TPD Officer Adam Buckner Remembered ; Arizonans Seek Action on Homelessness and Drug Crime; Tucson gets D+ on Property Crime; TCFC Members Speak

TPD Officer Adam Buckner Remembered ; Arizonans Seek Action on Homelessness and Drug Crime; Tucson gets D+ on Property Crime; TCFC Members Speak

TCFC Remembers TPD Officer Adam Buckner

TCFC Steering Leaders recognize and send condolences to the family of Officer Adam Buckner who was killed in the line of duty on March 31.  We are inspired by the critical work our officers do to protect us and this loss weighs heavily on our community.

Donations to Officer Buckner’s family, can be made through the Erik Hite Foundation at

This tragic event in our community is a symptom of a larger problem 
TCFC sources have said that LPO Buckner was on his way to a call for service where the windows were being broken out of a business and the property was being vandalized. Once again, by Mayor Romero and the City Council not prioritizing public safety and crime reduction, more unfortunate tragedies will occur and more citizens will be victimized.
TCFC has further concerns as Mayor Romero and the City Council begin to navigate a budget deficit of their own creation. Our primary concern is that funding to “pet projects” like the FREE CRIME BUS will not be cut. Historically the City of Tucson has taken funds from TPD and public safety.  
Watch for the one half cent sales tax that the Mayor and Council will be framing as a “Public Safety Tax."


The CICERO INSTITUTE just published on 3/18/2024 statistics showing CRIME and HOMELESSNESS concerns is a concern that crosses party lines confirming all of our concerns and TCFC's mission.  Only 8% of likely voters think Arizona's elected official are doing enough to combat the Fentanyl and Opioid crisis! 


Tucson's Mayor Romero and City Council Members are failing us.


Key highlights from the survey:


  • Addressing Homelessness: The survey highlights significant concerns regarding homelessness, with 74% of all voters believing it is increasing in Arizona.

  • Panhandling: 72% of voters report avoiding gas stations and convenience stores where individuals are loitering or panhandling.

  • Public Camping: A staggering 77% report that they avoid restaurants and parks where homeless individuals are sleeping on the streets. And 73% agree homeless encampments on streets are a threat to public safety.

  • Preference for Designated Camping Areas: An overwhelming majority (93%) of voters prefer establishing designated camping areas with security, sanitation, and water over allowing homeless individuals to camp wherever they choose. And 68% say they should be designated as drug-free zones.


  • Drug Trafficking: Alarmingly, 59% say drug trafficking is on the rise in Arizona.

  • Combating Fentanyl and Opioids: 63% feel that more should be done to combat the fentanyl and opioid crisis in the state.


  • Concerns about Retail Theft: Most voters (75%) say the level of retail theft in Arizona is not improving. Only 12% of voters say elected officials are doing enough about the problem, while 55% think they need to do more.

  • Alarm over Smash-and-Grab Robberies: A majority (53%) of all voters express considerable concern about smash-and-grab retail robberies in larger cities such as Phoenix and Tucson.


  • Police Resources: 67% say that Arizona law enforcement agencies do not have enough manpower or financial resources to handle the current level of crime in the state.

  • Support for Business Measures: 74% of voters would consider offering tax credits to businesses that hire private security to protect their employees and customers due to lack of police presence.


CLICK HERE: Yahoo News Summary of the CICERO POLL


TUCSON Gets a D+ for PROPERTY CRIME rated Tucson D+ for it's property crime problem Mayor and Council are not addressing.



From:  TCFC Member

Date: March 29, 2024 at 2:07:15 PM MST

Subject: RIVER ROAD BUSINESSES & NEIGHBORS...Councilmember Kevin Dahl office (Kevin Dahl Ward 3 520-791-4711).

River Road property owners and other neighbors,

I just left a voice mail for Councilmember Kevin Dahl at his office (Kevin Dahl Ward 3 520-791-4711). In it I asked for action to stop the ongoing homeless issues and open drug usage issues in our neighborhood and City. The incredible situation deeply affects the safety and security of our tenants, our families and our community. It also directly affects the future of having a thriving business community and the jobs for our Citizens that go with it. I don’t need to tell you more. You are living it here on River Road and surrounds.

Please call Kevin Dahl TODAY and add your voice.

Also, be sure to go to the Tucson Crime Free website (  ) and join the over 7,000 of your neighbors who share your deep concerns.

Kind regards,

 Documentation of the “Crime Tax” that is being levied against a TCFC member. This member has shared these photos and others with the Mayor and Council and has yet to receive any return correspondence.

The old owner met with the new owner:  "the criminals at Grant Road and Craycroft have been busy.  They have gutted the interiors especially above the ceilings removing wire and electrical fixtures. While I was onsite the TFD responded to someone to the east of the building and when I drove by, they were doing CPR to someone on the sidewalk behind a business.  We are going to start removing building materials from the building on Monday and I think demolition will begin in the next couple of weeks.  It is so sad to see with a drug infested area Grant & Craycroft has become."

TCFC & Tucson Police Protective League (Police Union) Sound Alarm over City Budget

TCFC has been sounding alarms about the deficit spending of the Tucson City Council is doing to fund Fare Free Transit (FREE CRIME BUS). TPPL is also now sharing information on serious budget short falls and a looming economic disaster within the City of Tucson. The Tucson Police Department is underfunded and critically staffed. Information is coming out that the City of Tucson does not have enough money to fund itself and will start operating with budget a short fall of several million dollars beginning in fiscal year 2026 that will continue to grow year over year. See this report for further information and the photos for the information pertaining to the City of Tucson.

The first budget shows a deficit of over $1 million in 2025 with potential additional shortfalls due to funding The FREE CRIME BUS and over optimistic income projections the City Manager has warned them are not likey to happen.  Right now the project deficit in 2026 is $25 million with $15 Million from the FREE CRIME BUS.

Read the details from TPPL below:



  • Tom

    In 48 years of living in Tucson, the drivers have NEVER been worse. Tailgating, speeding, blowing red lights, blowing stop signs, road rage. But then again, we have no officers to enforce the traffic laws. And I’m not even discussing the fact that in addition to watching out for all the bad drivers, you need to watch out for the potholes. This is really a third world ++++hole. So, it’s not surprising someone does not yield to emergency signals. They have learned there is no punishment for not doing so. And, while we’re at it, let’s open up some more smoke shops. That stuff really sharpens the attention to detail you need when you drive.

    Have you already forgotten Ofc. Hardesty and John Cruz- his killer. Received the death penalty. Now the county attorney is fiddling around deciding whether to seek the death penalty again. If your serious about supporting officers, don’t forget this travesty.

    Akil White-remember him. The guy with the multiple felony convictions and 30 or so misdemeanor arrests. After all his superior court experience, he now asserts, and a judge agrees, that he is incompetent to stand trial, “but restorable”, hahaha. This guy has more experience in the criminal justice system than probably most of the deputy county attorneys. Are we being played?

    Kareem Gardner, stole the car from the lady at the hospital, drove it to El Paso, dragged her when she tried to stop him, well, hey, he also thinks he is incompetent to stand trial. He filed a Rule 11 motion for mental competency. Hahaha. Are we being played? Do you see a pattern here?

    Hassan, Parks and Villalobos-our Stop the Cop haters, pretrial conference is April 18. Judge is Gordon. Wasn’t he also Akil White’s judge? Keep your eye on these people. The only three arrested by the city after the city allowed them to set up camp and engage in other strange behaviors before they decided to break windows, etc.

    Check your bars on your house before you go to sleep tonight.

  • Aliaa Abdel-Gawad

    All that the Mayor and Council refuse to do, meanwhile, they’re considering a ceasefire resolution against Israel tomorrow (April 9th). Due to the crime, budget, and now this, let’s show them that this circus will not be tolerated tomorrow/on the 9th – They act like everything is perfect, and nothing else to do; the nerve – time for them to hear an earful about many subjects

    As Alma Hernandez has posted on X

    “Join me at Tucson City Hall tomorrow at 12. As a community, we cannot be silent! I, like many other Jews in my city, feel unsafe & unsettled with everything that is happening. Not only have I been subjected to threats and doxxing by the same groups who show up every week to spew more hate, but my sense of security at home has been broken since Oct 7th. For too long, people have remained silent, but we cannot continue to go along to get along. ENOUGH.”

  • Al Johnson

    I saw a photo of the 17 Year old Ford Crown Victoria Officer Buckner was driving when he was killed.
    I retired after 36 years with TPD and I have extensive experience in accident investigation. I also know the abuse the patrol cars take. And I also know what the maintenance is like.
    The damage to this car looked like a 30 MPH crash, which should not have been fatal.
    The other driver had minor injuries.
    Did Officer Buckners air bag deploy? Did his restraint system work! Did his seats fail? Did the steering column collapse as designed?
    I suppose the investigation will never reveal any of this.

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