Newsletter Sunday - LAST CHANCE for your voice to be heard!!!

Newsletter Sunday - LAST CHANCE for your voice to be heard!!!

This is your last chance! Don’t miss this CALL TO ACTION

Emails have to be sent by 5pm Monday 2/6.

You are speaking LOUD to Pima County Supervisor Chair Adelita Grijalva to stop trying to restrict FREE SPEECH in her attempt to silence TCFC!

If you haven’t done the 3 step, 30 second sending of an email please do so now!!  You only have a few hours left.  Cut off is 5pm Monday 2/6.  Do it now so you don’t forget:  (instructions below)  Tell 2 friends!!!

STEP 1: Copy as a whole, all the email addresses below and paste in the TO: line of your email.

Chair Adelita Grijalva <>; Supervisor Scott <>; Supervisor Heinz <>; Supervisor Bronson <>; Supervisor Christy <>;  Clerk of the Board <>; 

STEP 2: Copy and paste this text into the subject line of your email:

Please vote "NO" on Item #15 on Feb 7th

STEP 3: Copy, paste this text below in the email. Edit as you wish. SEND!

Dear Supervisor,

Regarding Item #15 on the February 7, 2023 meeting agenda: UNFINISHED BUSINESS (1/24/23) Review and Update of Administrative Procedure 4-1 and Board of Supervisors Policy C 2.5:

Please vote “NO” on this item.

As your constituent, I want my Supervisor to continue to have the right and ability to add matters of public interest and concern to the meeting agenda as he or she determines merits discussion and action. The existing policy has been in place for decades, through varied Board majorities, and served the public well. There is no reason to complicate this process by adding the proposed procedures.





Last time we did a call to action, last November, we Won!  Let the Citizens who want our electeds to address crime win this time too!!!!

On Wednesday 2/8 We will send out the newsletter reviewing what happened at the Pima County Board of Supervisors Meeting AND what TCFC accomplished last week.

  • Josh and Kevin will speak this week at the board of supervisors meeting on Feb 7th at 9am. Below is the link in case you are able to watch.


  • We will catch you up on last week details:
    • Kevin was on WakeUP! Tucson on 1/31/2023
    • Kevin, Josh, Monica and Oliver met with Mike Ortega and Jan Lesher at City Hall
    • TCFC Presented at THRIVE event at Northminster Presbyterian Church on 2/4/2023
    • TCFC Met with Lisa Chastain, CEO of Gospel Rescue Mission and toured the Center of Opportunity


  • David Smith

    Done. Thanks to those few of you that do ALL the work. Volunteering is an action that speaks louder than words. Remember these folks that are uncomfortable with the truths they disagree with are being PAID!!
    I ask folks all the time to join the coalition, let’s keep the momentum up!!!
    Enough broken windows in this town for Kozachik to fill all the potholes!
    28 years in business in Tucson
    David Smith

  • Anonymous

    Don’t give up! I was at Fry’s on Swan and Grant recently. Had to walk through metal detectors and past security guards to enter the store. Friends of ours are visiting this week. When their airplane started to descend, they could see tent cities outside the plane windows. What a wonderful greeting for our out-of-town guests.

  • Anonymous

    Anissa Ramirez

    Special Staff Assistant

    Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson

    District 3
    Thanked me and stated that they appreciate hearing from constituents

  • Anonymous

    Visit a convinces store on oracle and see the armed security guards they now employ! Maybe they will open their eyes.

  • Anonymous

    In the public Board of Supervisors Meeting on 1/24/2023, Chair and Supervisor Grijalva specifically used the update on the Tucson Crime Free Coalition agenda item requested by Supervisor Christy, bringing her lawyer, Sam Brown, to comment that it may be illegal to put Tucson Crime Free Coalition, a non-partisan community organization, on the agenda. She has expressed discomfort with TCFC’s existence in the past. The rules have been in place since before 1997 and do not need changing. It is absurd and an attempt restrict other Supervisors from bringing items of public interest unless she specifically approves. This is dangerous and not in the public interest.

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