A Weekend of Remembrance and Reflection from your Steering Committee at the Tucson Crime Free Coalition

A Weekend of Remembrance and Reflection from your Steering Committee at the Tucson Crime Free Coalition

A Weekend of Remembrance and Reflection from your Steering Committee at the Tucson Crime Free Coalition

Memorial Day provides us with an opportunity to pause from our hectic daily lives to reflect and honor the service members who gave their lives to our nation.  TCFC honors their sacrifice and the sacrifice of the families and friends they left behind. We try to honor their sacrifice through civic engagement to protect and carry-forward the freedoms and responsibilities they fought for.

As we reflect this weekend, we again ask our elected officials to join us in providing solutions to the fentanyl crisis destroying our community. Action speaks louder than words and we again ask them to immediately take action:

  1. Replicate the “Say No To Panhandling - Support Agencies That Help Those In Need” signs created by TCFC/Pima County inside the City.
  2. Implement TCFC’s Fentanyl Operations Command Center- a multi-jurisdictional approach focused on reducing fentanyl overdoes, crime related to fentanyl, and managing the Opioid Settlement money.
  3. Support the development of the Transition Center at the Jail Annex.
  4. City of Tucson leadership needs to authority to back TPD Officers to do their jobs, make arrests, use the Transition Center when it opens, and begin court ordered drug treatment through justice services.
  5. The City of Tucson must clean the parks and make them safe and available for everyone to enjoy once again.

Mayor and Council Candidate Questions

Thank you to our nearly 4000 members for the hundreds of questions submitted for consideration to be sent out to the Mayor and City Council Candidates for the upcoming primary election (Aug 1st) and General Election (Nov 7th).  We will provide those questions to all the candidates and report back on their responses!

REMINDER: Monsoon Season is Coming June 15.  Living in Washes is Illegal and Dangerous. Uniform and widespread enforcement of these basic laws saves lives, protects the environment including drinking water, and will serve to restore lawfulness.

Tucson Crime Free Coalition was founded last year with the basic concern that people living in washes are putting their own lives in danger along with the lives of our heroic first responders who will undoubtably put their lives in danger to rescue them. We are about to embark on another monsoon season, and we invite elected officials to use this as opportunity to protect life and restore law and order! Begin outreach to the people illegally camping in washes now by partnering with community-based non-profits and religious organizations and getting them to safety.

These pictures below were taken today.  The smell of urine and fentanyl is strong.




(July 2022) THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE IN THE SANTA CRUZ (This is where it goes)

(July 2022) Is this what our Mayor and Council believe is Climate Change Friendly?

TPD Reports we are on-track to match 2022 Fatalities.


  • Anonymous

    As a veteran, I know that freedom is not free! Thank you for remembering that Memorial Day is not just another holiday for backyard picnics and barbecues. It is a solemn reminder of the sacrifices paid for our present day freedoms. Your 5 step action plan is a reasonable solution to the current drug crisis and deserves immediate action. This national problem impacts everyone as Tucson is becoming ground zero. Action is needed now!

  • Anonymous

    Enforcement of laws start with the prosecuting attorneys office. Until the Mayor and council decide that enough is enough Tucson will continue to decline just as other liberal cities have. Citizens need to unite and demand that the city council redirect their ideals to to a better community. I seriously doubt that our founding fathers of the Old Pueblo would approve of these misdirected charters and lawlessness.

  • Anonymous

    I walk to Rillito Disc Golf Course. I see everything you say. Kudos to your organization.

  • Anonymous

    2023 is barely half over and the vehicle vs pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, vehicle is par with entire 2022. And in some stats, higher per category. I survived vehicle vs pedestrian, and lived to tell about it. It took decades to realize the personality changes and mood swings that trauma brings. Sen Justine Wadsak was a victim of an accident this month and the person responsible wasn’t even cited or tested for alcohol or other drugs. Why are there more careless drivers in a system where the victims are charged with crimes and the perpetrators let go? This will increase as more illegals being taken care of on our tax dollars get behind the wheel!!!

  • Anonymous

    This was a dream of mine , a officer of Tpd, and a homeless man all 12 years ago who only met 1 year ago 1800 for help holding all of us accountable not just the homeless 19,000 people on our tucson streets plus 1200 daily from the borders , 4827 churches multiple charities and city and county ( church , Charity, city, w/ communication, cooperation,Colabiration to help the whole person not parts and pieces) the 6 C’s start today we are out of time.

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