Happy Labor Day!; Challenges ahead for the coming Fall and Winter 2023/2024

Happy Labor Day!; Challenges ahead for the coming Fall and Winter 2023/2024


Labor Day is a time to celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

TCFC hopes you are spending time with your family and friends for this unofficial date of the end of Summer!

The Coming Challenges Ahead for Fall/Winter 2023/2024; Unchecked Drug Addiction; Lack of Enforcement of our Laws and Failing Policies of Incumbent Candidates Including Mayor Romero and City Council 

Nearly a year ago, the Tucson Crime Free Coalition (https://tucsoncrimefree.com) was founded by Kevin Daily, Monica Carlson and Josh Jacobsen. We are citizens, school and community leaders as well as business owners. Due to the very visible decline of Tucson, we saw a need to create solutions, and shine a spotlight on the consistent failures of public policy and lack of enforcement by our elected officials in Pima County and the City of Tucson. 

Over that time we have grown from 3 to over 4500 concerned citizens including business owners who have highlighted the danger created by failing policies and lack of enforcement by the City of Tucson. Substance abuse, (specifically fentanyl and methamphetamine) and unchecked crime is deeply impacting the lives and livelihoods of the citizens in our community. We communicate weekly with our members on solutions as well as highlight the failures of policies, elected leadership is making us feel unsafe in our own community.  

We originally thought that if we engaged directly and highlighted the issues, our elected officials would seize the day. They did not, but instead, some of them have doubled down on their failed policies.  The only ones that stepped up were Supervisor Sharon Bronson, Supervisor Steve Christy, Pima County Administrator Jan Lesher and Deputy Administrator Steve Holmes. We are working collaboratively with Pima County Administration and solutions are being put in-place but the progress is slowed by our electeds who still won't acknowledge that drug addiction and crime are making us unsafe, and that Tucsonan's across all walks of life are paying the price. 

With YOUR HELP and the help of our partners (we work with many people behind the scenes) at the city, county, state and federal levels, that we have formed relationships with over the last year, we will be stepping up our effort to new levels to influence change and redirect these proven public policy failures.

We will need your help and we will provide ways to "move-the-needle" with simple engagement.

Let's keep moving forward.  We are not limited by what others are doing elsewhere. In Pima County, we can decide how we are going to solve this problem and what steps to take!

KOLD Channel 13 highlights the failure of Leadership continued by our elected leadership with the failures we see in Justice Reform everyday on our streets and in our closed down businesses.  Many of these failures sit at the doorsteps of Laura Conover, Pima County Attorney

CLICK HERE: Failures of Pima County Criminal Justice Reform


  • D

    The McArthur grant was a prestige and money grab primarily. In place of a sober and practical appraisal of justice services was a reinvention of work a lot of great and sincere people had already been doing in Tucson for decades. Instead of getting them what they needed we received renewed semantics and posturing from city leaders. Police pathetically created policies to hamper enforcement in the interest of pretending to be substance abuse and mental health “specialists.” All for the perception of innovation and individual career advancement.

  • Anonymous

    Judges political affiliation must be disclosed on voter information and ballots!

  • Anonymous

    Corruption admitted by our City and County Criminal Justice System Department Heads/ Elected Officials: “We’re under pressure to release — to release more people,” said Riojas, “They talk about doing it safely, but everyone’s saying release, release.” I told all of you that our local politicians and their criminal justice system appointed department heads were trading our safety and financial security for free federal grants and other grants. It’s a Win-Win for the politicians because studies prove decade after decade govt. programs are extremely wasteful. Only 15 to 22 cents of everyone of our taxpayer dollars go to these drug addicted neighbors/ our family members and veterans. Play monies for the political elites and their donors. We need someone/ true watch dog groups to complete AZ public records requests on their federal grant applications, expose the grant rules to see all the loops we have to jump through. To truly shed light on the waste and fraud as the years go by to get our politicians in hot water with the feds. With all the drug addicted homeless theft our businesses have to raise their prices on us good folks to pay for their non-stop loses. All the created victims that took hits so our local politicians can create funding sources to pay for their hidden pork projects and hand out sweet heart deals to their donor class so they can get reelected over and over. Sheriff Nanos is only speaking out now because he’s elected and is now getting high level of heat for running a crap show at his jail. Plus, he can use this local govt. created crisis to buy him a new county jail and maybe get his name on it like a ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Vote out Regina, Paul Cunningham, Santa Cruz and recall Sheriff Nanos.

  • John Ranney

    How far we have fallen! Out beautiful Porsche dealership vandalized and treated like a getto hellhole. We have beggars on every corner. Bus stops, bike paths and parks that are turned into encampments. Once thriving businesses that are now vacant forever. Drugs and violence that are common in third world countries. I don’t even recognize my town anymore. Time for new leadership doesn’t quite say it. Just a sad state of affairs top to bottom. Hope we make it.

  • Anonymous

    Poor me. I thought the purpose of Criminal Justice reform was to take action to end the crime problem in Tucson and Pima County. That is solvable. The reason why they can’t solve “over-incarceration” and “racial inequality” is because there is no over-incarceration and there is no racial inequality. In those cities with progressive prosecutors where they don’t arrest and prosecute people, you have rising crime rates like we have never seen.
    Don’t forget, our criminal code was adopted, basically in 1978, and it provided for mandatory time sentencing. The reason why the legislature had to step in was because the judges were releasing everyone so they took the discretion away from the judges. Same thing needs to happen again.
    And we need to elect judges. How do they get selected now? popularity contest? And who appoints them? to whom are they owing? And what qualifications do they have? Do we test them? Are they alcoholics, drug addicts? What experience do they have? Have they ever been in court? Ever tried a case? Do they know what the Rules of Evidence are? How about the Rules of Criminal Procedure?
    How is that guy who used to work for Grijalva stomped on that other guys ankle breaking it, and received probation? How is it that this guy who killed this little girl, and is awaiting trial for a second little girl-why didn’t he get the death penalty? How does this happen? This should be the focus of criminal justice reform. We need more incarceration, a tent city. There is no race problem. It is created to divide us. Race would figure itself out if you just prosecuted cases instead if creating a revolving door where these people recommit over and over, and in the process laugh at us.
    These popularity contests these judges go through every couple of years-quit wasting my money. That vote is about as useless as it comes.
    And any judge who feels he is being"pressured" to release people. WOW. Is that a big warning sign. Judge, you need to report that someone is trying to interfere with your discretion, to exercise your discretion to protect the citizens. So report, who is obstructing justice?
    Now, everyone, we had another great study conducted, unknown cost, and no resolution. But we had a study. So go home now, lock the wrought iron door behind you. Make sure your wrought iron is covering your windows. You are imprisoned.

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