Mayor and Council Preside over City Fatalities Up in 3 out of 4 Categories; Mayor and Council Create Hostile/Stressful Work Environment for Drivers on the FREE CRIME BUS

Mayor and Council Preside over City Fatalities Up in 3 out of 4 Categories;  Mayor and Council Create Hostile/Stressful Work Environment for Drivers on the FREE CRIME BUS

City of Tucson Official Fatalities up year-over-year in 3 out of 4 categories with Pedestrian deaths rising rapidly

Mayor Romero and Council continue to preside over policies resulting in record crime and death in the City of Tucson.  We are on track to have record fatalities in 2023 in all categories.  Last year we saw record pedestrian deaths. The vast majority involved pedestrians being under the influence of fentanyl or a combination of drugs at the time of death. Drugs and alcohol are often factors with the drivers as well.

It took 13 months from the time TCFC met with Mayor Romero, for her and the City Council to finally acknowledge our plea and declare a Fentanyl Emergency in the City of Tucson.  While Mayor and Council focus their efforts on the nice-to-have, FUN projects for them, they have lost focus on core services of enforcing our laws, answering our 911 calls, having enough TPD officers to enforce laws, which is resulting in record fatalities, and a community that is simply not safe to live or do business in. 

We need our elected leaders to focus on public safety instead of pet projects we can't afford like the FREE CRIME BUS. Riders that qualify for financial relief from fares can and should be supported, however there must be accountability. We need the City to place officers or security on every bus to keep our drivers, riders and community safe from the shootings, stabbings, assaults, drug use and the spread of crime around Tucson and surrounding communities.

Mayor Romero and Council by directing TPD to not enforce our laws have created a high stress and hostile work environment for drivers and make the FREE CRIME BUS unsafe for all. 

Last week TCFC was on scene and reported on a confrontation started by a passenger that ended in the arrest of a veteran Sun Tran employee at Grant and Oracle. By many accounts by people at the scene of this incident and on social media, this Sun Tran employee was well known and well liked in the community.  This incident never should have occurred. What we are seeing is likely the result of a Sun Tran driver simply being pushed too far. What led up to this event? How many times has this driver and others put up with physical and verbal abuse that has not been reported. Why are our electeds not giving the voices advocating for a safe bus system the attention they deserve?

CLICK HERE:  for STORY on KOLD Channel 13


  • Anonymous

    There was a story on Arizona Public Media this afternoon regarding a homeless camp of over 700 people in Phoenix that was disbanded. The public and business owners sued the city. They won and the city had x number of months to clean up the mess which is did.

    I’m wondering if the “Say No to Panhandling…” signs can be put up at the intersection of Swan and Camp Lowell. This has been a haven for panhandling for several years. When I drove by there a few days ago, there were people using drugs in the middle of the day at the bus stop on Camp Lowell just south of the Basha’s shopping center and across the street from Radiology Ltd., and an Indian Restaurant.

  • Maggie

    Question…. did you receive a ballot this election? If you did have you brought it in? It is too late to mail. Have you volunteered to text people to return their ballots? You usually get lunch and it’s a fun time!!! We either get this done or we flush the city down the drain.

  • Christie

    I strongly hope Tucson residents wake up and stop electing terrible “leaders” like Romero, Cruz, and others.

  • Anonymous

    More biased, unsubstantiated disinformation. Can always count on this group’s inability to understand statistics and basic math.

  • Moving OUT

    When I called the Mayor’s office to voice my concerns as a city resident, I was hung up on.

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