Town Hall w/Mike Jette (Dem) for Pima County Attorney Sat, Feb 17; Chair CART Calls for Conover Resignation; Crime Wave on Buses: M&C Postpone, again, Free Crime Bus Funding Discussion; Tim Steller (AZ Daily Star) River Loop Under Attack by Drug Addicts

Town Hall w/Mike Jette (Dem) for Pima County Attorney Sat, Feb 17; Chair CART Calls for Conover Resignation; Crime Wave on Buses: M&C Postpone, again, Free Crime Bus Funding Discussion; Tim Steller (AZ Daily Star) River Loop Under Attack by Drug Addicts

JOIN US This SATURDAY for a Town Hall with Mike Jette, (DEM) for Pima County Attorney! Feb 17th.

Hosted by Sherry Harrison, "Law Matters" on KVOI

Mike is a real prosecutor who is compassionate but will prosecute criminals and hold them accountable making our County Safe, unlike our current County Attorney.

Join us this Saturday at the Fraternal Order of Police Hall at 3445 N Dodge Blvd this Saturday at 9 am.  All parties are encouraged to attend and welcome! Mike Jette, federal prosecutor, believes in compassion, but that we should enforce our laws! Enforcement stopped under current county Attorney Laura Conover (DEM) leading to the lawlessness we see on our streets, busses, and businesses: shoplifting, theft and assault, choosing NOT to prosecute crime making US the victims of her failed leadership.




Moe Asnani, Chair of the Coalition Against Retail Theft (CART) for the Tucson Metro Chamber calls for Resignation of County Attorney Laura Conover


"When we had a security incident at my business which resulted in our employees and some customers afraid for their lives paired with over $30,000 worth of damages, I was sad to see how demoralized the arresting police officers were because they knew that the perpetrator who had a rap sheet with a history of violence would be out within a few days because of Pima County Attorney Laura Conover’s “catch & release” policies."

"The lack of prosecutorial enforcement has resulted in the following examples. At least one local mortuary had urns burglarized or vandalized. The same mortuary reported incidents of seniors being assaulted while visiting the graves of their loved ones. Several restaurant employees or owners have been physically assaulted by addicts in their parking lots of back alleys, and at least two big box store locations have a 10% theft loss rate. A large convenience store chain has also reported that petty loss incidents have increased and perpetrators are often timing their thefts with the city bus, effectively using it as a getaway vehicle."

"The turmoil within the office has also led to a lack of focus on the office’s core mission: to protect the public and ensure that justice is served. This was evident in the case of the man accused of killing a Tucson police officer who is now being prosecuted in Maricopa County, the mismanagement of the Dr. Meixner case, which has hurt the University of Arizona’s reputation for safety far more than reported, and most disturbingly, the number of abused women being subjected to life-threatening domestic violence situations where the worst did happen as documented by Valerie Cavazos’ “Free to Kill” series on KOLD in October 2023."

"Despite these failures, Conover prioritizes bail for violent offenders with prior convictions and she won’t deal with the fentanyl crisis. She has announced her intention to run for re-election in 2024. This reflects a distant relationship with reality by her and those who choose to endorse her." 

"The evidence is clear: Laura Conover has failed as Pima County Attorney. Her inability to manage her office, protect the public, and ensure that justice is served has left us worse off than before she took office. It is time for her to acknowledge her failures and resign. The people of Pima County deserve better." 



Mayor and Council have cancelled, twice now, discussing continuing funding the FREE CRIME BUS.  They know we can't afford the 13 Million that is being wasted every year on this and fares need to be restarted. Adults and children are unsafe with it being available for drug addicts and shop lifters to board anytime as well as many stops have been taken over by open air fentanyl use. 

TCFC supports reduced fares for those that qualify, just like it has was before this Mayor and Council turned it into the FREE CRIME BUS.

Mayor and City Manager (who just quit for some unknown reason) are playing games reporting a 150 Million Budget Surplus making is sound like we have money, but funds are RESTRICTED!  Restricted funds are not available for uses such as the free bus but are being counted to make it sound like we have the money. 

This week there were 3 Major Incidents on the FREE CRIME BUS that was not reported by media:

1. 10 TPD units responded to Bus 3301 where a female was threatening to shoot everyone on the bus.

2. Sun Tran Bus evacuated because of a man threatening the driver with a machete (adults scared, but what about children going to/from school?)

3. 7201 E 22nd, Person with a gun tried to use Sun Tran bus as a getaway

Tim Steller (AZ Daily Star) Provides excellent Coverage of Explosion of Drug Addicts on The Huckleberry River Loop, in the City of Tucson highlighting continued failed policies of Mayor and Council


"This area near Tohono Tadai bus station is one of the trouble spots along the Tucson area’s justly celebrated Chuck Huckelberry Loop. In this area, people have congregated to sell and do drugs and sometimes have set up camps to live in, though conditions have been better in recent months."

"There’s nothing but trash and mud down beneath the bridge, and, Thursday afternoon, a man who was bent over at the waist, hanging down like he was doing yoga, though it was probably the effects of the “blues” — opioid pills that have a grip on so many people."

"It’s a great place to bike and a convenient place to do heavy drugs if you’re caught in that habit.

Damion Alexander rides the loop daily and is a big fan and promoter of the trail. But he knows weird things can happen in the few areas frequented by drug users.

“I was riding by some people and I slowed down,” Alexander recalled. “A guy stood up, right as I went by, blew out, and I took in a full mouthful of something that made me queasy, then my face started to tingle.”

When out-of-town friends come into town, he cautions them against riding near two areas: The Tucson Mall and the east side of the Santa Cruz River, from about Grant Road to south of Congress."

"But people have come across some pretty ugly stuff while on The Loop. That became clear when the county’s social-media team asked on Facebook last week what the weirdest thing is that Loop users have seen.

Most of the answers dealt with the behavior of drug users and campers: People passed out across the path, people defecating, people having sex, and of course, people doing drugs."

"...Council Member Kevin Dahl said, “is not so much about homelessness — it was an open-air drug market.” "

Comment from TCFC:  About a year ago Kevin Dahl at Ward 3 and his staff insisted to us after we highlighted the problem saying, smugly, that they don't see any problems and thought their policies were working great!





  • Amanda Evans

    So many things need to change as we are stuck doing the same old things and thinking we are addressing the needs. I don’t feel safe with all I am seeing with open drug use, crime on the busses, rape by the UofA. How can anyone argue that what our current elected officials are doing is fixing the problems when we see it is not?

  • Maggie Michel

    Mike jette huh? Better than Laura Turnover….however when I heard he was bragging about prosecuting the old rancher that shot a trespasser on his ranch….Hmmmm. I guess these Dems think they can pander to us that are tired of the crime and Democrat induced nightmare we call any city run by them. Not sure it will be fixed by any Dem.

  • Tom

    Wholeheartedly agree that a change is needed. But initial question:
    Mike: what is the format for the townhall? Will it be wide open to the public to ask questions? Or will it be a controlled, scripted event? If controlled and scripted-please provide us with the topics you will address.

  • Mary

    I’ll be there thid has got to stop we as citizens have got to demand more today before there is no tomorrow!!!!😳

  • Kenneth

    I will absolutely be there Saturday! How else are we going to change course unless we get new elected leaders? Please do the same!

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