Congratulations Kevin Daily, TCFC Mission for 2024: Fighting for a Safe Tucson, Pima County and State of Arizona!

Congratulations Kevin Daily, TCFC Mission for 2024: Fighting for a Safe Tucson, Pima County and State of Arizona!

Message from TCFC steering Leaders Monica Carlson and Josh Jacobsen

We are happy to share some exciting news about our co-steering Leader Kevin Daily, who was recently appointed to the Flowing Wells Governing Board. TCFC believes that community involvement, at all levels, by dedicated citizens like Kevin Daily is crucial to the future success of Tucson. Kevin has a 22 year and counting track record of giving back to his community previously on the Flowing Wells School Board, making him ideal for this appointment. 

Below is a quote from the Flowing Wells School District:


"Please join us in welcoming Mr. Kevin Daily back to the Flowing Wells Governing Board! Appointed by Pima County School Superintendent Dustin Williams, he's filling Jim Love's recently vacated seat. With 22 years of prior board experience and strong community ties, we are fortunate to have Mr. Daily returning to service on our Governing Board. He will be sworn in by County Superintendent Williams later this week and will join the other Board Members at the regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, November 14.”


Congratulations Kevin Daily!


TCFC Steering met with Pima County Administration and Justice Services Staff at the Transition Center for an update on progress and data points

Pictured: Pima County Deputy Administrator Steve Holmes, Kate Vesley of Justice Services, Monica Carlson (TCFC), Doyle Morrison of Justice Services and Josh Jacobsen (TCFC)


 On 11/16/23, TCFC Steering leaders met with Pima County and Justice Services staff to review progress at the Transition Center. The Transition Center has been open for roughly three months, data is coming in, but more work needs to be done. As data and outcomes are measured, TCFC will continue to report on progress.

As a reminder, here is a quick overview of the Transition Center project:
The Transition Center focuses on adding opportunities to connect those released from custody at the Pima County Jail, to services including: support, treatment, detox, shelter. At this time the two primary goals are to reduce recidivism by aiding people in overcoming substance use disorder (SUD) as well as increase accountability among individuals that are breaking the law. Services from existing treatment providers must be maximized to save taxpayer dollars. 
Here are two key data points we are tracking:
1. 27% of individuals that are arrested for a misdemeanor are arrested for another misdemeanor within 30 days. 
2. 70% of individuals released from jail after their initial appearance do not return for their future court date. Therefore they are not held accountable for their actions until they are rearrested. 
TCFC believes that while we need to hold individuals accountable when they break the law, yet at the same time be able to offer individuals services that previously were not being offered to them. If people are not given a pathway to success, we can only expect them to go back to a lifestyle of substance abuse and crime. 
For individuals that do not accept help and continue to break the law, Jail should be their destination. From the street level up to our elected officials, crime reduction must be prioritized. Tucson has created a very lax environment for those that break the law. TCFC is of the mindset that if crime reduction is prioritized, individuals will accept services when offered, or simply leave Tucson and go to another community that is tolerant of crime. 

TCFC Is Looking at Potential Legislation At The State Level

 On 11/21/23, TCFC steering leaders met with legislators from Tucson and Phoenix in Casa Grande to discuss what we have learned over the last year in regards to addiction, crime and legislation that might be needed across the state of Arizona. TCFC was grateful for the invite and looks forward to working on bipartisan solutions to make all of Arizona “a safer community for all.” As these conversations continue, TCFC will report on progress.


A bad story with a good outcome from one of our TCFC Steering Leaders about a bad experience filing a TPD crime report online - But, Persistence Pays - PLEASE REPORT

We at TCFC have asked everyone to keep reporting crime - even though you know nothing will be done.

No officers will respond, no phone calls will be made to you - so WHY take the time to report when the outcome is nothing? It just takes time that we don’t have!

It is important to keep reporting because if we don’t The City of Tucson reports that crime is down, that Tucson is improving in crime numbers. We all know crime is under reported.

One of our members did exactly what we are asking everyone to do. She reported a crime online- knowing NOTHING would be done and not having the time to do it anyway. She reported a crime (non life threatening) as an online report. She was unable to do this online and received a message that it was out of the TPD’s jurisdiction. Knowing this was not true, she tried 2 more times. She then called the non-emergency line at 911 and was told that this happens sometimes and was told to come to a TPD station to report. Not able to get there and thinking it was ridiculous and that no one would do this in any other situation she then emailed TPD Chief Chad Kasmar and told him about the situation.

She heard back from Chief Kasmar and received two phone calls from The Tucson Police Department on this situation in the next two days.

The problem that was being reported was solved very quickly and was told TPD is looking at why this problem is happening. Persistence pays off. PLEASE keep reporting crimes you see - broken windows on your business, broken windows in your car, house or porch break ins, open air drug use, drug use and crime at the bus stops or on buses, trespassing at your home, apartment building or business. It is all crime and it needs to be reported.

One takeaway is you should not have to call the Chief to fix a problem like this.  But thank goodness he answers his email.  Thank you Chief Kasmar.

Click here: TPD File a non-emergency police report online



  • Anonymous

    Stop porch pirates by throwing them in jail.
    Package theft is a felony in 8 states but not in Tucson.
    The Grinch rules!

  • Marilyn

    Are You looking for volunteers. and if so what type of activities or volunteer work is available. I am a full-time worker so it would have to be evenings and weekends which I find difficult with a lot of organizations

  • Kevin Daily

    Thank you all for your well wishes! Kevin.

  • Robert Clark

    Congratulations, What a Honor. If only there were more people like you , who actually cared enough about the direction our society is going and inturn actually do something positive about making things better. Way to Go!!

  • Michael Herrier

    Some one from your organization should attend the proposed drexel road bridge across the Santa cruz meeting on December 5th. Its gonna be interesting.

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