Feb 12, Sunday Newsletter - City in Crisis - TPD Officer Stricken

Feb 12, Sunday Newsletter - City in Crisis - TPD Officer Stricken

DRUGS AND CRIME IN TUCSON hurt TPD Officer this week

Early Thursday morning a TPD officer responded to a hit and run that occurred as a pedestrian was jay walking in the Glenn and Stone area. The struck pedestrian is in serious condition. "TPD said the man was jaywalking and suffered life-threatening injuries. The pedestrian allegedly had drugs in his possession, but the TPD said investigators do not know if he was under the influence." The officer that responded to the call positioned his car to block further traffic from running over the struck pedestrian. An awful tragedy occurred when a drunk driver ran into the police officer's vehicle, critically injuring him and subsequently causing the amputation of his leg. The officer’s life will forever be changed and he will face a long recovery. People jaywalking in traffic under the influence and being struck by vehicles, hit and runs, and drunk driving are all symptoms of failed policies by our Mayor and Council. They have effectively run the Tucson Police Department staffing and resources into the ground and as a result we have lawlessness on our streets. This likely would not have happened if the Mayor and Council were serious about fighting/addressing crime and drugs. Our hearts go out to our TPD officer.



This week we have 3 wins to report!

1. TCFC and our members were successful in stopping the Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Adelita Grijalva, from taking away our power of free speech! Our Supervisors can continue to put items on the agenda that are in the constituents interest, without being encumbered by a bureaucratic and legal processes. Thank you Supervisors Bronson, Christy and Scott for listening to our concerns!

2. WE NEED YOUR INPUT!  TCFC and Pima County is moving forward with planning for placement of NO PANHANDLING signs in Unincorporated Pima County!!  City of Tucson is still not ready to address Crime and Lawlessness.  We need your input for locations where signs are needed.  While not final, below is an example of what one of the signs may look like!  YOU CAN HELP US BY ANSWERING OUR SURVEY about locations you think need these signs!

SURVEY LINK: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZNJMG7X

MAP OF UNINCORPORATED PIMA COUNTY for reference Link: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0666/8576/3802/files/Unincorporated.jpg?v=1676255531


3. LIGHTING. Pima County is working to streamline the process for businesses and individuals to install lighting.  Pima County has also reached out to City of Tucson Development Services to do the same.  More soon on this.


Help keep our community clean and free of eyesores. Report abandoned or stolen shopping carts to AZ Cart Services at:  
602.258.4942 or 602.918.4062

Leave the details of where the cart is located and they will go pick it up and try to return it to the company it belongs.

TCFC Activities this WEEK!

  • We meet with Judges in the Court System with Pima County to discuss issues we see that need review in our mission to address crime and repeat offenders.
  • More meetings with County related to implementation of the Transition Center (Expanded Offerings)
TCFC gets Many Shout-Outs from Supervisor Christy!
Listen to Supervisor Christy on the Bill Buckmaster Show!  Feb 2, 2023.



  • Anonymous

    TPD Chief Chad Kasmar along with AST. Chief Kevin Hall (both never lived in the city, both didn’t raise their kids in the city of Tucson) have continued Seattle Pd’s progressive crime reduction policies since 2018 and Kasmar had it renewed with the support of our mayor and council this past spring 2022. Even after the citizens of Seattle produced a You Tube one hour documentary “Seattle is Dying” in 2018 proving how their leaders have destroyed their city. Two years later the Seattle citizens made “Seattle is dying two” documentary – showing how the residents removed some of their politicians and appointed city department heads. SO WHY IS THE RESIDENTS HERE SO SLOW ON REMOVING THEIR PROBLEM DEPARTMENT HEADS AND POLITICIANS?

  • Anonymous

    I have been dealing w/ people on the street for years and the amount the crime the drugs is awful. All our city keeps doing is pretending!!!😔We all need to be accountable!! Cleanup your trash,Stop leaving weeds dead trees and obey your city guidelines and demand more from your representatives too. Yes the city was sued and he won but he is on the street now too. We have approx. 18,000 people on the street Distroying our tucson. They are mostly not from tucson, but from multiple other states and multiple other countries as well.Yes drugs are a very big part ,but disease is too!!!! We need to demand that it is illegal to Thru the other courts stop passing us ( Tucson) their criminals any more and give moneys to the charities that help instead

  • Anonymous

    We need to stop talking and start acting now we can’t wait any longer we gave been talking way to long about this with no action. 10 years ago I came up with a plan and our representatives have bee ignoring it by too long we need to act now!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Panhandling at the Safeway at Cardinal and Valencia parking lot and the Safeway at Grant and Stone parking lot is excessive and agressive when you deny the people asking for money. They ask for money more so in parking lots than corners, from my experience.

  • Anonymous

    Well the survey is confusing. and didn’t the city a while back, but I don’t know how far back, try to implement something regarding people standing on the street corners panhandling? and they were sued? and it was shut down? I thought that happened, but maybe I was only dreaming? But I’m pretty certain, the city tried to implement something regarding panhandling or newspaper selling on the street corners. and panhandling. I think it had something to do with newspaper Hockers and panhandling. and they were sued and shut down. but I don’t know how long ago that was.

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