VOTE! (Primary Election August 1st), Transition Center, Phase I Opening

VOTE! (Primary Election August 1st), Transition Center, Phase I Opening

Primary Election Ballots have been mailed OUT for August 1st

It is critical that you research the candidates and vote in this City of Tucson election for Mayor and Council.  Please support candidates that support enforcing our laws and holding people accountable.  Here is a link to the answers candidates provided to TCFC on topics important to members:


CLICK HERE:  Article from AZLuminaria about the Ward 1 race

Transition Center, Phase I, Opening/Update

The Phase I of the Pima County Transition Center is opening soon.  The lights are on, the staff has been hired and are starting to meet with people at Jail and others who may be candidates as part of training.  Non-profits and others are on-board to participate.  We expect to receive our certificate of occupancy any day now.  TCFC supports Pima County and are excited to provide this new option to get people who commit crimes to feed their addiction the services they need at the time when they may be willing to consider breaking the cycle of addiction.  We will provide more information soon when we are officially open.

As we advocate for holding people accountable for their actions and the damage they do to the community, we must  provide options and humanitarian solutions to help them break the cycle of addiction.  This Phase I is a first step of many to come!!!  Drug addiction and resulting crime is as bad as ever. We have links to a recent high speed chase and seizure in Tucson of 2000 pills.

Local High Speed Chase and 2000 Fentanyl Pill Seizure


NBC Meet the Press - Fentanyl Crisis

Click Here:


  • Anonymous

    I watched the linked “NBC fentanyl crisis” – Biden’s DEA director and Dem politicians only solution is to mandate cooperation with social media’s to track American citizens purchases on the internet. We Don’t Need More spying on our citizens.

  • Ed Ackerley

    You may receive many questions – Why Is Ed Ackerley not on the Ballot? I am an Independent Candidate and have qualified for the general election – I do not have a primary, and I go directly to the General Election ballot on November 7, 2023. The reason you do not see me on the ballot is NO PRIMARY, General Election only. Thank you. Dr. Ed Ackerley – Independent Candidate Mayor of Tucson – Supporter of Tucson Crime Free Coalition!

  • Anonymous

    I am so grateful for your organization. Every day we have to step out of our apartment doors & step over the druggies who have taken over our neighborhood at Prince & Stone. They come onto private property to engage in their drug activities, use their drugs literally 10 feet away from 2 year olds on our playground, leave their burned foil everywhere for little kids to pick up, urinate in our stairwells, refuse to move so we have to literally step over them going down 3 flights of cement stairs & risk falling, have them threaten residents when we tell them to leave & set fires in our dumpsters. Calling TPD is useless, they won’t come out, saying it’s “the owner’s responsibility”. (Even though this drug activity is illegal.) The bus stops are infested with druggies, making it extremely dangerous for decent people to use the bus. Police cars drive right past & do nothing. It’s time we take back our city & put in leadership that will take the widespread crime & drug deterioration of Tucson seriously. People shouldn’t have to be afraid to step out their door & have this activity within inches of their doors. Children shouldn’t have to track fentanyl-laced urine into their apartments to contaminate their interior surfaces. Enough is enough. Vote tough on crime.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully you will also present other stories so membwrs will understand the importance of getting involved and vote. Take the story for example about the person that tried to burn down a church. The jehovah church i believe. Articles state he assaulted people, was allegedly involved in i believe a brush fire as well. Supposedly this person was arrested. Well what is really going on? As this same person just in last couple of days assaulted a clerk at circle k. Serious assault. And now articles are out there saying their looking for this person!! That they need the publics help to locate etc! Let me remind everyone larimer county wyoming removed their attorney for failure to prosecute over 400 crimes and other issues. That person also lost their law license for failure to uphold her duties to the people of larimer county. Now if larimer county wyoming can address their situations and implement change, so can tucson az! Get busy and get involved. Vote! Volunteer, get informed, research, and implement the change tucson needs! What are you waiting for tucson citizens? Get busy! Be the change you want to see. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month! Now is the time. Now this moment. Im saying prayers.

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