Seven (7) Pedestrian Deaths in City of Tucson by 1/22; M/C may discuss how to pay for the Free Crime Bus; TCFC/Pima County Transition Center on M/C Agenda

Seven (7) Pedestrian Deaths in City of Tucson by 1/22; M/C may discuss how to pay for the Free Crime Bus; TCFC/Pima County Transition Center on M/C Agenda

Free Crime Bus Discussion by Mayor and Council

On Tuesday, Mayor and Council plan to discuss the Free Crime Bus.  TCFC is watching and wondering if now Mayor and Council are finally going to admit that free fares only allow fentanyl to be transported freely though our city and enable easy getaway for retail theft. The tax payers never could afford the extra $10,000,000 per year to subsidize in addition to what we historically paid for buses.

TCFC advocates for reduced fare for those that qualify just like it was before it was turned into a Free Crime Bus by this Mayor and Council, and expect fares to be re-instituted.  Let's see when Mayor and Council are finally willing to admit the facts we have been reporting for 16 months.

Finally, Mayor and Council have the TCFC/Pima County Transition Center on the 1/23 Study Session Agenda for the First Time

TCFC reported last week that Mayor and Council declared a Fentanyl Emergency back in October of 2023 and then have done nothing other than buy Narcan.  TCFC notes that Mayor and Council plan to discuss the Transition Center that TCFC and Pima County have been begging TPD and the Mayor and Council to start utilizing. We are helping people who are stuck in the cycle of drug addiction, connect at the Transition Center to the services they need to reduce recidivism!  TCFC is hoping Mayor and Council are finally ready to save lives!

Mayor and Council Policy Supporting Sanctioned Street Camping & Open Air Drug Use Leads to Skyrocketing (Reported) Numbers

The following graphic, published by the City of Tucson, documents the sanctioned camping with no accountability the Mayor and Council Support. The City has a 3 tier reporting system: 

Tier 3 High Problem encampments.
Violence and crime towards the surrounding community, the encampment inhabitants themselves, and many environmental hazards.
Enforcement will be called out to address the criminal behavior, outreach will be offered, and clean up will be done by Environmental Services after the 72 hours vacate notice is posted.  

  • Any camp with possible hazards will request TPD escort
  • HCD will contact City Attorney if appropriate statute/ordinance cannot be determined
  • City department will update Encampment Dashboard on work complete

Tier 2 - Encampments do have people living there.

They have been able to govern themselves and keep the area free from disruptive activities.
Outreach will be offered as well as a mutual agreement for trash pickup schedule from Environmental Services.

Tier 1These are former encampments, no individuals living there: Environmental Services will coordinate clean up.

    The numbers of Tier 3 and Tier 2 encampments are staggering and we appreciate the fact that Mayor and Council are sharing how they are failing to protect public safety of all involved including those stuck in the cycle of addiction and/or chronically unsheltered.  We have for the last 16 months been reporting these policy failures as well as solutions.

    What is it going to take our City Elected's to recognize their policy failures and work with those of us providing solutions to save lives?

    TIER 3 Examples

    Human Sewage

    TIER 3 in Dangerous Washes - All ends up in Santa Cruz River


    • Hosea

      TPD command staff do not educate their patrol officers on how the city’s Tier system works. Patrol officers take these 911 calls and do not connect them to nearby camps using the COT on-line encampment reporting system. Why doesn’t TPD commanders train their patrol officers to fill out city encampment reports? Because this would prove a huge criminal connection, thats why. Most patrol officers will not go against their supervisors/ commanders out of fear. TCFC have TPD command staff show you patrol officer training on this. CORE Sgt. J. Julsing/ Lt. Brady/ Capt Schaner/ AC K. Hall hasn’t put out any training on it (class room training, power point training etc.) .

    • Anonymous

      Make your own protest sign and bring it to these hearings but don’t attach them to a handle, stick or pole:

      “END THE FREE RIDE Sun Tran CRIME express. No $9,000,000 new tax on Tucson taxpayers!!!”

      Upcoming Sun Tran Comprehensive Operational Analysis Meetings

      Wednesday, January 24, 12 p.m. | Woods Memorial Library | 3455 North 1st Avenue
      Thursday, January 25, 4:30 p.m. | Miller-Golf Links Library | 9640 East Golf Links Road
      Friday, January 26, 12 p.m. | Quincie Douglas Recreation Center | 1575 East 36th Street
      Monday, January 29, 5 p.m. | Tucson City Council Ward 6 Office | 3202 East 1st Street
      For those unavailable to attend in person, a YouTube video will be available on January 2 detailing the proposed changes. Click the link to view:

    • courtney webb

      I have attended your meetings. Good job! CW

    • Nate

      Rode carnage has gone unchecked for several years, welcome to the new normal. This is why insurance rates are sky rocketing.

    • M Herrier

      Environmental services is a enterprise fund, self supported by rate payers. The city of tucson is expecting them to haul off/clean up these homeless encampment, but don’t cover the costs, so rate payers foot the bill. Not very appropriate. Let the mayor a,d council people pay for it with their new pay raises

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