TIME SENSITIVE: EMAIL CALL TO ACTION 1 of 2: AZ House Bill HB2742 - Protect Transit Workers BECAUSE Mayor and Council WON'T

TIME SENSITIVE: EMAIL CALL TO ACTION 1 of 2:  AZ House Bill HB2742 - Protect Transit Workers BECAUSE Mayor and Council WON'T
TCFC Members,


PLease EMAIL BEFORE 9AM, Wednesday, Feb 14th! (Tomorrow Morn)


As you know we are NON-PARTISAN and working with Rep Consuelo Hernandez (DEM) and Senator Justine Wadsack (REP).  Rep Consuelo Hernandez has signed on to our bill and we support her bill (HB2742) to protect transit workers because TUCSON MAYOR, COUNCIL and Laura Conover are not!  They keep pushing the FREE CRIME BUS and our Transit Workers are in Danger!!


Here are the Representatives you will be emailing: 

Rep. Nguyen, Rep. Bliss, Rep. Biasiucci, Rep. Contreras, Rep. M Hernandez, Rep. Kolodin, Rep. Marshall, Rep. Ortiz, Rep. Willoughby

We will be sending one more call to action this week on our TCFC Bill


Please take the 1 minute and 3 steps below to send an email to important Representatives to move HB2742 forward.  FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.


STEP 1: Copy as a whole, all the email addresses below and paste in the TO: line of your email.












STEP 2: Copy and paste this text into the subject line of your email:

PLEASE Vote YES on HB2742 to Protect our Transit Workers

STEP 3: Copy, paste this text below in the email. Edit as you wish. SEND!

Dear Representative,

As you are aware because of the free bus fares in Tucson, City Mayor, Council and Pima County Attorney Laura Conover not doing anything about the aggravated assaults to transportation workers I as a member of the Tucson Crime Free Coalition, am respectfully requesting that you support HB2742.
In Tucson, specifically, we are having tremendous issues with safety and security on our public transit system. In particular out Transit Workers of our city busses are routinely put in high risk situations where assaults on them occur far too often. Your help is needed to protect them.


Please vote YES on HB2742.





  • Mary Long

    To deb: let’s not forget the Tucson crime-free coalition they have personal lives with responsibilities. And when things happen quickly they are doing their very best! I greatly appreciate everyone at the Tucson Crime Free coalition.

  • Tom

    Okay. I sent the email. I’m not sure this is really the way to solve the problem, but my thinking was that at least it might awaken a rep. or two to the problem.
    Pretty soon, this statute will make an assault aggravated if any government worker is assaulted, garbage men, park cleaners, etc. I’m not sure we want all government workers given this protection, especially in light of the way government is handling our problems. Furthermore, there is no definition of what workers we are discussing: bus drivers, bus stop cleaners, mechanics, etc. We’re not going to legislate our way out of the problems we have unless we choose the right legislation.
    So this will probably go nowhere.

    What we need the legislature to do, and Mike needs to discuss this at the town hall, is: pass legislation that clearly defines when an elected official is not doing their job. IE, a nonfeasance crime with appropriate punishments. Examples would be: failing to enforce the death penalty, determining arbitrary amounts for drug prosecutions, pleading cases from mandatory time to halftime or probation, dropping prior conviction allegations and on release allegations, creating lists of officers who can’t testify because they allegedly committed perjury or something, yet were never convicted of anything, failing to hire enough officers to get the jobs done. Personal liability would be great. After all, it looks like the president no longer has immunity.

    The legislature has determined all these things(crime definitions, sentences to be imposed), on our behalf, yet these clear statutory definitions are being neglected. There really is nothing for the county attorney to do but enforce the law.
    Mike: please address these problems.

  • Barney Brenner


  • John

    The rights of drivers to be safe outweigh the convenience of travelers who do bad things on the bus.

  • Debi

    Too late. Don’t have a computer. Please do not mail anything to me with “urgent” on it. Would like to help but why did you wait till 10pm the night before a deadline to send this.

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