BREAKING NEWS: TCFC has obtained the State Bar Complaint against Conover that raise substantial issues of misconduct

BREAKING NEWS:  TCFC has obtained the State Bar Complaint against Conover that raise substantial issues of misconduct



 TCFC has obtained the Bar Complaint filed by David Berkman to “report misconduct, including a number of ethical violations, committed by Pima County Attorney Laura Conover that raise substantial issues of misconduct.” (Conover refused to release this content of the complaint)

This is the complaint that resulted in the DIVERSION Agreement Laura Conover entered into with the State Bar as an alternative to DISCIPLINARY ACTION.

“Specifically, Ms. Conover’s prior and ongoing violations of the Supreme Court’s Ethical Rules involve: conflict of interest, interference with a client’s authority in settlement negotiations, making false statements, failure to adequately manage and supervise a subordinate practicing law, lack of competence, lack of diligence, conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice, and unprofessional conduct.”


Ms. Conover has a conflict of interest that prevents her and subordinates in her office from representing Pima County or the State of Arizona in cases adverse to Louis Taylor relating to murders committed by Mr. Taylor at the Pioneer Hotel. Nevertheless, Ms. Conover has attempted to insert herself into both the civil and criminal cases on this very matter, purportedly on behalf of Pima County and the State of Arizona. Her conflict should have prevented her from involving herself in either case.

Mr. Taylor was arrested in 1970, tried before a jury, and found guilty of 28 counts of felony murder predicated on him committing arson at the Pioneer Hotel in Tucson, intentionally

causing a deadly fire that killed 29 hotel patrons (one of whom died after the criminal case was already in progress). After the jury in his case found Mr. Taylor guilty of the murder of 28 victims, he was sentenced by the Maricopa County Superior Court to terms of imprisonment that would likely extend beyond his lifetime.

Later, there were several series of post-conviction proceedings over a period of decades in which Mr. Taylor’s conviction was re-evaluated and repeatedly upheld. During one of those periods, in or around 2002-2005, Ms. Conover did legal research on behalf of Mr. Taylor which she has now denied in a recent press release. In a January 6,2020 post on her campaign web page Ms. Conover was asked if she had ever met Louis Taylor .

She stated:

“Yes sir I have . On several occasions. During law school I was able to provide a little legal research to prepare for one parole hearing, but it was sadly minimal as I was only a student. Felt powerless to help. That feeling has stayed with me. I still pray for Louis.”

In 2013, there was a new round of post-conviction proceedings presented by Mr. Taylor’s legal team that resolved with Mr. Taylor pleading no contest to 28 counts of felony murder. His guilt was affirmed at his change of plea hearing by the Superior Court based upon specific findings of fact that were put on the record. There was no objection by Mr. Taylor or his legal team to anyof those findings of fact, nor to the Court’s judgment of guilt based upon those facts. Mr. Taylor was then sentenced by the Court, under his 28 new convictions, to a total of 42 years in prison. Because Mr. Taylor had, by then, already served 42 years in prison, he was released from prison custody.

Mr. Taylor did not initiate any further post-conviction proceedings in his criminal case following his 2013 convictions and sentencing.

However, Mr. Taylor filed a civil suit against Pima County and the City of Tucson in federal court( No. 15-CV-00152-TUC-RM ) claiming there had been civil rights violations in connection with his convictions and sentences, seeking millions of dollars in money damages from Pima County and the City of Tucson. His claim also included a claim for attorneys fees which are substantial.

Mr. Taylor’s federal civil case against Pima County was pending when Ms. Conover was running for the office of Pima County Attorney and remains pending to this day. Pima County has vigorously denied Mr. Taylor’s claims and defended against his lawsuit.

Advocating publicly for Mr. Taylor was politically advantageous for Ms. Conover, attracting funds for her campaign as well as Democratic voters for her as a candidate.

Based upon her working on Taylor’s behalf while in law school in the criminal case in which he was convicted of 28 counts of murder arising out of the Pioneer Hotel fire, and based upon public statements she made in support of Mr. Taylor’s claims against Pima County, Ms. Conover has a direct conflict of interest that precludes her from switching sides to represent Pima County in Mr. Taylor’s civil case against the County or represent the State in any post convictionproceeding that might be pursued in Mr. Taylor’s criminal case.

Ms. Conover’s conflict in the criminal case is significant beyond the fact that she previously worked on behalf of Taylor in his criminal case. The court of appeals in the civil case has indicated that compensatory damages are not available to Taylor UNLESS HIS CRIMINAL CASE IS OVERTURNED (emphasis added). In other words, post -conviction proceedings in Mr. Taylor ’s criminal case would directly and negatively affect the position of Pima County in the civil case.

Conover indicated as late as June of 2022 that she intended to attempt to overturn that conviction. That would have resulted in Pima County ( her client) being subject to millions of dollars in compensatory damages and her previous declaration that her former client should be compensated would have been realized.

On August 2, 2022 the Pima Board of Supervisors met in executive session and voted 4 to 1 to take certain action in the Louis Taylor case. The next day Ms. Conover did an about face and sent out a press release indicating that she found no evidence of innocence in the Taylor case and would not set aside his conviction. In that press release she falsely claimed that she never did any work on the Taylor case, that she had no conflict , that she was never aware of the previous administrations decision to send the Taylor case to outside counsel, and that she never took any action in the civil case detrimental to her client Pima County.

As will be demonstrated in this complaint each one of her statements were false.

Request for State Bar Investigation and Appropriate Remedial Action

I urge the State Bar of Arizona to fully investigate this matter, including but not limited to undertaking a thorough review of all the attached records, including emails, the contract between Pima County and Mr. Acedo, and federal court filings, as well as conducting interviews of Mr. Flagg, Ms. Nassen, Ms. Davis, Ms. LaWall, Ms. Cramer, Mr. Acedo, Ms.Coleen Clase (attorney for Taylor victims ) xxxx, and Ms. Conover. Following the completion of its

investigation, I urge the Bar to take appropriate remedial action as necessary to protect the public, to improve the administration of justice, and to assure the competency, ethics, and professionalism xxxxxxxxxxxx of Ms. Conover as a lawyer practicing in Arizona and manager of a large, public law office.


David L.Berkman

CLICK HERE:  Full Text of Complaint Against Laura Conover

Below is a statement from Laura Conover’s campaign website from 2020 with her thoughts on the Louis Taylor case.









  • Nobody

    Democrats don’t deserve nice things and neither do the hateful little half wits and AWFULS that vote for them.

  • Maggie Arizona

    From facebook
    On March 21st 2023 my son was killed while riding his bike at speedway and country club. An impaired driver collided with a speeding vehicle (over 20 over the limit) and then into my son Isaiah Escalante.

    Evidence shows that one driver was impaired with a .076 BAC while the other was recklessly speeding around 90 mph in a 35 mph zone.

    Impaired driver was arrested and charge on scene and released a week later pending charges that haven’t come yet.
    After an investigation the speeder was arrested weeks later.

    Pima County Attorneys Office has offered a plea deal to the speeder who killed Isaiah Escalante , against my wishes.
    Excuse given is that the speeders defense will be that it was the impaired drivers fault.

    PCAO refuses to re-harge the intoxicated driver.
    I have recordings of PCAO saying even if the impaired driver was 4x the legal limit they still wouldn’t be charged (I have irrefutable proof this was said by PCAO)
    This case was unfairly presented to the Grand Jury based on bias opinion of the lead detective.
    PCAO refuses Isaiah and myself fair representation without bias and prejudice opion.

    According to Arizona Statute § 28.1381, a BAC below . 08% can still result in a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) in some circumstances. Under this law, if you are “impaired to the slightest degree” while operating or having control of a vehicle, you can be charged with a Class 1 Misdemeanor DUI.
    But a year later and PCAO continually refuses to charge both drivers appropriately.
    Tell PCAO to do what’s right and charge both drivers for Isaiahs death.

    Isaiah is dead because of both these men’s criminal actions.
    Why does PCAO and the City of Tucson refuse to charge according? Because they are lazy and scared? Because they don’t care or place value on our lives? Because the impaired driver, Mathew Lee Fuck!ng Taleck has one of the best defense lawyers in Tucson?
    What’s the real reason that people like my son are being killed with no accountability being placed on the killers?
    Why does PCAO continually offer plea agreements to these reckless drivers who speed the streets of Pima County and take the lives of our son’s and mothers and so on.
    Giving them sweet deals that disgrace the person killed as well as their families.
    When the hell are we going to stand up against them and demand they charge these people to the maximum capacity of the law.

    How would you feel of your son was killed and the County prosecutor failed to charge those responsible and gave a deal to the other?

    Isaiah deserves better.

    Help me plead to PCAO to do the right thing and charge both men!

    2 drivers
    2 crimes

    2 Defendants!

    One crime shouldn’t cancell another!

    PCAO, charge Mathew Lee Taleck for the death of Isaiah Escalante

  • Robin

    I supported Laura Conover but unfortunately there just have been too many disappointments. This disciplinary action is the last straw. After her behavior with not looking at the U of A professor warning signs until after he was dead I just can’t support her any longer. We need someone who can run the office. She has risen to her highest level of incompetence. I encourage you to vote for her opponent Mike Jette.

  • CK

    Don’t you just love when the libs eat their own……Pima Co and the City of Tucson has become a sewer like chicago/NyC!!!

  • Roger Baker

    Thank you TCFC for finally getting this released. JoJean, I bet Conover got you to respond here for her. She likes to dismiss this serious ethical violation as a just a “facebook post.” Clearly you can see it was much, much more. I can see why she did not want it released.

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