TCFC Recommends PLACEHOLDER for Bronson, Mayor and Council will discuss FREE CRIME BUS Continuation; Laura Conover/Nanos support Pima Sheriff Deputy Shoplifter Keep Job

TCFC Recommends PLACEHOLDER for Bronson, Mayor and Council will discuss FREE CRIME BUS Continuation; Laura Conover/Nanos support Pima Sheriff Deputy Shoplifter Keep Job


This Tuesday, Adelita Grijalva, Matt Heinz, Rex Scott and Steve Christy will decide with 8 applicants to choose from, the person to appoint.  TCFC believes this person should be someone that has no intentions of running in the upcoming 2024 cycle. Appointing an applicant that already is, or intends to be a candidate in the upcoming cycle would give them an unfair advantage of running essentially as an incumbent. Therefore, we believe appointing a placeholder for this position would be the best choice.  Let the voters decide in 2024. 
In addition to appointing a place holder to District 3, we also believe that the person appointed should retain the current staff of District 3. With the duration of the appointment being less than a year, coupled with the combined decades of experience, knowledge and understanding of the district, the current staff would undoubtedly be a huge asset to the person appointed. 

This Tuesday, the Pima County Board of Supervisors will pick someone to finish the 1 year left on Sharon Bronson's Board of Supervisor term. 

Tim Steller in the Arizona Daily Star reported on Sunday 12/17/2023: 

"Leftward move likely"

"Whoever the supervisors choose, the board is likely to move further left, the main question being by how much.

Aelita Grijalva also decline to name a favorite, but her father, U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, has endorsed Jen Allen, a newcomer to local politics whose career stretches from running the Tucson-based Border Action Network two decades ago to directing the Arizona ACLU in recent years. That’s led people like me to deduce that Adelita Grijalva probably favors Allen for the seat, though it’s possible she differs from her father on this. In fact, she bristled during the Nov. 21 board meetings at accusations by Bronson that she was trying to “rig” the process to put her favored candidate in place.

“I don’t want to be accused of trying to manipulate this process in any way,” she said. “That is absolutely not the case.”

If you would like to see more about the candidates attached is a video interview from the League of Women Voters.

Link: Supervisor Candidate Interviews

Mayor and Council will Discuss Continuing the Free Crime Bus this Tuesday and Akil White (aka Akil Joseph Akil) 4-hour stand-off

On December 12th, after a 4-hour stand-off with the Tucson Police Department’s SWAT team, Akil White was arrested for burglarizing a commercial business on Ft. Lowell Road. Mr. White, long known to TPD for his numerous arrests for drug use, burglary and other crimes, had just been released from TPD custody days prior while committing another burglary in progress. TCFC members supplied us with photos and video of Mr. White utilizing the free crime bus in the furtherance of committing more crimes and creating more victims. The City of Tucson is having a study session on Tuesday December 19th on the continuation of the free fares. Reach out to your local Council Member to tell them that their policies are creating more victims. TCFC will report more on this matter in the coming week. 

PCSD Corrections Officer arrested for "organized retail theft" still has job

LINK TO FULL Article: News 4 Investigators

From the News 4 article:

"Jose Monreal Jr. was first arrested by his own department in September and charged with two misdemeanors related to theft, a third shoplifting charge was later added by prosecutors.

In October, Sahuarita Police arrested him for two felony shoplifting related charges after a Walmart loss prevention employee reported to police that they were able to connect Monreal to 23 shoplifting incidents.

The News 4 Tucson Investigators obtained the incident report from SPD, it states that Monreal was captured on video intentionally not scanning items at self-checkout over the course of three months. 

According to the report, he failed to scan items such as avocados, ice cream and frozen foods.

After we started asking questions about the case, the Sahuarita Police Department learned that the Pima County Attorney's Office declined to prosecute the felony charges.

PCAO did not respond to us explaining why they declined to prosecute the case.

According to Pima County Justice Court records, Monreal is still facing the three misdemeanor charges for the initial case.

The N4T Investigators learned that Monreal Jr. still has his job at PCSD and faced only minor discipline."

 "Sheriff Chris Nanos sees it differently, he believes Monreal Jr. is a great employee that deserves a second chance. He said he formed a leadership panel to recommend what to do with him.

“Every commander in that room who heard the case recommended he be terminated," Sheriff Nanos said."


  • Tom

    This is all so simple. But before I get to it, a quick question: How is it that a guy murders a little girl, gets convicted and does not get the death penalty? Especially in light of the fact he is pending trial for a second such murder of a young girl? Why no death penalty? Did someone decide this is ok? Where is the deterrent? What could possibly be the thinking, if that is what it is, involved here?

    All TPD and the SO need to do is their duty, what they swore to do, what their oath says: ENFORCE THE LAW. Regardless of what politicians or the judges say they will do with the arrestees, ENFORCE THE LAW. Don’t try to use their inaction as an excuse not to perform your duty. One day you’ll sit back and regret not following your oath. You can’t be criticized for enforcing the law, especially since the legislature has already spelled out the crimes, the elements of the crimes, and the punishment to be imposed. That all has been done for you. All you need to do is enforce the law.

    So take an Undercover Officer, put him in the back of the bus, and wait for the criminals to commit their crimes. Get a paddywagon (Do you have any?), tail the bus, and arrest these guys. This will, within a matter of days when the druggies realize what is happening, stop all the misuse of the bus service.

    Actually, calling this bus service a “crime bus” is cutting it some slack. It is more like a covered, heated (or cooled) mobile transient camp crime scene. It can move quickly from one location to another. The scene can be on the east side in the morning and later, on the west side. Drugs moving, people being trafficked from one location to another, and the city covers the cost. And as it continues, it is part of the continuing assault on the psychological, and physical, well being of the good hard working citizens of Tucson. Merry Christmas, Tucson. Just stay away from the bus stops and the buses.


    Can this be translated into Chinese for Tucson Chinese merchants and restaurant owners?

  • Phil

    Pima’s corruption and more corruption is the status quo. It’s what crime and horror movies are made from.

  • Usuk

    Tucson busses today just plain stink.
    It’s on every bus every time and is at it’s worst by the end of the day.

    Think of dozens (or hundreds throughout the course of a day) of unwashed ditch-sleeping bodies with a combined number in the thousands of rotting teeth.
    Overlay that with the distinctive aroma of dirty clothes saturated with human urine and feces.
    Pile on the unmistakable & skunky scent of weed, crystal & fentanyl concoctions being smoked at a bus stop.
    And last, enjoy the stink of a weed pen smoked openly and even something pungent being smoked under a shirt while riding the bus.
    The fix is simple and ingenious.
    Take one of those good for nothing paper masks we were told to bet our lives on, spray something on it and have it ready by the time you get on. Perfume and cologne work great but most anything will do as long as it lasts long enough to get to the end of the line.

    Because almost anything is better than smelling BO, tweaker breath, dirty laundry, pee, poop, weed & crystal.

    City bureaucrats should be required to ride, say… three bus lines a week & do it for more than a mile where it’s not so bad. That way they would see firsthand and be forced to comprehend the results of what taxpayer-funded handouts to the lazy accomplish.

    The freeloaders love regina. They call her out by name. I know this because they’ve said things like “regina is going to extend the free bus… The cops won’t do anything… Move. That’s my seat. I’m going to tell regina… You work? You are stupid to work… Look at me. I don’t work at all and regina gives me everything for free.”

    Freeloaders are a solid voting block, tailor made for lefty politicians.

  • Jim

    I escaped from Los Angeles 2 years ago only to learn that its form of govenment has followed me here. Please don’t blame me, I’m just a refuge from LA.

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