Mayor Romero supports Fentanyl Encampments at bus stops; Citizens report the need to carry a gun on bus for safety; Sun Tran Survey; Supporting those supporting change

Mayor Romero supports Fentanyl Encampments at bus stops; Citizens report the need to carry a gun on bus for safety; Sun Tran Survey; Supporting those supporting change

This week TCFC received an unusually large number of pictures, emails and alerts to posts on about feeling unsafe as riders of the Free Crime Bus. The Free Crime Bus is supported by Mayor Regina Romero and Tucson City Council members, Kevin Dahl, Paul Cunningham, Lane Santa Cruz, Steve Kozachik and Nikki Lee. 

The Mayor and Council set policy for TPD and city departments.  Mayor Romero and Council have given TPD directives to stop enforcing our laws through policy of non-enforcement. Below you will find photographed examples of what happens when a community does not enforce laws. 

This notice on titled "Not safe to ride the busses anymore" is an example of how some riders now feel a GUN is needed to be safe to ride on the Free Crime Bus.  One employer told us their employees report the need "to carry knives on the bus to feel safe.

Read more below from Nextdoor:

Story From A TCFC Member's firsthand account description of Mayor Romero's apparent order to support encampments at Bus Stops:

"Today I was driving around in Ward 3 and I came across this lovely free safe bus stop. I noticed a bunch of fentanyl users all hunched over behind the umbrella and they had a lot of foil on the ground. Sun Tran even came and cleaned up AROUND them. Two cops drove by and did not even take notice."

Below: Umbrella likely stolen to hide Fentanyl Use


BELOW: Lots of illegal drug use at make-shift Bus Stop Fentanyl Encampment

Below: Mayor Romero and Sun Tran making Bus Stop safe and clean for Fentanyl Users.  They cleaned and drove away

SUN TRAN SURVEY - Due September 8, 2023

Let Sun Tran know you want the FREE Crime Bus to END and to become safe again for riders and drivers! This is important, please complete the survey by clicking the link below:

CLICK HERE: Sun Tran Survey - Due September 8, 2023

TCFC is non-partisan but we support change resulting in a safer community for all, which should also be non-partisan.  Many of our of members have asked us how they can be more involved in the upcoming election. Here is an opportunity that was made known to us by the PCRP.  We are simply passing the information along to any members that want to get involved with this project. 


  • April

    Today I had to post a warning on Facebook to tell my friends to stay away from the area of Tucson boulevard and elm Street because some guy has a kite was yelling and being violent at the bus stop… Screaming so loudly you could hear him in nearby businesses. And that was just one of many incidents I’ve seen today and I see everyday. The amount of times I have to stop in front of a bus stop and honk my horn to make sure somebody isn’t overdosed dead is ridiculous! I’m sick of the crime I am sick of the open air drug market that Tucson has become and the city needs to do something about it.

  • Donna Rodriguez

    I left Seattle because of these same failed policies. So sad to find out the same idea of doing nothing and caring more about the criminal over the taxpayer who is footing the bill. The only way to make a difference is at the ballot box. Is this the way you want to live? I do not!!

  • Anonymous

    First Ave from River Rd to the UA is a corridor of trash and drugs. Today as I was getting gas at First & Wetmore a woman was taking drugs in the parking lot, and two people were doing drugs in the tiny green belt area. I alerted the business owner. At the Walgreens on First & River a man was tearing his clothes off and slamming his body against their building. I passed all this with my tiny granddaughter in the car. Mayor, Police Chief, City Council, County Supervisors and administrators: WHERE are you? Are you parents and grandparents? Is this YOUR legacy while you have the reigns of leadership? Voters in Pima County, you can turn this around at the ballot box.

  • Anonymous

    Vote to end the Romero-Cunningham-Santa Cruz administration.

    They are the long term cause of squatters camps, Sun Tran bus shelters opioid dens and the Sun Tran free fare crime express bus routes.

    Election schedule:
    General Election

    UOCAVA Ballots Mailed; for more information on military/overseas voting, go to Friday, Sept. 22

    Last day to register; for more information on registration, go to Tuesday, Oct. 10

    Ballots mailed out Wednesday, Oct. 11

    Last day to request a ballot by mail; for more information, go to Friday, Oct 27

    Recommended deadline to mail back your ballot Tuesday, Oct. 31

    Last day to vote early in-person; for more information, go to Friday, Nov. 3

    Election Day

    Also, take pictures, lots of pictures.
    Shooting with a camera is not deadly force, while even disorderly conduct, when it involves a firearm, can be a felony.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding sidearms- there is a crime “felony misbehavior with a firearm”. Learn it. Deadly force is only authorized when your (or your friend’s) immediate safety is threatened with imminent harm.(There are more precise ways to state this but that is a general description). Please learn the law. Don’t go waiving guns around. Don’t point guns at people. Don’t fire “warning shots”. In nearly every instance it is better to simply walk away if you can. If you have no means of egress, that is different. Additionally, if you do regularly carry, having insurance that will cover your legal fees is very important. Know first aid for gun shots, be prepared to render first aid. The legal snares around gun owners are a tangled web that has been woven for many decades. Know the law, know your rights but know what you don’t have a right to do.

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