Mayhem & Solutions! A TCFC Community Forum!; Join US this Tonight! Potluck Participation Optional

Join us TONIGHT, Thursday Oct 19th at 6:00pm for a TCFC Community Forum!

TCFC, because of its loyal and abundant members, 5000 strong, is working with partners toward solutions making our county safer!

Program starts promptly at 6:00pm.  Doors open at 5:15pm.

It is a potluck but participation is optional


  • Lynn

    You are doing great work. Please add me to your email list.

  • Anonymous

    My business would be happy to “donate Money” for PSA – educating public – Not to give handout s to the pan handlers at our intersections. By giving handouts, we are perpetuating this homeless / Drug addiction problem…. I thought City had approved Signs to be posted at intersection’s??? With the membership we have, we could fund some changes….

  • Anonymous

    We must understand that this group of clowns must be voted out during this coming election, and also we must vote down their proposition.

  • Anonymous

    Homicides in catch-and-release era Tucson have increased from ‭68‬ in 2020 to a record-breaking 93 in 2021.
    The previous record was set in 2008.
    Furthermore, during that same period non-fatal gun related crimes increased 19 percent.
    This has to be the last term of the Romero-Cunningham-Santa Cruz administration.

  • Anonymous

    All city council members and the Mayor read our newsletter and are invited. TCFC has no confirmation that they will attend or have any representative. Sharon Bronson, Pima County Supervisor and Steve Christy, Pima County Supervisor have confirmed they will either attend or have a representative.

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