Join TCFC and Important Guests for in-person Crime/Border/Addiction/Fentanyl Forum, Thursday, October 19th @ 6pm


Thursday, October 19th, 6:00 pm at the Ellie Towne Community Center Located at 1660 W Ruthrauff Road

Don’t miss this educational forum, speakers are experts from our region that will identify some of the issues and potential solutions revolving around crime and substance abuse.

All candidates are invited, please contact TCFC at for table space.

Seating is limited, please RSVP at:

CLICK HERE: RSVP for Attendance

TCFC is being hosted by the Flowing Wells Neighborhood Association and Community Coalition, a 501c(3) non-profit whose mission is to improve the safety and quality of life in Pima County.

Here is a preview of our Guest Speakers:

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels and Commander Robert Watkins


Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels is a 39 year law enforcement veteran. Commander Robert Watkins is a 21 year law enforcement veteran. Both men are highly accredited and experienced in their careers. Sheriff Dannels has 3 primary objectives:  Organizational Development, Border Security and Community Outreach. Dannels is “A Sheriff for All the People”

Sheriff Dannels and Commander Watkins will be presenting on the realities of our southern border. Failed federal policies, human trafficking, drug trafficking, Cartel involvement and the dangerous real world scenarios these men and their deputies face on a daily basis.


Retail & Commercial Real Estate Expert - Ashley Chiquete

Ashley Chiquete is a native Tucsonan known for her leadership and relationship building and is a commercial property manager with Cushman & Wakefield PICOR. Ashley joined the team in 2021 in a support role and quickly advanced to oversee a portfolio comprised of retail, office, and industrial properties. Ashley holds her Arizona real estate license and is a member of Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Tucson. 

Ashley will be presenting on general negative effects of crime and how this widely affects tenants, patrons, and property owners.

Steve Holmes - Pima County Deputy Administrator

Steve Holmes joined Pima County following 28 years of extraordinary service in public education and a very successful period as Superintendent of the Sunnyside Unified School District. Over the last year with the unanimous support of County Administrator Jan Lesher and the Board of Supervisors, Steve has led several joint initiatives with TCFC. Initiatives have included the highly successful, "Say No To Panhandling, Say YES to Helping Agencies Serving Those In Need" signs at County intersections as well as launching the TRANSITION CENTER at the Pima County Jail.

Steve will be presenting on the goals of reducing recidivism and guiding people to the services they need to transform their lives by directing them to the TRANSITION CENTER.

CEO of Gospel Rescue Mission - Lisa Chastain

Lisa Chastain is an expert in addiction and rehabilitation services. Lisa is the CEO of Gospel Rescue Mission which is recognized as one of the most successful models for empowering people to overcome addiction and return to society as productive members. Lisa followed in the footsteps of her grandfather, Ray Chastain, who founded Gospel Rescue Mission and created the Center of Opportunity opening in 2019 with the generous help of the local H.S. Lopez Family Foundation. With over 20 years working with homeless and those on-the-brink, Lisa has a passion for helping people become self-sufficient.

Lisa will be presenting on her experiences of being the CEO of Gospel Rescue Mission, and creating a pathway for people to transform their lives.


  • Anonymous

    Agree w/ Tom’s suggestions. I understand that 8/25/23 was the deadline to change who would go on the ballot IF the candidates could decide to run one of the three.

  • Anonymous

    Read / watch the channel 4 story just out human waste a growing problem in tucson. According to the story tucson shelters are all full? But the other stories articles ive read recently are saying they are not full ? And basically in this video city officials are saying citizens deal with it!

  • Desertfox

    Why are there no city council members attending? They must be some “woke” funds around that can be used to build an inpatient mental health and drug treatment center in a secure area within Tucson city limits. We have far too many unstable people running around freely and riding transit.

  • Desertfox

    Why are there no city council members attending? They must be some “woke” funds around that can be used to build an inpatient mental health and drug treatment center in a secure area within Tucson city limits. We have far too many unstable people running around freely and riding transit.

  • Anonymous

    Tucson’s problems can’t be solved without Federal help. What we face is a worldwide problem. Homelessness with all it’s aspects must be addressed in a sane manner. Getting the homeless sheltered somehow is paramount. Weather they agree or not homeless folks, must be living in a viable situation. AS with California, those homeless who resist placements and assistance, require a thoughtful remedy, This is not a choice matter but a necessity for our community. The drug situation is complicated but a strong reaction setup from law enforcement and social programs should interact with the goal of zero public intoxication displays as we see constantly in Tucson. I feel our nation is at a crossroads today and we must begin to be rational and brave. This business as usual thing, with no real results, has to stop. There are examples of successful remedies around the world; why not try them here?

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