"Tucson is NOT SAFE," Elections, Haz-Mat Cleanup by Volunteers in Santa Cruz, TCFC Collaborations on National Stage

  • City of Tucson Mayoral election as well as Ward1, Ward2 and Ward4 council members, this November.  Ask the candidates about their views about enforcing our laws and public safety?  TCFC will continue to provide resources for asking important questions to evaluate candidates on issues of public safety.
  • Chicago Mayor Lori LIghtfoot loses re-election for not listening to the people about CRIME. 

"In analyzing how she went from “political rock star to rock bottom,” The Chicago Tribune claimed Lightfoot campaigned in 2019 by arguing crime was too high, saying she wanted Chicago to be the “safest big city in the country.”
However, crime reportedly skyrocketed on her watch. More than 800 homicides were committed in Chicago in 2021, the most in a quarter-century. The number decreased by 14 percent last year, but the homicide rate stayed nearly 40 percent higher than in 2019.

The city also reportedly experienced over 20,000 theft incidents in 2022, nearly twice as many as the previous year.

Police say that compared to 2022, crime rates have soared in the first three weeks of this year by 61 percent."


  • TCFC and the Santa Monica (California) Coalition find common interests and are discussing a national expansion.


  • Every week, the TCFC volunteer steering committee is investigating and discovering impediments (mostly self inflicted), the city and county are having to enforcing our laws and holding individuals accountable.  We have come to the conclusion that the only way to get back to enforcing our laws is through strong community engagement and outside pressure. Fortunately, Pima County administration is dedicated to finding solutions and is collaborating closely with TCFC. Your support matters, please continue spreading the word to grow the Tucson Crime Free Coalition.
    • This week City of Tucson Council Member Kevin Dahl, Ward3 published, proudly, the work of volunteers asked to clean up the Santa Cruz River at Grant Road. Much of the garbage collected was a result of the City of Tucson allowing people to live in the washes and included mattresses, clothing, sleeping bags, couches, feces, needles, polar pop cups, wood, tarps, building materials, etc.
    • Mayor Regina Romero and City Council leaders must enforce our laws, which forbid people to live in dangerous washes. This would prevent much of the haz-mat garbage from getting into the Santa Cruz.  The volunteers who put their health in danger by working in the haz-mat environment (the city hires haz-mat teams to clean the washes that flow into the Santa Cruz due to city workers feeling unsafe), can thank Mayor Romero and the City Council’s leadership for this unnecessary, preventable situation.  7000 lbs of garbage collected just at Grant road and they are proud of volunteers cleaning up the results of failed policies.
      Watch the story on KOLD TV news about washes from back in June 2022, that started TCFC:
      Watch the video of before/after, when haz-mat materials get to the Santa Cruz (Flowing Wells Wash in Ward3):
      • KVOA Video: Pima County and the Tucson Crime Free Coalition are joining forces to tackle the fentanyl problem in the community


      • TPD Detective Nate Foster - WakeUP Tucson - TPD Car Computers Failing - Audio Podcast - HOUR 3, February 27


      • Person killed by a Train at Near Estevan Park Homeless Encampment on March 1st.  Frequently in these deaths like by cars Fentanyl has been involved.
      • KGUN 9: City of Tucson homeless encampment reporting tool and execution failing after 5 months of operation.  Further examples of failed policy supported by Mayor Romero and City Council


      • UCLA Study: Some Mexican Pharmacies Passing off Fentanyl and Meth Laced Pills as Genuine



      • Anonymous

        Crazy! “Mayor Regina Romero and City Council leaders must enforce our laws, which forbid people to live in dangerous washes.” … You CAN’T get a permit to build a house in a wash (because of the obvious danger posed by flooding) … but we can “live” in the washes (unprotected in any regard). What message does that send? Property is more important that human life? Madness!!

      • Anonymous

        Tucson receives $millions from Pima County Board of Supervisors for various projects and who knows what it’s suppose to be supporting and where does it go? Attend the Tuesday 3/7/23 Board of Supervisors 9AM @ 130 W. Congress St 1st Floor Tucson. Sign a speaker card ask your questions. They need to hear about YOUR issues.

      • RF

        It seems to me, Mr. Kaplowitch, that these city ‘programs’ operate with limited funding. When the money runs out, the name of the program still exists, but ‘the building is empty’, so to speak. You always know the funding has come in again, when the TV stations report on the Program. It also seems, if there is no blood, knives, or guns, no one is coming to help you.

      • Susan Stacy

        Again, thank you for everything you do and have done! All the business owners, including myself need to continue to email the mayor and council regarding the many problems in our city.

      • J. Ford

        Great article full of other great articles. We all have our issues.
        Like everyone everywhere, we all gotta fix them or suffer & perish.

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