SHARON BRONSON: "I regret supporting Laura Conover in 2020, I endorse Mike Jette"; Phoenix & Tucson Poured Hundreds of Millions into Homeless Crisis. Things Only Got Worse; Sheriff Debate Results


TCFC Newsletter 6/9/2024

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In this issue:

1. SHARON BRONSON: "I regret supporting Laura Conover...I endorse Mike Jette for County Attorney" (AZ Daily Star, June 4th)

2. Phoenix and Tucson show no progress after 100(s) of Millions of dollars spent on the Homeless Crisis.  Where did the money go, and will go?

3. Sandy Rosenthal (D) for Sheriff brings vision to Sheriff race in last Saturday's debate

4. Mayor and Council will approve the budget for 2025 this week as well as the FREE CRIME BUS wasting $13,000,000 which will be a deficit of $26,000,000 next year. Drastic and Sudden Budget Cuts in December are expected.

5. Republican Sheriff Debate is this Wednesday (see below for details)

SHARON BRONSON: "I regret supporting Laura Conover...I endorse Mike Jette for County Attorney" 

Read the Opinion from Sharon Bronson, who was Pima County Supervisor for District 3 for over 20 years, tell the inside story of how Laura Conover has failed as County Attorney and all of us.

Sharon Bronson Opinion Quotes:

"Laura has been a disaster as County Attorney. She is unable or unwilling to do her job properly."

"Laura has been a terrible manager. About 1/3 of the attorneys have quit her office, many complaining about her poor management style, ineptitude, and unavailability. She claims they didn’t like her policies, but that is not why most left. They liked the policies; they just couldn’t work for her. Attorneys and program directors say Laura is frequently out performing political publicity stunts, not doing her job. She told one she had no time to meet with them for more than a year. Her first chief deputy, who is Black, quit after sending Laura an email suggesting Laura tokenized her in a racist manner. Dozens of positions in Laura’s office have been vacant for more than a year; no one wants to work for her."

"The County Attorney is not only criminal prosecutor, but also civil lawyer for Pima County government. When I was chair of the Board of Supervisors, the head of county government, I could not get Laura or her chief civil deputy to return my calls in a timely fashion. I had to wait days to get legal advice. This delayed important work I needed to do on behalf of the County. Other county officials told me they experienced the same lack of responsiveness and lack of diligence from Laura."


"Laura involved herself in cases where she had a conflict of interest, taking positions against the interests of Pima County, which is unethical. This cost taxpayers lots of money because outside counsel had to be hired to handle multiple cases. It is alarming that Laura committed professional misconduct and was placed on diversion by the State Bar."

"Laura has let crime in Pima County get out of control. Local businesses and neighborhoods are suffering."

"Laura has withdrawn the County Attorney’s Office from leadership of the multi-agency Domestic Violence Task Force and no longer provides support for victims at every domestic violence crime scene."

CLICK HERE: For the Full Article from SHARON BRONSON 

Phoenix and Tucson show no progress after 100(s) of Millions of dollars spent on the Homeless Crisis.  Where did the money go, and will go with no results? 

How long will Tucson Mayor and Council continue to support their failed policies?

 "In fact, the number of homeless people rose 92% percent between 2018 and 2023 in Phoenix (with a miniscule drop this year), and has risen 60% since 2018 in Pima County, which includes Tucson. Moreover, in Phoenix, the Office of Homeless Solutions only accounts for a small fraction of the dollars it has allocated—$47.6 million of the city’s spending—and even then, the breakdown is vague and incomplete.

Taxpayers are entitled to a clear and accurate accounting of the vast resources that their governments have dedicated to homelessness, especially as this nationwide epidemic spreads pollution, disease, and violent crime through some of our nation’s largest cities. An understanding of exactly how much money is allocated for this ongoing crisis and where it is being spent is critical in determining what works, what doesn’t and what should come next."

CLICK HERE: REPORT from Goldwater Institute on Phoenix and Tucson Homeless Spending

ACCOUNTABILITY shows better results. When people are offered services from the City of Tucson, Less than 10% accept services. 

TCFC and Pima County have created the Transition Center where 57% of individuals that utilize services are unsheltered. Those that are introduced to the Transition Center are re-arrested at 9% rate which significantly lower than 27% who don't after 30 days.

TCFC and PIMA County spent $1 million in grant money and we are getting better results than the City of Tucson!


CLICK HERE: AZPM NPR highlights the continuing failures of dumping money Housing in the failure of Mayor and Council's "VISION"


Sandy Rosenthal (D) for Sheriff brings vision to Sheriff race in Last Saturday's Debate

TCFC attended the debate and below are quotes from AZ Daily Start coverage of the debate which was good.  You will notice that only Sandy Rosenthal is quoted because he is the only one that answered the questions.


"From questions on border enforcement and staffing concerns, to drug seizure and federal grant spending, the pointed questions allowed for just a brief rundown of each candidate’s expectations for a successful term.

And though the two men agreed on several things, and are of the same party, Rosenthal said he will not be voting for Nanos if he, himself, should lose the primary race.


He said he’s running against Nanos because Nanos is not doing what needs to be done."

“I want to make sure we literally get our hands on people brought to jail on drugs and get them the help they need…The only way to do this is wrap around services. We have to take advantage of this and make it work,” Rosenthal said. “The judge will be the person to give a little push.”

Even more important, Rosenthal said, was making sure inmates remain safe in the jail while awaiting their days in court. He pointed to the number of deaths that have occurred there since Nanos became sheriff. The total was 28, or an average of 7.5 people who die there each year, be it of cancer, COVID-19, suicide or a drug overdose, he said.

TCFC Endorses Sandy Rosenthal for the Democratic Primary of PIMA COUNTY SHERIFF.

CLICK HERE: for the Full Article

Mayor and Council will approve the budget for 2025 this week as well as the FREE CRIME BUS wasting $13,000,000 which will be a deficit of $26,000,000 next year. Budget Cuts in December are likely

Mayor and Council will approve the 2025 budget on Tuesday.  This will include $13,000,000 to fund fare-free transit which will turn into a deficit next year of over $26,000,000 to continue to fund their FREE CRIME BUS experiment.  TCFC and OUR AMERICA has advocated for more spending on Public Safety which Mayor and Council ignore.  City Manager, Mike Ortega before retiring warned the council that revenues are expected to come in lower than projected so deep and sudden cuts may be required in December.  Mayor and Council are not listening and are spending anyway.

13 Million would cover the cost to procure 130 police cars to replace the old Crowne Victoria's that put our officers in danger every day.  One officer was killed in one of these Crowne Victoria's earlier this year.

Republican Sheriff Debate This Wednesday


  • bob abel

    There are a substantial number of lobotomized people that will stamp “D” on ANYTHING they can vote on and ANYONE they can vote for. Thank the public school system of the past 25 years for NOT teaching Critical Thinking Skills! Critical Race Theory is now more important than teaching students to answer the question “How do you know what you claim to know?”

  • Phil

    Wishy-washy people vote for wishy-washy politicians to represent them. Then make wishy-washy decisions are made.

  • Maggie Michel

    Democrats even Sharon Bronson stating that she is regretting supporting Conover/turnover ,have ruined my city, my county, my state and my country. I don’t care what they have to say in their regret statement. All you had to do was read the little blurb of the candidates before the election of the county attorney to know point blank in your face there it was that Laura Conover/turnover was the worst choice for attorney ever to be had. Probably because she’s a woman all the women had to vote for her specially, the Democrats. Again, I State and I will say it publicly on the radio on the TV from the top of the Bell Tower, democrats have ruined the city, the county, the state and the country. A vote for any Democrat at this point is a vote for continued disaster in the direction in which we have been going. Sorry, can’t get excited over the county attorney choices .

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