LAST Chance to Emergency VOTE or Drop Off Your BALLOT. Drop OFF Due Nov 7th @ 7pm

LAST Chance to Emergency VOTE or Drop Off Your BALLOT.  Drop OFF Due Nov 7th @ 7pm

LAST CHANCE to Emergency Vote or DROP OFF ballots. 

It is critical for your voice to be heard by voting in the Election this Tuesday, Nov 7th!


This is an election of City of Tucson Mayor and Council Members as well as some propositions.  Mayor and Council Members who have been in office for the last 4 years and are on the ballot: Regina Romero, Lane Santa Cruz, Paul Cunningham and Nikki Lee have created the failing policies and support policies that are making our city unsafe and direct TPD to not enforce our laws. 

TCFC also recommends a NO vote on Proposition 413.

If you want change you need to VOTE!

CLICK HERE: For information on VOTING and DROP OFF Locations



  • Anonymous

    I have a question: remember a short while ago the mayor requesting an extension on the 1/2 cent sales tax. For road repair? Remeber how she said once and for all the roads in neighborhoods would really, really be repaired? That she promised! There would be detailed accounting. That that money was going for ROAD repair!!!???
    Why is some of that money now being used for neighborhood mini grants to install the circles, speed bumps, and other speed deterrent for neighborhoods and other neighborhood upgrades except roads? Each mini grant can receive (cant remember the true figure) but i think it was 75 thousand? What do other people know and perceive about this mini grant program? Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Vote for Ed Ackerley for Mayor. He is prepared to lead Tucson in the direction it needs to go in order for it to thrive.

  • Janet "JL" Wittenbraker

    VOTE HARD, PRAY HARDER, BELIEVE HARDEST! Tucson we have the power to change the trajectory. Vote for a cleaner, safer Tucson!

  • Anonymous

    You can check to see if your mailed in ballot was received at this web address from the elections department:

  • Anonymous

    Voting these people back in will Distroying tucson and we might not recover VOTE but read first !!!!!!

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