EMAIL CALL TO ACTION: HCR 2023 - Another Chance to Make a Difference as a TCFC member by just by emailing: in 2 minutes

EMAIL CALL TO ACTION: HCR 2023 - Another Chance to Make a Difference as a TCFC member by just by emailing: in 2 minutes

TCFC Members, Your support is the critical component in allowing TCFC to advocate for legislation at the state level. Many of you ask how you can help:

By sending an email on important matters to TCFC and you and our community, You are making a huge contribution to highlighting the failures of our elected leaders in addressing the needs of our community. 

Please send an email to assist on this important matter:

HCR 2023 will provide business owners and homeowners with property tax financial relief resulting from the reduction of our property values and additional expenses (e.g. crime tax) directly caused by our elected officials not addressing the plagues of crime, the fentanyl crisis, and drug fueled homelessness in our community and allowing lawlessness to take hold. 


HCR 2023 Allows a property owner to apply for a primary property tax refund if the fair market value (FMV) of their property is decreased, or they incur expenses caused by a city, town or county adopting a policy, pattern or practice which declines to enforce existing laws or the maintaining of a public nuisance.

Please show your support for TCFC and HCR 2023 by emailing Representative Gress in 3 steps and 2 minutes.

STEP 1: Copy as a whole, all the email addresses below and paste in the TO: line of your email.

STEP 2: Copy and paste this text into the subject line of your email:

PLEASE Vote YES on HCR 2023

STEP 3: Copy, paste this text below in the email. Edit as you wish. SEND!

Dear Representative Gress,

Please support HCR2023 in its current form! This measure provides meaningful relief to ALL AZ property owners who have suffered damages from the City of Tucson's purposeful failure to abate the homeless and fentanyl crisis. We must protect residential and commercial community members alike. Vote yes on HCR 2023!





  • Mary Long

    Toms idea. Yes! Details. I have been watching the last three videos of people in jail going before the judge. Everyone needs to watch them! Yesterday one person had federal crimes City crimes he had crimes in every jurisdiction in Nogales in Tucson and Marana. And he had DUIs in every Court jurisdiction in Tucson ! and the judge didn’t have access to the Marana charges so she didn’t State what those charges were, but the Nogales and the Tucson charges.
    how can somebody have DUIs in every Court in Tucson? He had charges pending in Superior Court, justice court and city court for DUIs. how can they classify some DUIs as misdemeanors ?I don’t understand that? Anyway, I urge everyone to start watching the videos from the jail of them in front of the judges.
    release after release, after release. although yesterday that judge did impose some bonds,but the week before, the judge didn’t .she hardly imposed any bonds the week before. Anyway let me remind you if the citizens of Larimer County Wyoming can take action against their elected officials that were not doing their jobs, that were not even Prosecuting people for any crimes, the citizens of Tucson Arizona can also make changes to what is occurring. I’m saying prayers. I sent off the email.the call to action.

  • Mary Slachter

    I totally agree with this. I see it all the time. The neighborhood I’m in we have multiple individuals who have committed crime after crime and been put in jail and released over and over again and again only to continue again and again to continually repeat the same crime over and over again and again for 52 years. Costing the citizens of tucson area to live in constant fear.

  • Tom

    This bill isn’t a bad idea. But as bills go, it really does not solve the problem. 1) “…A POLICY, PATTERN OR PRACTICE OF DECLINING TO ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS, ORDINANCES OR OTHER LEGISLATION…” Have fun proving what this is??? And how will you do it?
    2) Who pays? Well, if the city loses the revenue from the tax, it has to make it up somewhere else? And who is that somewhere else? You and I. We’re paying for someone else’s bad decisions.
    3) Sounds like a lot of work for the poor property owner. He just keeps getting victimized.
    We need legislation something along the lines of “Public official endangering Public safety”. We don’t need a “policy, pattern or practice”. We need the legislature to spell out what the rule will be and there can be many rules. Start with the guy who defecates, vandalizes, etc. a property, (a second time-in other words he has a prior record), the legislature needs to establish a presumption that he not be released this second time unless……….what, think about it. Unless he posts bond sufficient to cover the damage he just caused? What else could be required before release? Who knows, but some sanction needs to be imposed before he is released. He caused the damage, he needs to pay.

    Also, a record needs to be made of every public official, ie, judge, attorneys, pretrial release people, probation people, every public official involved in the release. The legislature needs to set forth that if the presumption of nonrelease is not adhered to, that each public official involved in the release process be subject to liability for endangering the public by releasing this person in spite of the legal presumption. Akil White had multiple felony convictions, was arrested, released and then arrested again. What’s going on?
    Now with guys with multiple prior felony convictions, or violent offenses, or who commit crimes while released for other crimes, or on probation or parole, again the presumption should be detainment. Again, any public official not adhering to the presumption is subject to liability if the person is released and damages another person or property. Public officials will be required by statute to maintain their files and records and make them available simply upon request.

  • Tom Colby

    Done, thanks for keeping the efforts going!

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