Hope you had a Happy MLK Day! TCFC Testifies at State Legislature; Nearly 30 Teens in Pima County Die By Fentanyl Overdose Since 2020

Hope you had a Happy MLK Day!  TCFC Testifies at State Legislature; Nearly 30 Teens in Pima County Die By Fentanyl Overdose Since 2020

We hope you had a Happy MLK Day!

TCFC honors this day encouraging volunteerism!

"In 1994, under then-President Bill Clinton, it became the only federal holiday dedicated to volunteerism, after Congress passed the King Holiday and Service Act. Americans are encouraged to observe the day "with acts of civic work and community service" in honor of King's legacy."

TCFC Testifies at invitation of State Legislator

TCFC testified to the JOINT LEGISLATIVE PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL REVIEW COUNCIL on Wednesday, Jan 3rd in Phoenix.  TCFC is looking to pass any changes in legislation with BIPARTISAN support to ensure that people who commit crimes to stay STUCK in the cycle of addiction, are provided options to break the cycle: drugs, crime, drugs, crime... But if unwilling to take the steps, need to go to jail and get treatment for addiction, in jail/custodial setting.

The Tucson Crime Free Coalition was invited by Senator Justine Wadsack (R) (Chair) to publicly testify to the Arizona State Senate's Joint Legislative Psychiatric Hospital Review Council. We traveled to the State Capital and testified on the impact of mental illness on our community as it relates to crime, poverty, and drug use and advocated for a changes to state law to allow for more comprehensive treatment of those with mental illness and chronic drug users including the establishment of court systems and involuntary custodial drug treatment of criminals outside of jail. A special thank you to Sen. Wadsack and Representative, Rep. Consuelo Hernandez (D). This is truly bipartisan work!  We also thank the families who testified and the bipartisan committee on its dedication to the toll this is taking on our families and community.


Our testimony starts at:  timestamp 2:53:20

CLICK HERE: https://www.azleg.gov/videoplayer/?eventID=2024011003 

NO Steps taken since Tucson Mayor and Council  Declaration of Fentanyl Emergency

On October 17th 2023, the Tucson City Council declared a "Fentanyl Emergency". Other than Pima County obtaining and distributing Narcan, neither the City nor County have taken any collaborative efforts or concrete steps to combat the fentanyl crisis. We continue to call for the creation of a dedicated Fentanyl Task Force headquartered in an emergency operations center to bring together all of the government entities that should be tasked with combating this crisis. The reason is simple: fentanyl in our community is the #1 killer (overdoses, pedestrian deaths, violence related to the drug trade, etc) along with all of the property-crime, mental illness, vagrancy, and chronic homelessness directly tied to fentanyl use. To the Council & Mayor and County- stop with the study sessions- get out of your government buildings and look at the havoc on the streets. Other states and municipalities have had success combatting fentanyl. Start taking action and adopt as the situation requires. Not taking action is not an option. 

One theme that is now coming up on National Public Radio (NPR) last Friday is: 

"[...Low barrier housing solutions where we house those without addressing their drug addition...] Without persistent accountability and public safety, housing merely becomes warehousing and unenforced laws encourage lawbreakers. Failure to divert high-risk behaviors from others who have lost their job, apartment or home only conflate the problem."

CLICK HERE: https://solutionsutah.org/more-than-money-and-housing-is-needed-to-solve-the-homeless-problem-in-salt-lake-city/

KVOA Reported that almost 30 teenagers have died by Fentanyl Overdose since 2020

CLICK HERE: https://www.kvoa.com/news/nearly-30-teenagers-in-pima-county-died-by-fentanyl-overdose-from-2020-to-2023/article_3b7f16b6-b0f0-11ee-862a-d75353468833.html


  • Tom

    Mary: “Three arrests made in smoke shop shooting on Tucson’s Southside”. KGUN We need more smoke shops. You’re right. They do legitimize drug usage. Our city and county leaders now are victims of the public educational school system. They have no clue what the origins or crime and drug use are other than what they were taught. No life experience. No common sense.
    In akil white’s case, he was placed on probation for felonies 4&5 by a judge? marner?? When he was recently arrested on felony 6, he was released to pretrial services, then he went out and committed felony 7. Does anyone other than myself see a pattern here? Is it racial? We know the defense attorney was arguing for release, what was the county attorney doing? Anyone there looking out for the interests of taxpaying, law abiding citizens? How can something like this happen?
    Tucson has always had a reputation as place to come for drugs. After all, they’re non violent crimes right???Let’s open some more of Tucson’s famous smoke shops and attract the best the world has to offer.

  • Anonymous

    Attend these meetings and DEMAND the end of the free ride Sun Tran crime express instead of a new approximately $10,000,000 per year tax on Tucson taxpayers:

    ’Mon., Jan. 22, at 5 p.m.: Fred Archer Recreation Center (1665 S. La Cholla Blvd.)

    Tue., Jan. 23, at 12 p.m.: Tucson City Council Ward 2 office (7820 E. Broadway Blvd.)

    Wed., Jan. 24, at 12 p.m.: Woods Memorial Library (3455 N. First Ave.)

    Thu., Jan. 25, at 4:30 p.m.: Miller-Golf Links Library (9640 E. Golf Links Road)

    Fri., Jan. 26, at 12 p.m.: Quincie Douglas Recreation Center (1575 E. 36th St.)

    Mon., Jan. 29, at 5 p.m.: Tucson City Council Ward 6 office (3202 E. First St.)

    Tucson’s Mayor and Council have continued discussions on finding partners within the city to
    continue fair-free rides next fiscal year.
    City staff have shared in previous meetings that
    attempts to seek partners locally, namely with the University of Arizona, have stalled in recent months.’

  • Mary Long

    cannabis stores are here. Medical and recreational. Statistically speaking what role does this have on the acceptance of " “drugs” in general in our community? Crimes are not being prosecuted. When an armed robbery happens on a saturday at the grocery store, police arrive, arrest the subject, and the very next day ,sunday, the same subject is across the street from grocery store, committing another armed robbery at a retail big box! This is on going here in our community.

  • Tom

    From KVOA, Lupita Murillo, “IN_DEPTH” segment dated Jan 17, 2024. Quoting from a Pima County Deputies Organization letter addressing their vote of no confidence for the sheriff:" Recently a new procedure was enacted at the jail, where arrestees who simply say they have ingested fentanyl are medically rejected from the booking process. Naturally, word has quickly spread to Pima County’s criminal class, and they now routinely use it as a “Get out of Jail Free Card”. The consequences of this are easy to see as you drive through Tucson and unincorporated Pima County."

    We like that, “criminal class”. But more to the point: what the heck is going on? You are arrested for a crime, and then when you admit that you are committing another crime, fentanyl ingestion, you get released? This truly is a bizarro city and county.

  • Bruce Beikman

    Keep the message alive and keep the pressure on. We really appreciate all the hard work you are doing at TCFC to make Tucson a better, safer, Healthier and a thriving city once again. If we all would take a hard look around regardless of political party or beliefs we would all have to agree our city is not healthy, and unsafe for all. We must hold those who are making decisions or lack there of accountable. This last election was by no means a mandate vote especially when you only receive less than 15% of total voters. WAKE UP! Lets do the right thing for the right reasons. Compassion is “tough love” enforcing the laws, and holding individuals accountable even if that means forcing those using on the streets into recovery, That’s compassion! That’s caring! That’s change that will ultimately bring healing and restoration to our city. I witnessed with my own eyes in a homeless court $50,000 of fines and fees squashed and warrants wiped out because of the efforts and willingness of those receiving recovery treatment and their desire to end the cycle of addition in their lives. Tucson can do better, we are better. TIME to make the tough decisions. Let’s thrive TUCSON!

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