Mayor and Council will have to CUT Funding to Support the FREE CRIME BUS; HB2742 Moving Forward!; County Attorney will be selected in Primary Election July 30th

Mayor and Council will have to CUT Funding to Support the FREE CRIME BUS; HB2742 Moving Forward!; County Attorney will be selected in Primary Election July 30th

Mayor and Council Direct City Manager to Present Proposed Budget to Fund the FREE CRIME BUS out of City Operating Budget

At the March 19th Mayor and Council Meeting, City Manager Ortega said he would come back with a final proposed budget on April 9th. He showed the starting point budget he was directed to provide. Mayor Romero directed him to fund the FREE CRIME BUS out of the general operating budget. This leaves a starting DEFICIT of over $1,000,000.  To support this $15,000,000 loss in 2025 right off the top to fund a failed, dangerous experiment by Mayor and Council members.  City Manager warned Mayor and Council that deficits will COMPOUND every year to tune of $18,000,000 or more EVERY YEAR!

City Manager Ortega, is advising Mayor Romero and the Council with clear warning that their strategy of spending with a “WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS” attitude could cause very drastic cuts in the future. 


THANK YOU!  Your emails made a difference! The Protect Transit Workers bill has passed the House, and passed the Senate Judiciary Committee with help from your emails!  Now off to the full Senate then to the Governor!!!! Thank you for engaging often times on short notice!

Barbara LaWall, Pima County Attorney for over 20 years supports Mike Jette to replace Laura Conover who is making us all unsafe by not prosecuting criminals

The Primary election for Pima County Attorney will be decided in the primary between two Democrats on July 30th. We urge Democrats and Independents who will decide this race, to vote for Mike Jette.

The full radio show on WakeUP! Tucson is posted below as a link to listen. 

We also have some quotes from Barbara LaWall:

"I personally believe that our community safety is at risk because Laura Conover is in the prosecutor's position. She might be a wonderful person. I do not know her. I have never personally met her, but she does not belong in this job. This is a job that calls for a prosecutor, not a criminal defense attorney occupying the position. So, I'm going to be voting for Mike

More from Barbara LaWall:

"Mike Jette has a great deal of experience being a prosecutor and as I have said previously, that's really important.

He, I think, knows how, well, the charging decision is at the heart of the prosecution function and he knows that he understands the importance of holding violent, dangerous and seriously repetitive criminals accountable and the importance of keeping our community safe from harm.

He (Jette) also understands that it does not mean throwing the book at every person that the police arrest and putting everybody in prison. You know, that he has a great understanding of the big picture of what being a prosecutor is about.

But, you know, I could go into a lot of examples of how Laura Conover has failed at doing that. And, you know, then mentioned just a little while ago about, about DUIs and I think one of the prime examples of when we are at danger in this community, every person in this community is at far, far more danger from a drunk driver than we ever are from a drug dealer or with a gun or a gang member with an AK. And the case that just illustrates that is the murder of the little baby in the
stroller by a drunk driver when the mother was very seriously injured as well. And that case did not get handled appropriately. That defendant was allowed to walk out of jail because Ms. Conover's office failed to hold that person accountable."

CLICK HERE:  For Full Interview of Former County Attorney LaWall




The Transition Center that TCFC and Pima County advocated and started is showing early success!!  Please watch this video done by KGUN Channel 9!

CLICK HERE:  KGUN 9 Transition Center Early Success


  • Cynthia Gibson

    I’m republican and I would vote for Mike Jette! Thank you for all the work you do!

  • Tom

    Curious, Sandy: How long was your conversation? Why do you think he is intelligent? How many homicide cases has he tried? insanity defense cases? sexual assault cases? DWI’s? Vehicular Homicides? Will he pursue public officials who endanger our public safety? How about the city people facilitating the recent riot and arson? Or using city money to hang a flag on city hall? How many serious felony cases altogether? What does he think the right thing is? Are we just going to change horses running in the same direction?

  • Tom

    This is Udall Park. Out there on the east side? Yes, nice neighborhoods, right?
    Well, if the kids can’t use the parks safely with drugs and debris all around, and the girls can’t go to the bathroom, well, Regina. Hello? Hello? Why aren’t the police doing their job there? No safety because it’s out east? Is this racist because it’s not an immigrant shelter or these aren’t sanctuary people?
    Lock yourself in tonight behind your wrought iron bars people. Hope you make it to tomorrow safely.

  • Mary Slachter

    I agree she has to go and he needs to start asap

  • Sandi Eghtesadi

    Mike Jette is what the City of Tucson needs. We live in complicated times and personally meeting Mike at a breakfast meeting he is intelligent, savvy, experienced and gets the big picture. He is committed to doing the right thing and working hard for us. We are on a great trajectory of making Tucson the gem of the USA and cannot afford to let this opportunity in time escape.

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