Happy 4th of July from TCFC! Arizona Daily Star Article but no mention of Fentanyl

Happy 4th of July from TCFC!  Arizona Daily Star Article but no mention of Fentanyl

Message from TCFC Steering Leaders!

The steering leaders of the Tucson Crime Free Coalition wish you and your family a very Happy Independence Day and weekend. We wish to honor and celebrate the birth of America’s independence by rallying together to protect the civil liberties, rights and freedoms that have allowed America to flourish for the past 245 years. Today, our economic security and quality of life is not only at risk but is increasingly diminished by the fentanyl and opioid epidemic and the related crime and havoc it wreaks on our businesses, families and society. 

The streets and washes of Tucson strewn with trash and drug paraphilia, the recreational parks occupied by addicts in suffering, the store employees threatened with rampant and unchecked shoplifting, the avenues and boulevards littered with vacant buildings and dark storefronts and the overworked and under-resourced first-responders tasked with an impossible task are surely not what the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution had envisioned for us 245 years later. In the spirit of this great nation and the betterment of all, we again call on our elected leaders, non-profit agencies, and community leaders to take immediate action by embracing action over inaction, responses instead of excuses and common-sense solutions lightening focused on the problem at heart. Let us join together in fighting for solutions:

  • Replicate the “Say No To Panhandling — Support Agencies That Help Those In Need” signs created by TCFC/Pima County in the city limits.
  • Establish TCFC’s Fentanyl Operations Command Center- a multi-jurisdictional approach focused on fentanyl overdose reduction and managing the Opioid Settlement money.
  • Continue to support the development and expansion of the Transition Center at the Jail Annex. Funding is needed from the City of Tucson.
  • The City of Tucson needs to give back authority to TPD Officers to do their jobs, use the Transition Center when it opens, and court-ordered drug treatment when appropriate.
  • The City of Tucson must clean up all parks and maintain them safe and available for everyone to enjoy once again.

In the spirit of democracy, please remember tomorrow is the last day to sign a petition to end ward-only primary voting, an anti-democratic system put in-place in the 1930s and used later to discriminate against minority voters. Upending this system will allow for fairer, more open and more competitive elections citywide that will better represent the will of Tucson voters and create a more responsive City government.

Opportunities this week for Petition Signing:

July 3-5: 6 am - 10 am

Arizona Chiropractic

601 N Craycroft (Craycoft/5th St)

Hotter Temperatures Bring Increased Violence, Shorter Fuses and  More Human Suffering

Lastly, hotter temperatures have arrived and higher temperatures bring increased violence, shorter fuses and more human suffering. Our contacts at the Tucson Police Department have reported a significant increase in violence. 

Please stay safe out there!.

AZ Daily Star Article (Crazy, no mention of Fentanyl)

CLICK HERE: https://tucson.com/news/local/subscriber/tucson-homeless-encampment-reporting-tool/article_e07204be-150d-11ee-853e-e7773f4eb9a8.html


  • Anonymous

    Who are these illegal encampment evaluators? We need their names and titles/ city dept.. Talking to TPD 1st responders/ patrol folks when they detail the arrests at these camps with 311 (reporting line) the tier levels are never communicated to these our beat cops and when they ask they are never told. City residents must have accountability with this “City of Tucson Star Chamber Evaluators”. When us taxpayers (business/ residents) call 311 we MUST be told what tier this camp is. There is too much politics with this City of Tucson Homeless Camp new Tier System. When an issue is hidden from the light their always a political or money advantage involved benefiting the very few politically connected. We don’t need our council office members to just clean these camps up and beg the drug addicted law breakers to help themselves like Mr. Cunningham does in Ward 2.

  • Anonymous

    Not 1 mention of Poverty being the PRIMARY reason of all TCF laments.
    Not 1 mention of mid classe being reduced from 55%-60% in 1960s-70s, to 40% now.
    Not 1 mention of most low-end jobs not having health care anymore. They used to.
    Not 1 mention of SENIORS, wheel-chaired DISABLED, now homeless, who’ve never been before.
    Not 1 mention of Absurd RENTS cost few at bottom can afford anymore.
    Not 1 mention of 25% + homeless HAVE JOBS.

    The Comfortable are The PROBLEM, not racists, not republicans, not democrats.

  • Anonymous

    Happy day everyone! Dont forget to vote august 1.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic Job, Keep the pressure on the Tucson Leaders, They have done nothing meaningful yet. They certainly have been allowed ample time to get things going in the right direction and have failed to deliver. It is so sad for a city the size of Tucson to have a mayor who is for the most part unable, or more to the point just not up to the job. There is a saying " Sometimes people get promoted to jobs they are not good at, then somehow they get left there forever" Tucson has one of those! So Sad Sincerly R. Clark, a long
    time visitor who cares deeply about what is going on, Good Luck to all, Keep The Good Fight!!!

  • Anonymous

    There was an encampment near my home that was designated as a Tier 2 encampment. Frankly, I think the evaluator was turning a blind eye to the crime problems there. As it turns out, an apartment complex near my home hired a top-notch private investigations firm from Phoenix. They had an investigator pose as a homeless person and live in this “supposed” Tier 2 encampment for a few weeks. The investigator uncovered and documented proof of criminal activity. It was then asserted that this was a Tier 3 encampment. The camp was cleared out for the second time in less than a year. I don’t think it’s fair that Corporate America with limitless funds has more clout that me and my neighbors who repeatedly reported this camp.

    I don’t believe the evaluators have the skill level to determine whether or not there is crime in a camp….. Needless to say: I’m not a fan of the tier system. I don’t think there is any such thing as a Tier 2 camp. Something has to be done to remedy this.

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