NEWS FLASH: KOLD Channel 13 Features Violence problem on the Free Crime Bus: Sun Tran

NEWS FLASH: KOLD Channel 13 Features Violence problem on the Free Crime Bus: Sun Tran

KOLD Channel 13 just confirmed what TCFC has been reporting for months, that Crime on the Free Crime Bus is out of control and no-one feels safe.  The FREE Crime bus is one of many failed policies supported by Mayor Romero, Councilmembers Lane Santa Cruz, Kevin Dahl, Paul Cunningham, Steve Kozachick and Nikki Lee.

When we reported this months ago, Councilmembers and Mayor Romero mocked TCFC members, publicly, at their council-meeting and then voted to extend the free bus 6 more months.  Now, finally the media is paying attention and confirms what we have been reporting. Read for yourself.  Nothing has improved under this Mayor and Council, and is only getting worse as demonstrated by KOLD 13 and the bus drivers and passengers.

MAYOR ROMERO continues to say: "There is no problem.  It's Ludicrous!"

CLICK HERE: KOLD 13 Safety concerns continue to plague public transit in Tucson

In 2022 Mayor and Council paid for a third-party survey and nearly 50% of riders were subsidized, WE SUPPORT THAT!  BUT, the bus should not be free for all.  Once again, we support subsidizing those that qualify.  We do not support a free bus that is dangerous for drivers and passengers and moves crime and drugs throughout our community.

Mayor and Council are getting ready to spend our money they don't have, to support this unneeded service, permanently, in the next month or two.

Another Quote from the third-party survey:  

LESSONS LEARNED "As free fares had been implemented during the time the study was
conducted, more passengers were observed using transit without a
specific trip purpose than what is typically observed when fares
are being collected. ... Survey staff felt unsafe at
times due to some of these newer riders and incidents did occur
on buses."

CLICK HERE: 2022 Sun Tran Survey


  • David

    I agree with Rob McLane 100%. Free buses are encouraging more of us to leave our car at home and take the bus instead. That’s good for your health and good for the planet. It’s also a place where one gets to see and interact with diverse people from different backgrounds and facing different circumstances — get out of your own bubble. That’s good for the building of empathy and deeper understanding of how all issues are related, which is vital to a happy, healthier life.

  • Ally Miller

    Why is pointing out the definition of insanity considered a Pro-Trump view? Democrats have controlled COT for how long? You see the results. Stop voting for the same people if you want things to change.

  • Anonymous

    TPD patrol officers say for the last couple of years business employees who are victimized on the daily see their thieves leave their property and quickly jump on our taxpayer funded crime buses. Its described as a timed crime event. These drug addicted criminals commit their theft so they only wait at these nearby bus benches no more than a couple of minutes before they jump on the arriving bus to get across town and into the other patrol divisions making it hard for TPD to track them down. Our free buses make crime pay in our city causing local inflationary prices on us working folks at our stores.

  • Anonymous

    Lane santacruz. Is she the kid who was out protesting against the police? You see, no shame. She should be embarrassed. God knows I would not want anything to do with her. That action just reflects tremendously poor judgment which I’m sure carries over into her actions in office. In fact, why wasn’t disciplined? Who would want to sit at the table with her? Just another lost, sick puppy.

  • Anonymous

    Haha. When I was a kid, my mom would give me 50 cents to ride the CTA bus to Wrigley Field. 12 cents and 5 for a transfer one way. That was 34 cents. Never ever felt threatened, no drugs, no alcohol, no sex. I guess we used to round them up and lock them up. It was safe then. And I was maybe 8 years old? Never heard about murders, chomos, drugs, anything. I think they kept it isolated in certain parts of town, but I am sure the Police also did their job. Those guys were WW2 vets. They know how to deal with people. Now, we have talking heads out on the street.
    This is BIG business. IF you want your tax money to go to improve the city, stop funding all these rehab centers, drug centers, psychiatrists, this dr. that dr, this blue ribbon committee, that committee. All this is just your city leaders handing money over to their friends.
    As I have said, I don’t care what you do with your life. But when you make bad choices, I don’t understand why I have to pay for your mistakes? Can anyone explain this to me? What have I done to deserve this? Why do I live behind bars, wrought iron, at hom? Why can’t I go out at night? What happens to that little old lady who needs to use the bathroom but can’t get home because her vehicle is being blocked by some ignorant protesters, or as we call them “non-viable” because they cannot function in society? Why are we opening up more head shops for druggies? Whose idea was it to legalize marijuana and create generations of nonproductive unmotivated people?
    They want to live in tents. Tent city in the desert, but pick up garbage along the highway first. I would be so afraid to ride the sun tran. There is no telling what is on the seats, the handrails, the windows, the door handles. Yuck.

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