TCFC Releases Video "We Deserve Better"; TCFC Mayhem & Solutions Forum hosts a packed house!; Mayor and Council have SUDDEN REVELATION after 13 months

TCFC Releases Video

Don't forget to Mail-in your City of Tucson Ballot Early!!!!  Deadline is October 31st for Mail-in!

TCFC Supports CHANGE.  TCFC does NOT support any of the incumbents

!!NEW!! TCFC has produced a professional video highlighting: "WE DESERVE BETTER!"  Click & SHARE below:

TCFC "Mayhem & Solutions" Forum hosts a packed house on October 19th!

Hundreds packed the Ellie Towne Center last Thursday, Oct 19th!

A special thank you to TPD Chief Chad Kasmar for attending as our guest in the audience.

No Mayor or City Council Members showed up.  All were invited.  All the challenger candidates were present.

TCFC has been the "tip-of-the-spear" providing political cover for those elected leaders brave enough to talk about real solutions for holding people accountable for crimes and their drug addiction as well as empowering media to finally cover the fentanyl crisis.

A special thank you to all our panelists:  

Robert Watkins - Cochise County Operations Commander

Commander Watkins presented a detailed view of the destructive flow of drugs and human trafficking that has saturated our border and makes headlines every day. 

Ashley Chiquete- Property Manager at PICOR Commercial Real Estate

Ashley presented a detailed description of the cost and destructive toll Mayor and Council's failing policies are being imposed on our business community where that cost just gets passed on to the consumer.  Millions of dollars in damage each year, thousands in each instance caused by those stealing pipes, electrical wires selling for a few dollars as scrap metal.  The costs and cleanup of human waste and security get passed on to you!

[SOLUTIONS] Steve Holmes - Deputy Pima County Administrator

                         Kate Vesely - Pima County Justice Services

Steve and Kate provided a detailed description of successes TCFC and Pima County have had with the "Say No to Panhandling, Say YES to Helping Agencies Help Those In Need" signs in the county. Panhandlers do choose not panhandle next to them.  This is a model for the City to do the same to protect people from panhandling in dangerous traffic.  Steve reviewed early success data of the TCFC and Pima County Transition Center at the Pima County Jail where early data shows that 98% of those being released are at least accepting minimum 1 service offered, but there is so much work to do.

Steve shared:

Transition Center Objective: "To Disrupt Crisis Behaviors: reduce crime and substance abuse, promote engagement in treatment and personal accountability, and reduce local taxpayer cost"

When an individual is re-arrested for another misdemeanor...

     27% are rearrested within 30 days of first arrest

      8%  rearrested within 1 week.

[SOLUTIONS] Lisa Chastain - CEO of Gospel Rescue Mission

Lisa provided a comprehensive overview of services at GRM and the overwhelming success of the Gospel Rescue Mission approach to providing comprehensive help to those ready to accept facing their addiction and becoming a productive member of society with a place to live as well as support every step of the way! GRM takes NO government money.

We were treated to a former addict detailing her story from spiraling into drug addiction, incarceration, more addiction and being stuck in the cycle of crime and addiction.  She credited her success and appreciation for Gospel Rescue Mission and the comprehensive support and services which has her on a path to recovery!  The crowd was so excited to share in hearing from a such a well spoken woman with lived experience and supported her success!  She was an example of a person who, with support, went from having frequent contact with law enforcement and incarceration to model example that it is possible to change!  She received LOUD APPLAUSE for her accomplishment.  She is an inspiration!

Photo Credit: Taylor Davidson

1/4 of Room Front:  Photo Credit: Taylor Davidson


Photo Credit:  Barney Brenner

1/4 of Room Back.  Photo Credit:  Chris DeSimone

13 Months of Death and Destruction, MAYOR and COUNCIL Suddenly have Revelation that we have a Fentanyl Crisis in Tucson!

Better late than never, but at what cost in lives, destruction and cost?


  • Anonymous

    Needing more police is a given, it’s obvious. The underlying factor is they need to be “allowed” to arrest the people openly doing drugs on the street, pooping in public, destroying property, not just the violent crimes. AND Our courts need to stop releasing them over and over and over. Support from the top is nonexistent leaving TPD impotent to make any change.

  • Anonymous

    You have to be kidding us. Another stabbing on the free bus. (Acc to kvoa).
    Free or not, no one is going to be riding this bus except…………………….. Free showers, free food, free housing, free transportation. What else can we provide? Keep working and paying those taxes.

  • Anonymous

    How convenient for mayor and counsel to declare a crisis! Right before election. Dont be conned!

  • Anonymous

    Channel 4 is the only one that said they would be there and did NOT show up.

  • Anonymous

    We’re any TV stations at the meeting?

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