BIPARTISAN EMAIL CALL TO ACTION - AZ SENATE Bill HB2742 - Protect Transit Workers BECAUSE Mayor Romero and Council WON'T

BIPARTISAN EMAIL CALL TO ACTION - AZ SENATE Bill HB2742 - Protect Transit Workers BECAUSE Mayor Romero and Council WON'T
TCFC Members,


This is an ALL ARIZONA Issue because our local officials do not think protecting transit workers on the FREE CRIME BUS is important.  Senator Wadsack (R) in BiPartisan fashion was able to get our bill with Representative Consuelo Hernandez (D): HB2742 to protect transit workers on the Senate Judiciary Committee Calendar tomorrow!

It already passed the HOUSE, now we need it to pass the Senate and then off to the Governor for signature!

Please EMAIL BEFORE 9AM, TOMORROW, Thursday, Mar 21st!
As you know we are NON-PARTISAN and working with Rep Consuelo Hernandez (D) and Senator Justine Wadsack (R).  Rep Consuelo Hernandez started this to to protect transit workers because TUCSON Mayor Romero, City Council and County Attorney Laura Conover are not!  They keep pushing the FREE CRIME BUS and our Transit Workers are in Danger!!


Here are the Senators you will be emailing: 

Sen Kern, Sen Shamp, Sen Borrelli, Sen Burch, Sen Gonzales, Sen Hatathlie and Senator Wadsack

Please take the 1 minute and 3 steps below to send an email to important Senators to move HB2742 forward.  FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.
STEP 1: Copy as a whole, all the email addresses below and paste in the TO: line of your email. 

STEP 2: Copy and paste this text into the subject line of your email:

PLEASE Vote YES on HB2742 to Protect our Transit Workers

STEP 3: Copy, paste this text below in the email. Edit as you wish. SEND!

Dear Senator,

As you are aware because of the free bus fares in Tucson, City Mayor, Council and Pima County Attorney Laura Conover not doing anything about the aggravated assaults to transportation workers I as a member of the Tucson Crime Free Coalition, am respectfully requesting that you support HB2742.
In Tucson, specifically, we are having tremendous issues with safety and security on our public transit system. In particular our Transit Workers of our city busses are routinely put in high risk situations where assaults on them occur far too often. Your help is needed to protect them.
TCFC just interviewed a former Sun Tran Driver who has confirmed the violence that is occurring on the FREE CRIME BUS here in Tucson.  Link is below of the interview.


Please vote YES on HB2742.





  • Elvy Paulette Andis

    Stop the madness quit collecting your perks Maro Romero let your family ride the bus!

  • Maggie Dunbar

    I just returned from a couple of weeks in Japan. The transit system is excellent and so clean even in Tokyo (pop. 14+ million). It is on time too. Made me sad to think of how we have downgraded our transit systems in our beloved country & Tucson. Also, that criminals are allowed to be paroled to repeat offenses. Thank you to TCFC and all who help push Tucson in the right direction. Your efforts are valuable and greatly appreciated.

  • Tom

    Kareem Gardner. Folks, you can’t make this up. Isn’t this the guy who stole vehicle from a lady who was dropping her husband off at the hospital. Did he drag her a ways? Then took off and the vehicle was recovered in El Paso, was it? Well, on or about December 11, 2013, he was released to the third party custody of pretrial services. RELEASED. Are you surprised to hear he failed to appear at his pretrial conference on January 25, 2024? What was he doing released in the first place?
    So, we had to issue a warrant for his arrest for failing to appear, not for his egregious actions, but for failing to appear. He was arrested on that warrant on Feb 2, 2024 and now sits in jail. Hello? Armed Robbery and Aggravated Assault with a dangerous instrument, mandatory time offenses. Hello? Why would you release this guy? So many questions.

  • Tom

    Akil White update. Remember Akil? Multiple felon, recently in court for multiple felonies and placed on probation? Then arrested for “burglarizing” a TCFC member’ residence? Then released without bond. Then arrested again for some type of situation that required a massive TPD callout somewhere on Grant or Speedway. 20-30 misdemeanor arrests, in Tucson. Well, it seems he was held on bond after the massive PD callout incident. Now, in custody at the jail (remember his broken hand) it is alleged he is incompetent to stand trial. Oh, but don’t worry, the court finds that “there is a substantial probability he can be restored to competency.” Keep your eye on this one also.

  • Tom

    Update on the only 3 arrestees from the Stop the Cop event here in business-friendly Tucson. All three are out of custody, unknown at this time if they posted that little bond amount.
    Hassan has the legal defender— you pay for that.
    Parks has hired his own attorney- Hmmm. $$$$$
    And Villalobos has the “legal advocate” ???? Do we pay for that also?
    Looks like we get it coming and going. Destruction of personal and city property and clean up with costs to someone. Costly massive police call response with massive costs to someone. Massive court proceedings and costs and their attorneys an fees. Is this for real?
    Better keep working to see how well your tax money is spent. And stay home at night behind your wrought iron bars.

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