DEMS and INDEPENDENTS, Lets Get back our PERSONAL Safety: PRIMARY Election (July 3 - July 30) will decide Pima County Attorney Race - PLEASE ORDER A DEM Ballot for Primary

DEMS and INDEPENDENTS, Lets Get back our PERSONAL Safety: PRIMARY Election (July 3 - July 30) will decide Pima County Attorney Race - PLEASE ORDER A DEM Ballot for Primary


DEMS & Independents can make change. There is no Republican running for County Attorney.

Homelessness in Tucson and surrounding areas is rapidly growing. The role of the Pima County Attorney is to protect the community and the unhoused from the increase in fentanyl-induced crimes and the human trafficking crisis.

Mike understands that to effectively reduce crime, we must address its root causes. These include poverty, the long-standing lack of investment in underserved communities, and the vicious cycle of young people becoming involved in criminal activities at an early age, which often leads to a life of repeated offenses. The City of Tucson has a 19.8% poverty rate. Mike believes that safer communities reduce poverty.

The Tucson Sentinel highlighted:

"Without major policy differences, Pima County attorney debate comes down to Conover's record"


Do you feel safer today, than you did 4 years ago when Laura Conover was elected? 

  • Property crime has exploded
  • Rape, shootings & murder near/at U of A Professor Thomas Meixner)
              Conover received the warnings but did not listen until after murder
  • Fentanyl is killing our children and neighbors at record rates
  • Violent criminals are let go because Conover cannot retain prosecutors as she refuses to prosecute dangerous criminals.  The office went from 70 down to 28 under Conover.  (this is one big reason for the explosion of crime in Pima County)
  • Crime is up, especially property crimes which are underreported because people know TPD is not going to answer their 911 calls because they are overloaded with calls resulting from failures of Mayor and Council.
  • A first for Pima County: The Arizona Bar Association found that Conover committed misconduct and entered into a “diversion” agreement. She denies misconduct allegations filed by a former high-level prosecutor, but refuses to release the document outlining the deal with Arizona’s regulatory body for attorneys.
  • 4 years ago we did not have blue light cameras in parking lots at Lowes and Home Depot with speaking telling us its for our safety due to robberies of retail stores with parking lot violence.


The Pima County Attorney’s Office under Laura Conover is suffering from a severe attrition challenge and desperately needs to be restored to full strength under an experienced prosecutor. 

The management crisis at the Pima County Attorney’s Office is a leading factor in why Mike Jette is running to take over the office. 

NOW IS THE TIME FOR INDEPENDENTS TO PICK a DEM Ballot so we can Fix the Failures of Laura Conover.  INDEPENDENTS will be getting a ballot choice card soon in the mail for the PRIMARY starting July 3rd


Join us for the next debate in Oro Valley on SAT May 11th:

Host: Sun City Oro Valley Democratic Club
Saturday, May 11 at 1 p.m. at Activity Center, 1495 Rancho Vistoso Blvd, Oro Valley 



"In 2023, Tucson police reported a 75% spike in violent crime, with aggravated assaults rising 88 percent, homicides rising 107%, and sexual assaults rising a whopping 188%. In fact, violent crime rates in Tucson are 95% higher than the national average, the latest statistics show, making Tucson more dangerous than all but 8% percent of U.S. cities.”



Here are a few examples of what is happening in Tucson and Pima County. . Most of this information you are not getting from the news. Crime reporting is down and crime is up! People are numb to things that are happening that a few years ago we would have been shocked if we would have heard about any of this happening in our city. They are not calling or reporting to 911 because they know NOTHING will come from it. This is the way they can report that crime is down This is a very small example of what's happening. Pima County is planning on setting more criminals free and back onto our streets - do you want them set free in your neighborhood?


Another shooting and more crime happening in the encampments that The City of Tucson is allowing. Mayor Romero's solution is “Housing First” Give them a free place to live to get them off of the streets so we do not see it. - Please don’t forget how much this is costing and how much of your tax money is going for these “solutions”? The city is funding the encampments around our city. They are visiting “our campers” as they call the trespassers and handing out whatever they may need to continue this way of life of severe drug use and crime to support their drug addictions. They offer help but most people prefer to stay on our streets and have The City of Tucson continue to pay for what they need to live like this and to continue to hand out massive amounts of Narcan, food and water.



Person faced charges of aggravated assault and was set free- kicking and throwing objects at our police officers and it is OK. The Mayor, Council or County Attorney should be doing something about this - they should be keeping us safe from these people




Mayor Romero takes credit for fighting fentanyl and is praised for what Tucson has done in this fight. Please note that statistics that they are giving for overdose deaths are ages 60 and over???



If you feel safer now then you did 3-4 years ago we are happy for you. If you don’t and you have a story that you would like to let us know about please email us at:

One of our Member




TCFC asks you to support Edgar Soto for Dist 3 Supervisor replacing Sharon Bronson.

Edgar has DEEP ROOTS

"My family has lived in Pima County for several generations. Our roots in this area run deep, dating back to a time before it was even called Pima County or part of the United States. We've lived here so long that I often say, 'The borders crossed us; we didn't cross any borders.

Pima County has unique needs, from education to the homeless crisis to the US-Mexico border. My experience and advocacy give me a wealth of resources to draw from as I promote and advocate for actions and policies to address these issues.

My comprehensive understanding of our history and our community's unique needs make me well-suited to serve on the Pima County Board of Supervisors. There, I will ensure that our community's interests are well-represented."


CLICK HERE for Edgar Soto for Supervisor


Tucson restaurant owner and TCFC member, says business owners being punished for skyrocketing homeless crisis

Grant Krueger, a local restaurant owner and TCFC member tells his story on Fox News Business this week.


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