Featured AZ Daily Star Guest Opinion highlighting Mayor and Council contempt for citizen concerns about free crime bus, Estevan Fentanyl camps' continued destruction. More Fentanyl Siezures

Featured AZ Daily Star Guest Opinion highlighting Mayor and Council contempt for citizen concerns about free crime bus, Estevan Fentanyl camps' continued destruction. More Fentanyl Siezures

The Free Crime Bus

The Free Crime Bus

TCFC supports re-instating low cost transit fares for those who qualify as SunTran has historically offered.  This has always been in place and should be again.  It costs us $105,000,000 every year to operate our transit system and now Mayor Regina Romero, Lane Santa Cruz, Kevin Dahl and Steve Kozachik want us to take $10,000,000 from other important needs they already aren't addressing and fund a policy that spreads crime, places bus drivers in danger, and degrades safe, affordable, quality transit for those who need or desire it.  

This week TCFC is highlighting the Arizona Daily Star, Guest Opinion of Taylor Davidson, a Tucson resident and business owner, an avid local bike boulevards rider, public transit user, and loves hiking Southern Arizona with his wife and daughters.

Taylor brings particular attention to:

  • Quoting Mayor Regina Romero in an interview with KVOA said questions about transit safety are “ludicrous,” “unsubstantiated,” and supported by “no data.”
- A few days after Mayor Romero said this (last week), there was a shooting on a Sun Tran Bus


-Ms. Mayor- show us the data! Transit safety is vital to our community and if you have nothing to hide, share the data with us!

- The Star and elsewhere have reported violence and  vandalism increasing since fare-free bus policy was implemented (e.g. assaults on bus drivers tripled between 2019 and 2022). This is simply a matter of common sense.  Click Here for Sun Tran SURVEY Detailing Problems
- Last May 2022, Council Member Steve Kozachik told KOLD that “by making the fares free for all, we are creating a free-for-all on the buses.” And while transit use had previously been improving, since free fares began, he was getting calls that buses are unclean and unsafe." Click Here to see Steve K complaining

KVOA featured a story this week. Mayor Regina Romero and Council continue to support human suffering and tragedy through their funding of the fentanyl camp (where a uniformed TPD officer bought Meth for $10, yes he was arrested) and through their continued failed policies. Estevan Park Continues to destroy a neighborhood with support of Lane Santa Cruz, Ward 1 and breed crime.

Click Here: KVOA story, Estevan Fentanyl Crime Park 

Estevan Pics we took this week visiting the camp

Stepping in Sewage

Other IMPORTANT STORIES this week of Crime in Tucson!

KOLD: Traffic Stop Leads to Fentanyl Seizure

KOLD, Police Arrest Suspect Following Drug Investigation

CNN: Fentanyl Zylazine Emerging Threat in US


  • Anonymous

    Mary Long,
    Union Pacific railroad has a vital interest in stopping the open flame cooking, propane stoves and recurring fires so close to the flammable railroad ties that their tracks are made of.
    They should be made of aware of the ongoing threats to their infrastructure and operations so that they can force the City of Tucson to enforce laws against camping in Estevan Park, demolish the camp and evict the squatters.

  • j. ford

    Good news! The city of Tucson has an equity officer, slotted right under the city manager and ahead of important things like public safety, courts, fire and police. Maybe someone making between $80,995 and $143,458 a year, funded by the rest of us can solve our freeloader and associated crime problems. Because equity, diversity and inclusion does that. Right. Taxpayers are being robbed by both our idiotic choices in elected officials and the untouchable administrative state.

  • Anonymous

    TFD battling fire at homeless camp estevan park. Now. Today 122pm Channel13 news link


  • Anonymous

    Based on today’s current local news media reporting nothing’s going to change until legal challenges commence? anybody have any ideas ? November is a long time away. we’ve now become a mini Portland. A mini California if we wait until November till the next election it will be too late don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    To: James Jacobs
    Mr. Jacobs: You can get on line and look up the following statutes, City Codes and Policies for information on the crimes being committed. I would suggest you start with Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) 13-1603, 13-2914 and 13-2917. Go to the city website and look up the City Code, in particular, 10B-1, 16-2a), and 16-33, 16-34, 16-35. 16-2a) discusses the Tucson Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance. You can also look up the Tucson Clean and Beautiful provisions.
    There are also Pima County Ordinances which you can find at the County website. All dealing with trash accumulations, disease spreading, rodents and pests, infestations and other problems which are created. NUISANCES are the misdemeanor terms that are used.
    Furthermore, when you review 13-2917 you will see that it is a crime for anyone to fail or refuse to perform any legal duty relating to the removal of a public nuisance. IF you review the City Codes, don’t you see a duty imposed on the council and members to protect us?

    And, as I understand the gun incident the other day on SunTran, the arrestee was armed and taken off the bus after he had taken a ride on the bus to flee the original crime scene.

    If you want to see where we are going: https://twitter.com/TmzTucson/status/1643383202667728896?cxt=HHwWgMDUjZuUvM4tAAAA
    This person must be getting city, state federal money. So someone is paying her. Is the City Council her employer? And will she ride SunTran? I rode it in the 90’s down Glenn to downtown, and then after work to second job, from downtown to TEP. It was like the famous Bar Scene from the first Star Wars movie. A circus.
    These people will just ride the bus all day all over town in air conditioning at your expense doing God knows what on the bus. You can’t expect the bus driver to get involved.

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