Best Radio Interview yet to get to know TCFC, Listen Here! Please take our 1 minute Survey!

Best Radio Interview yet to get to know TCFC, Listen Here!  Please take our 1 minute Survey!

Must Listen Radio Interview on KVOI with TCFC Josh Jacobsen.   This interview on the Bruce Ash Show on KVOI, Sat March 18th, really tells you about Kevin, Monica and Josh. Expands on TCFC's mission, progress and commitment to making Pima County safer.

Please take our 1 minute survey.  We want to get to know our 3200+ members better and how we can include you in upcoming plans to address crime in Pima County.  (We don't ask for your name)

This week we heard about two deaths historically likely related to fentanyl. One at the Rondstadt bus center and another one at a city location.  TPD has not been releasing Media Releases on its website since January 28th which is troubling.

City of Tucson Mayoral election as well as Ward1, Ward2 and Ward4 council members, this November.  Elections are coming soon and you should be thinking about what you are going to ask the candidates about their views about enforcing our laws and public safety?  TCFC will continue to provide resources for asking important questions to evaluate candidates on issues of public safety.

Above photo is another example of continued failed policy of Mayor Regina Romero and City Council Members in city of Tucson.  Taken today in the Flowing Wells Wash at 1500 W Fort Lowell Road.  This is a picture of a person stripping wire.  How they got a car down is this wash is amazing since it is fenced for 2.5 miles.  Neighbors called 911 with no response. Where did the wire come from? Hopefully not from somebody's home, business or destruction public infrastructure?

The CRIME TAX.  KGUN Channel 9.  Mayor Regina Romero and City Council ignoring impact of crime on local auto shop.
The article from the New York Times highlighting the destruction in Phoenix as well a perfect example of the CRIME TAX being imposed on citizens and businesses.  Failures Mayor Regina Romero and City Council members in Tucson continue to impose this same CRIME TAX on citizens of Pima County.


  • Anonymous

    Example of Chief Kasmar and Ast. Chief Kevin Hall’s holistic policing policies since 2018 was at a business next to the Alamo wash near Speedway/ Wilmot. Business owner called and emailed TPD, council members Steve K and Paul Cunningham over 11 months stating drug users have set up a huge camp compound on his private property and neighboring city wash destroying and stealing from his business site. TPD HOT squad Lt. James Brady and Sgt Jack Julsing ignored his repeat emailed criminal complaints and all the victim business owner wanted was reports made and follow up investigations resulting in arrests but got only one camp clean up and no reports, no arrests. This is an incomplete investigation that violates TPD General Orders and City Administrative Directives. TPD HOT squad chain of command is: Chief Chad Kasmar, AC Kevin Hall, Capt. Stacy Schaner, Lt. James Brady and Sgt. Julsing. Why didn’t any of these highly paid city employees ever make a correction after repeat complaints and seek help from the Eastside Patrol Division? I know because the Mayor and Council ordered it. When anyone emails or calls 911 and uses the term, “homeless” all calls get funneled to TPD HOT squad and these victims do not get treated as others who call 911. Holistic policing focusing on “Housing First” has been around since 2010 and 2013 became federally funded by our federal government handing out 100’s of millions of dollars for something that hasn’t worked. We need a “people first” approach. Tucson leadership is stuck on stupid that’s destroying our city and just like the ones they copied.

  • Anonymous

    TCFC has observed the direct negative impacts on neighborhoods, businesses and citizens of Mayor and Council forbidding street officers from arresting drug addicts and bad actors. Only allowing the HOT Team to arrest has created a barrier and never knows if the HOT team is even making contact with the perpetrators they report.

  • Nate Foster

    TPD is continuing to push deflection and it is very apparent that it doesn’t work. Also the Department is consolidating enforcement of homeless issues to a small group within the Department known as the Homeless Outreach Team. Meanwhile the TPD leadership is discouraging motivated Patrol Officers from tackling homeless problems within their divisions. The only reasonable explanation for what is happening is that the Mayor and Council are controlling TPD and forcing the ineffective policies. Replace the Mayor and Council and you would see an overnight transformation at TPD.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to the coalition founders and growing number of supporters..You’ve done an amazing job in a very short period of time… I heard you speak at Sal Cabibo‘s b2b meeting at Hacienda del Sol recently… It’s unfortunate that we cannot clone the three founders of this coalition… Therefore, you’ll need more help And ultimately some type of funding to reach the lofty goals of a safer and less drug dependent Tucson… I’m happy to be one to help to best of my ability… I own numerous multi family housing units both around the University and in the central Tucson area… The homeless situation, rampant drug problem, and mental illness is a huge problem for my student and general public tenant population. This project/coalition will take all the communities efforts and coordination not to mention a few dollars to the handle communication, administration, public announcements, newsletters, etc.… I’d like to help! Please contact me… Respectfully, John Orcutt

  • Anonymous

    Resources in our Police Department are at an all time low. A City slated for 1200 Officers 10 Years ago and expected to grow to 1400 has now fallen closer to about 700. When a tragedy strikes your family like mine, a tragedy that no family should endure, you step up and run For City Council, Ward 4 to make a change. Take Tucson Back…Give a Voice to our Community

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