TCFC, 2023 Primary Election Coverage, Week 1 of 2, Transition Center, Phase I, Status

TCFC, 2023 Primary Election Coverage, Week 1 of 2, Transition Center, Phase I, Status

In this edition we will cover:

1. Mayor and Council Election Videos of Candidate Answers on the #1 Issue in Pima County: Fentanyl and Crime provided by the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce.
2.  Equality Act Initiative
3.  Pima County Transition Center, Phase I, Status

TCFC will post NEXT WEEK, answers candidates provide to OUR member questions which will be TCFC 2023 Primary Election Coverage Week 2 of 2

Mayor and Council Candidate Videos provided by Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce

Some of the candidates for Mayor and Council sat down and answered questions posed by the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce.  TCFC is focused on how the #1 problem in Pima County, Fentanyl addiction and Crime and how the candidates answered this one question by Tucson Metro Chamber.  We have provided the video of each candidate AND the Tucson Chamber Main page for the interviews.  If you explore the main link, a Scorecard and Transcript of answers is provided by the Tucson Chamber for each candidate.

The THIRD question is about Fentanyl and Crime.

Mayor Race

Regina Romero (incumbent)

Ed Ackerley

Janet “JL” Wittenbraker


Lane Santa Cruz (incumbent)
Miguel Ortega
Victoria Lem



Paul Cunningham (incumbent) 
Lisa A. Nutt
Pendleton Spicer


Nikki Lee (incumbent) 
Ross Kaplowitch

Equality Act Initiative

The Tucson Crime Free Coalition leadership has taken interest in The Tucson Equality Act, which is a city of Tucson voter initiative that is currently in the signature gathering phase. You must be registered to vote in the city of Tucson to sign their petition. TCFC is supportive of this bi-partisan initiative because it would create direct representation for those of us who live in the city of Tucson. Please visit for more information. The following is from their website:

"It is time to update the outdated election system of the City of Tucson. Our bipartisan coalition is working together to get the Tucson Election Equality Act passed so all Tucsonans have fair representation on the City Council. The Act would create a system where councilmembers would be elected in their Wards in the August and November elections giving full say on who represents a community to that community."

Help get Tucson Election Equality Act on the Ballot By Signing Our Petition! It’s Fast and Easy!

Go to any of the following locations between 6 am and 10 am and our team will be there ready for you to sign!

Thursday, June 15 & Friday, June 16
Arizona Chiropractic
601 N Craycroft (Craycoft/5th St)


Monday, June 19 - Wednesday, June 21
Little Anthony's Diner
7010 E Broadway Blvd (Broadway/Kolb


Thursday, June 22 - Friday, June 23
Circle K
10335 E Drexel (Drexel/Houghton)


Monday, June 26 & Tuesday, June 27
The Solar Store
2833 N Country Club (Country Club/Glenn)


Wed June 28 - Fri June 30
Stacy Tool
4112 E Grant (Grant Rd halfway between Columbus and Alvernon)


Pima County Transition Center, Phase I, Status

The new modular at the Pima County Jail site that will house Phase I of the Transition Center, TCFC and Pima County have been working  is complete with all fencing, electric, sidewalks and plumbing.  Pima County has hired FOUR navigators and all will have reported for work by 4th week of June.  So, far all funding for the Phase I transition center is coming from grant funding.  A vehicle has been assigned to the Transition Center for possible needed transportation.  Training is occurring to ready the new team for a soft opening in late this month.

Pima County Justice Services who oversees this project held a meeting with non-profits and other stakeholders to educate them on the mission of the Transition Center, Phase I, and begin the process of integrating wrap-around services for those who are facing legal jeopardy because of their crimes, likely involving drug addition to have the opportunity to get help.

Pima County has a new website that will be coming up soon that describes the Transition Center, Phase I, in detail, and we will share this with you later this month.

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