Chief Kasmar, City Manager Ortega Starting to embrace TCFC Initiatives; Fentanyl Camp at Estevan Park in Ward 1 Expands under Mayor Regina Romero and Lane Santa Cruz Leadership

Chief Kasmar, City Manager Ortega Starting to embrace TCFC Initiatives; Fentanyl Camp at Estevan Park in Ward 1 Expands under Mayor Regina Romero and Lane Santa Cruz Leadership

TCFC hit 3400 members this week! 

We continue expanding South, North, Central, East and West.  The Survey results from last week indicated that over 80% of our members will be voting in the upcoming city election in November 2023 for Mayor, Ward1, Ward2 and Ward 4.  We will be educating and providing information, soon, to our members and business owners who have many employees who live in the city, how to learn more and ask questions of the candidates about crime and personal safety.

TCFC & Pima County steering the City into a Regional Approach

TCFC has been working closely, hand-in-hand with the Pima County Board of Supervisors Bronson, Christy and Scott leading the way to address the Crime and Fentanyl issue facing Pima County.  We are starting to see signs that City Manager Michael Ortega and Chief Kasmar and are ready to participate in the Regional Approach TCFC, Bronson, Christy and Scott have been planning and implementing without city participation until now, since July of 2022.  We heard this week, Chief Kasmar speak of TCFC's recommendations for going back to implementing "Area Restrictions" for frequent criminals which TPD stopped enforcing using just around the start of Covid.

Video:  TCFC Advocated Regional Approach, Area Restrictions, TPD Chief Kasmar at Pima County Board of Supervisor's Meeting, March 21, 2023

Video: TCFC Advocated Regional Approach, City Manager, Mike Ortega at Pima County Board of Supervisors Meeting, March 7th, 2023

Estevan (Fentanyl Camp) in Ward 1 continues to enjoy Mayor Romero and City Council Support as additional fentanyl camp residents continue to grow in numbers.

Ward 1, Lane Santa Cruz Councilmember, Mayor Regina Romero and City Councilmembers continue to support and fund the growing fentanyl encampment at Estevan Park.  TCFC was out at the park this weekend on Saturday observing kids and parents surrounded by the fentanyl encampment and its effects.  The smell of Fentanyl was strong at times sitting on the bleachers wafting from drug users behind the fence and under the bleachers. (we had to move) The restrooms are unusable due to fentanyl users.  The new $350,000 playground is still fenced off as it was destroyed by a warming fire this winter.  A new solar charging station was installed about 1 month ago, instead of fixing the playground. It is being utilized happily by the new residents of the park.  We did not observe any visits by the Splinter Collective which was hired for $75,000 by Mayor Regina Romero, Lane Santa Cruz and City Council to unsuccessfully keep the restrooms clean and unsuccessfully keep the playground open and safe.  Our tax dollars at work.  Policies endorsed and brought to you by Mayor and Council.  Indifference disguised as compassion is not Humane.  Mayor and Council continue to implement and support policies that are enabling continued addiction with no personal accountability.

Mayor and council were happy to hear this week that their new Care Coordinator program has "data showing that people who receive support from a Care Coordinator experience a reduction in rates of anxiety and depression."


Restrooms unusable and have been taken over.  

Unknown car driven on to park grounds to entrance (red arrow) to back fentanyl
camp for easy delivery access?

Fentanyl Camp (arrow) under the bleachers during a soccer game.  Coaches watching suspiciously.  Camps on the field in park area by back fence.  Hole in back fence tent area on field for back fentanyl camp access.

Business owner wants more done from elected officials about crime, drug-use (KGUN 9 ON YOUR SIDE)


  • Anonymous

    Arizona Legislature update:
    “Senate Bill 1413, introduced by Republican Justine Wadsack, would require cities to clean these camps within 24 hours. That bill passed both the Senate and House and will head to Gov. Hobbs’ desk next.”

  • Anonymous

    Arizona Legislature update:

    Public property.
    Squatters are taking over sidewalks the way street racers are taking over intersections.
    Both are public safety dangers.
    The Legislature should override the veto of SB1024.

    Private property, as in single family homes.
    The bill requires cities and towns to tear down homeless encampments and charge the person or people living there with trespassing if they’re on private property.
    Date Chamber Action
    2023-03-29 House House GOV Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (5-4)

  • Bob Abel

    Great presentation by Chief Kasmar. His use of “houselessness” & “unsheltered” reinforce the real issues. These “vagrants” are typically not “homeless”. These illegal “camps” ARE their homes. I’ve documented them firsthand with police officers. His broadband approach for dealing with these escalating issues focuses on “disrupting” their toxic behaviors and arresting non-compliant, repeat offenders. Pima County Sherrif’s Department should make concerted efforts to unify goals with TPD to rid Tucson & Pima county of this blight.

  • Anonymous

    Beggars are now panhandlers and squatters are now the homeless, unhoused, unsheltered, ad nauseam.
    Name games accomplish nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Go to james walden peristoika deception on you tube. We are living it right now in real time

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