Wash Rescue Last Week - Mayoral Candidates, Example why City of Tucson Needs to Enforce our Laws

Wash Rescue Last Week -  Mayoral Candidates, Example why City of Tucson Needs to Enforce our Laws

Last Week, Tucson Fire rescued a person from the Santa Cruz River - No enforcement by City of Tucson

This is exactly why TCFC has been advocating since its founding, for the City of Tucson to start enforcing our laws, removing people from living in washes thus keeping them out of danger of drowning.  Mayor Romero, who supports Tier 2 sanctioned fentanyl encampments including directing TPD to turn a blind eye, is resulting in rescues putting first responders in harms way. The city should be enforcing its existing codes that say you cannot live in a wash.  See the rescue here:

CLICK HERE: I-10 and Grant WATER RESCUE in Santa Cruz

Tim Steller's column: Tucson homeless protocol divides neighbors, mayoral candidates

CLICK HERE: AZ Daily Star Article

The mayoral candidates are highlighted on their view about how the homeless protocol: Tier 1 - abandoned site, Tier 2 (city approved/sanctioned camping), Tier 3 - Danger to the community where City moves the addicts but does not address the fundamental problem which is addiction to drugs.  We say over and over there is space available in treatment (non profits are 50% full, but addicts don't want it.  City and Mayor Romero turn a blind eye. Persons establishing fentanyl camps are not being held accountable under Mayor Romero.

At a minimum 80% of individuals living on the street suffer from substance abuse and 60% suffer from mental illness. Many of our non profits that provide shelter, detox and support are operating at less than 50% occupancy. (Source TPCH). 

Mayor Romero says, about the Tier system, "it is working" but that is not what the increasing crime and destruction is showing on the street. 

Janet “JL” Wittenbraker, the Republican candidate for Tucson mayor, said she doesn’t support the tier system established under Mayor Romero and says that the city should enforce our laws.

From the AZ Daily Star: "Ed Ackerley, the independent candidate for mayor, didn’t take a definitive stand for or against the tier system. He called for “active engagement” in camps as they get established."

Please read the article to see the candidate position on holding people accountable for their actions and the damage their unchecked addiction is doing to our community.




  • Anonymous

    We need new leadership and we need folks who care about these issues to help. We’re leading a grassroots effort to inform voters about the upcoming election and get them to make a plan to vote. If people are interested in volunteering to help JL Wittenbraker get elected, sign up at bit.ly/SaveTucson

  • Anonymous

    “City and Mayor Romero turn a blind eye. Persons establishing fentanyl camps are not being held accountable under Mayor Romero.” – YOU KNOW WHY THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL WANTS ALL THESE UNTOUCHED CAMPS? Our mayor and council needs a high number of homeless head counts to reap all the federal grant monies out there. If our local criminal justice system (TPD, City Court, County Jail, County Attorney ETC.) would focus on repeat offenders their head counts would be lower and we would receive less grants. But the dirty secret is our M & C is trading our safety, low store prices, nearby quality business for Federal grant monies. Our M & C poverty industry is busy buying multiple motels for 12-18 million each. Now 50 million for the Tucson House… Then our M &C will give million dollar contracts to their political friends that will manage these city owned locations who then kick back campaign donations for their next elections (w/ our taxpayers monies). GOOGLE – “who financially benefits from the poverty industry”. There’s been studies and books on it for over a decade now. The citizens who need the help only receive 15-22 cents for every dollar with these govt. programs (The Money Is In The Treatment, Not The Cure). We need to ask our M &C where they are putting the 85-78 cents of every one of those dollars. Someone please complete a AZ Public Records Requests on their Federal grant applications to see the true corruption. Its only us citizens and business folks who are taking these safety and financial hits while our local govt officials get their play money (taxpayers money). When our stores take all these crime related hits they up the prices on us good folks who are customers. Local political leaders are creating local inflation created by their corruption. We are getting hit bad enough from China Joe Biden.

  • Kathene Morrow

    There are a lot of great, generous civic minded people here that wear themselves out mentally as well as physically without being judgemental of people and pets in need. At least the Dems support our law enforcement agencies, teachers,infrastructure,voting & equal rights. They’re not going to ban books or stretch razor wire along the washes.

  • Anonymous

    A tier one encampment was cleared 2 days after I reported it. To report an encampment:
    To report by phone, call City of Tucson Resource Line: (520) 791-2540

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Janet, Myke, Bonnie and Frank. The forces for change against Romero, Cunningham and Santa Cruz are increasing from many directions.


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