well as human feeces, cars being broken into, houses and businesses being broken into. Enough is enough let’s be the change starting today. I challenge everyone on here to list and document your 1 year only expenses, losses, to your businesses 2023 only because the city isn’t doing anything?! In this 1 1/4 miles these businesses have spent any where from 16,000.00 -180,000.00 in cleanup’s,Graffitti removal, security,water damage, light damage, thievery,security cameras,painting,robbery’s,lack of clientele, power wash human feece’s as well. I myself have had needles out front trash like someone was there all nite, camera installs,sleepless nites,tires slashed,having to install extra lighting, car damage as well as almost running over people walking down the middle of the road high as a kite. One individual got on the bus in a hail storm w/no shoes caring a ax in his back pocket high half dressed and road it all the way v downtown. Not one person made him get off made a suspicious drug deal lite up and got in another bud and took the next bus back to our area w/ elderly riding the same bus and 2 young children ( how is this safe for anyone. Let’s get on board and be the change and make difference and demand more from our representatives and vote out what isn’t working and vote in what will bring tucson home again to a healthier safer town once again enough is enough make today the start anew!!!!

  • Frank Pisut

    Why are the faces blurred out of persons who appear to be breaking laws?This is not how you solve the problem.

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TCFC Member Call To Action, State Level Legislation, Wash Deaths, Pede