Explosion of CRIME/DEATH in Tucson; Don't miss! TCFC Community Forum - Oct 19th; Mayor & Council Bringing Showers to our Parks

Explosion of CRIME/DEATH in Tucson; Don't miss! TCFC Community Forum - Oct 19th; Mayor & Council Bringing Showers to our Parks

Tucson Crime Free Coalition - Community Forum

hosted by:
Flowing Wells Neighborhood Association & Community Coalition

Ellie Towne Community Center, October 19th @ 6pm

1660 W Ruthrauff Road

TCFC will present an educational forum reporting on drug addiction and crime, in our region and the true costs associated with this issues. Speakers will include law enforcement from our neighboring Cochise County to discuss the realities at the border, experts from the private sector to discuss the true costs of the “Crime Tax” as well as our partners in Pima County Administration.

Save the date and flyer will be emailed next week!


TCFC has taken a “NO” position on Proposition 413!

TCFC does support a pay increase for a future Mayor and Council, to attract a larger talent pool of candidates, however Proposition 413 is an overreach. The Mayor and Council have not received a pay increase since 1999, there is an absolute argument to be made that the citizens of Tucson have not been getting their money’s worth from elected officials in the City of Tucson during the same time period. If our elected’s want a pay increase, they must start doing a better job for Tucson.

Read the language of Proposition 13 here: https://413facts.com/Prop-413-Recap/

Click here for the “NO” position argument: https://413facts.com/

Click here for the “YES” position argument: https://www.yesonprop413.com/


Showers in City of Tucson Parks coming soon to a playground near you?

TCFC has pushed back numerous times on the advocacy by some groups that want to put showers and “amenities” in City of Tucson parks for the Chronically Unhoused. Our position has always been that if we want to find solutions we must attack the root causes. Bringing in services will only grow encampments and increase drug use and crime, making City of Tucson parks even less safe than they already are for the entire community to enjoy. 
Click here to read about the “Mobile Shower Project:”

CLICK HERE: https://tucson.com/life-entertainment/local/music/tucson-unhoused-live-music-hotel-congress/article_fec1f226-5d51-11ee-b7fc-e3bbfe3fd922.html


Explosion of Crime over the Last 2 weeks in Tucson. TCFC leadership and members have been on the forefront of this community conversation for the last year. Until the Mayor and Council change course on failed policies around public safety and what it means to have a “safe community,” we can only expect to see more devastating situations like the ones shared below. As cooler weather comes, these types of situations will only increase as more individuals migrate to Tucson for “Fentanyl Tourism."

Picture taken yesterday - Any Day/All Day Drugs at/in Busses

Picture taken yesterday - Any Day/All Day - Smoking Fentanyl under cover


CLICK HERE: 9/18/2023 - Suspects Identified in double homicide near Park & Irvington

CLICK HERE: 9/19/2023 - Man dies after life threatening injuries in pedestrian crash near Broadway and Alvernon

CLICK HERE: 9/25/2023 - PCSD recovers more than 500 fentanyl pills inside individual

CLICK HERE: 9/25/2023 - Armed Man Arrested near popular pedestrian trail (Via Entrada & River)

CLICK HERE: 9/26/2023 - Gunfight at Tucson Store Leaves 12 year-old and Man Dead

CLICK HERE: 9/26/2023 - Woman dies after being hit by Train (I-10 and Speedway)

CLICK HERE: 9/26/2023 - Police identify pedestrian killed in hit and run crash Valencia & I-19)

9/27/2023 - UofA Alert - Armed Robbery Man With Knife


CLICK HERE: 9/27/2023 - Tucson Pedestrian fighting for life after getting hit by vehicle (Swan & 29th - Near 100 Acres Mayor and Council Sanctioned Fentanyl Camp 

CLICK HERE: 9/27/2023 - Inmate Dead at Pima County Jail

CLICK HERE: 9/28/2023 - (3rd Fatal in three weeks) Fatal Pedestrian Crash on I-10

CLICK HERE: 9/28/2023 - Man driving 130 mph before crash that split vehicle in half

CLICK HERE: 10/1/2023 - TPD investigating Homicide (Midtown Elm and 9th Ave

CLICK HERE: 10/2/2023 - TPD Investigating Death (Golf Links/Swan)

CLICK HERE: 10/2/2023 - Teen fighting for life after been hit in crosswalk (Grant Rd - Midtown)

CLICK HERE: 10/3/2023 - Wheelchair involved in collision (Oracle/Limberlost)

CLICK HERE: 10/3/2023 - Pedestrian Killed at Silverbell and Speedway

CLICK HERE: 10/4/2023 - 1 Killed, 1 Injured in Frontage Road Crash (Prince & I-10



  • Anonymous

    Transforming how Tucson addresses public safety
    Romero said she disagrees with the “antiquated perspective” that hiring more police officers is the simple solution to solve Tucson’s complex public safety issues.

    “It’s proven it’s not working. So, let’s try and find a new way, a new solution to offering our community safety, health and wellness,” Romero said.

    Romero said she worked with the City Council and the police chief to develop Tucson’s Community Safety, Health and Wellness Program with input from the community.

    The program provides a civilian response to nonemergency calls and coordinates across agencies and community organizations to address issues related to mental health, substance use, and poverty, according to Tucson’s website. The community safety plan also prioritizes getting people living on the street into housing.

    Two years after its launch, according to an article in the Arizona Daily Star from February 2022, the program was still working to get off the ground. The mayor did not respond to a request for comment on how the program has progressed in the 20 months since.

  • Ann

    I received a large format postcard in my mailbox with the smiling Mayor’s face on it indicating I should vote for her. Is this legal to do? What about other candidates? Do they get access to the same tax-payer funded mailing list?

    Well, needless to say I was not happy to receive that “junk mail” in my mailbox, so I wrote “NO” in GIGANTIC LARGE letters with a black sharpie marker and will show my neighbors.

    The state our city is in right now is deplorable and shameful.

    NO MORE FREEBIES for druggies, drunks, lazy folks, and those who want to mooch off the taxpayers of Pima County! And that includes the moochers at City Hall – no raise! We are NOT pleased with the Mayor’s performance (nor her team).

    (Older folks, folks who are truly disabled and the vulnerable (young children) are exempt.)


    P.S. Loved Tom’s post!

  • Anonymous

    Ward 2 Paul Cunninghams’s Homeless Townhall Meeting several months ago he told us that his solution was to hire an extra staffer to walk these homeless camps and educate and encourage these drug addicts to go seek help (social services like on “TPCH.NET”) AND on Fridays him and his staff would go out and clean up these drug camps for these polluting drug addicts. Taxpayers pay CBI and TPD has a squad of CSO’s and officers who do this already. Its a duplication, wasting our tax monies and THAT IS HIS SOLUTION!!! As parents we teach our kids at a young age to pick up after themselves. Paul is out of his mind with his stupid ideas refence our drug crisis that hes creating. Its obvious the Mayor and council want our communities of drug induced to grow so they can get more and more homeless grant monies out there. They need a huge head counts to qualify for huge grants. These addicted suffer from from Substance Abuse Disorder – they refuse services. In the end our addicted family members and transplants from other states will get pennies on the dollar and the mayor and council will slip the majority of our monies to their pet programs and enrich their donors. VOTE ALL OF THEM OUT – GIVE THE NEW PEOPLE A CHANCE. And no pay increases until our local govt. stops the grift and solves our drug crisis. The current fraud scheme is causing other drug addicts from out of town to come here, living like CA is right around the corner.

  • Anonymous

    City of Tucson recently distributed 3,200 DoorDash vouchers worth $84,000 to 23 local non-profit and civic organizations, benefiting youth, persons with disabilities, families, and older adults.

    Mayor Romero expressed her gratitude, stating, "This collaboration will provide credits for our community partners to use to help put food on the table for people, easing the burden of costs and travel.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of needless deaths under Romero’s watch. Will the left be gracelessly voting for them too?

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