County Attorney and Mayor, for first time, voice support for solutions proposed by Tucson Crime Free Coalition & Pima County

County Attorney and Mayor, for first time, voice support for solutions proposed by Tucson Crime Free Coalition & Pima County

The Tucson Crime Free encourages its membership to read and share the op-ed in Sunday's Arizona Daily Star written by County Attorney Conover, Mayor Romero, and Supervisor Grijalva in which, for the first time, they acknowledge and accept ownership of the single most pressing issue facing our community, the toll the fentanyl crisis is taking on our community. This acknowledgement and acceptance marks their first-step in battling this crisis. 

TCFC has been working for a year with various government leaders and stakeholders, community groups and associations and non-profit organizations to accept and acknowledge the reality that we all see today: the fentanyl crisis is ravaging our community. We thank the County Attorney, Mayor, and Supervisor for this vital first step. They must take action and provide leadership by delivering solutions. 

TCFC has been advocating multiple solutions for nearly a year and has met resistance at every turn. We are appreciative that the Mayor is now supportive of the Transition Center at the jail site, a solution championed by TCFC.

We now ask the Mayor and County Attorney to partner with Pima County and TCFC to deliver the following solutions:

  1. Replicate the “Say No Panhandling” signs promoted by TCFC and executed by the County within the City limits! This should be implemented without delay!
  2. Expand the use of the Transition Center and services at the jail-site!
  3. Implement TCFC’s Fentanyl Operations Command Center- a multi-jurisdictional emergency command center that serves as a coordinating body focused on fentanyl.
  4. Start enforcing the law by making arrests when needed and mandating drug treatment when appropriate.
  5. City of Tucson, give us our parks back so we can use them for their original intent.
  6. City of Tucson, fund your fair share of the transition center.
  7. City of Tucson, give back authority to TPD Officers to do their jobs and use the transition center when it opens.
  8. City of Tucson and County Attorney, stop implementing policies that promote the furtherance of crime and lawlessness!!

To our elected leadership, you have now accepted the challenge. Now it’s time to lead. The battle began long ago but we are brothers and sisters in arms and we welcome you with open arms. Join us in delivering solutions to restore law and order, restore our quality of life, and provide the economic security that allows our families and small businesses to flourish.

Click Here for link to OP-ED

TCFC is now looking for concrete steps taken by the County Attorney and City of Tucson.  We will be reporting on any new serious results by our new partners.


  • Anonymous

    Since Estevan park has been cleaned out no gun fires homeless not yelling and screaming or people looking confused hurting themselves. It’s been wonderful the kids are back playing!!! I hope rugby practice starts up again!

  • Meg Beer

    Good work, guys! Love your persistence. Am sending check to help your efforts. Keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous

    Free bus fare on the Sun Tran crime express has just been extended to December 2023.
    When is the Sun Tran* franchise agreement/contract with the City of Tucson up for renewal?
    City of Tucson Special Election, May 16 2023:
    Voters said NO to Prop 412, which was supported by Mayor Regina Romero plus the Ward 1, 2 and 4 Councilmembers.
    Next up for voters to consider in the Primary and/or General Elections:
    Mayor Regina Romero plus the Ward 1, 2 and 4 Councilmembers.

    Tucson Transit Management LLC,
    Sun Tran Corp,
    Professional Transit Management of Tucson Inc,
    Professional Transit MGMT-TCSN

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, Roni. You are right on the money. The one question I have though is:
    It is the job of the legislative branch of government to write and pass laws, and in the realm of criminal law, set the punishment, yes?
    It is the function of the executive branch of government to carry out the law, correct?
    So, if the legislature says: ARS13-3408(A)(1) “A person shall not knowingly possess or use a narcotic drug.” And the legislature says if you do so, ARS13-3408(B)(1), you are “…guilty of a class 4 felony.”
    And if the legislature also says that, ARS13-3401(20)(ww), Narcotic Drug means the following: Fentanyl.
    The legislature nowhere says anything about the possession of 10 fentanyl pills is the crime. The legislature says possession of fentanyl. Common sense would allow you to conclude that the legislature did not think you needed 10 pills to commit an unlawful possession.
    So where does this magic number 10 pills come from. One would think of someone had ten pills he would be possessing fentanyl for sale which is a Class 2 felony, much more serious.
    Is the executive branch failing to follow the law?
    You can bet that that little league ball player or the kid who uses the bathroom at the park who happens to come across a “pill” or worse yet some item that a fentanyl user "shedded"on does not appreciate the difference between 1 and 10. The legislature certainly does not. The deadly effects can be the same whether 1 or 10.
    If the prosecutor ARS11-532(A)(1) “shall…on behalf of the state conduct all prosecutions for public offenses.”, where does this 10 pill rule come from?
    Now it that kid, or you, uses the bathroom at the park and comes in contact with some fentanyl “shedded” by a user, and dies, and it’s determined that user had been arrested and not prosecuted because he only had 9 pills, who pays?
    Police, also executive branch, who didn’t arrest because he only had 9 pills?
    County attorney for not prosecuting?

  • Anonymous

    As a Marana resident I
    thank you TCFC for all your advocacy and good to read about what appear to be positive changes. Amazing that at each intersection I’ve been stopped with the new signs posted…no panhandlers!

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