Tucson Crime Free Coalition Newsletter May 1st

Tucson Crime Free Coalition Newsletter May 1st

Tucson Crime Free Coalition Newsletter May 1st

• TCFC Interview With Steve Cortes
• County Attorney Debate
• Upcoming Event With OUR AMERICA

The Tucson Crime Free Coalition recently was contacted by Steve Cortes who leads a nationwide non-profit called the League of American Workers.

Steve Cortes took interest in TCFC due to our on the ground work in Tucson and Pima County, as well as our overwhelming community support which is 7,000 members strong.

Cortes sat down with TCFC Steering Leader Josh Jacobsen to discuss current issues facing Tucson and Pima County:

• Tucson’s 19.8% poverty rate.
• Substance Use Disorder and Serious Mental Illness and its effects on our community.
• The negative impacts of policies at the southern border and the relationship to Fentanyl.
• Crime in Tucson as well as the Crime Tax that affects everyone in our community.

Steve Cortes also met with and interviewed TCFC member Victoria Lem, who recently ran for City Council in Ward 1. Lem is a residential and commercial realtor and an expert in market trends in Pima County.

Lem spoke on the topic of housing affordability and how high home prices are impacting our community as well as the entire market in the state of Arizona.

When the interviews are made public, we will be sure to share with our members. Thank you for your support!


Tucson Crime Free Steering Leaders Attended the County Attorney Debate in Green Valley on April 27th.

View the full debate on the Tucson Crime Free Coalition Facebook page:

CLICK HERE: https://www.facebook.com/share/v/cJ5G99yBg4317yr6/?mibextid=WC7FNe

The big takeaway from this debate is leadership and experience matter. Incumbent Laura Conover put on a dramatic performance as she tried to defend against Mike Jette prosecuting her record of failures.

Digging deeper….When Ms. Conover was asked by moderator Dan Shearer about complaints from small businesses, TCFC’s take was she deflected and minimized the impact of crime and at the same time, pointed the finger at the City of Tucson and misdemeanor cases. Ms. Conover also made mention that her office has a seat on the Metro Chamber’s Coalition Against Retail Theft (CART) and are very “accessible.” TCFC steering leaders are part of CART as well, and can report, the office might be at the meetings, however the conversations are not productive.

To give a bit more background, Ms. Conover recently attended a meeting with the Southern Arizona Leadership Council (SALC) and made mention of “reporting fatigue” on behalf of the public. What she is acknowledging is that our community has grown tired of reporting crimes. TCFC appreciates the honesty on behalf of Ms. Conover. This is a point that TCFC has repeatedly reported on. CRIME IS NOT DOWN, reporting, arrests and prosecution is.

Tucson Sentinel writer Paul Ingram did a comprehensive and fair analysis of the debate it is worth the read here:

CLICK HERE: https://www.tucsonsentinel.com/local/report/042924_county_attorney_debate/without-major-policy-differences-pima-county-attorney-debate-comes-down-conovers-record/

Dan Shearer from the Green Valley News moderated the debate and at times pushed back respectfully on both candidates.

The next debate is scheduled for May 11th in Oro Valley.


The Pima County Attorney Race will be decided in the PRIMARY!  Ballots go out July 3rd and are due on July 30Dems and Independents can vote in this Race.  Independents need to pick a DEM primary ballot.


Upcoming Event With OUR AMERICA:

Our America will once again fill the Tucson City Council meeting with Hometown Heroes to urge the mayor and council to increase the Tucson Police Department budget. Join us as we demand Safer Streets, Brighter Futures!


Click Here To Register:

CLICK HERE: https://m.facebook.com/paul.parisi.7/posts/pfbid07yeLK6wkgkqgYBZiH51AmrVgrB2cDNpjDNmabEgCWvwqQLWa3DEksSeyNc5q3ymql?from_xma_click=xma_e2ee&xma_click_id=AC1BAF83-9C4A-4B8E-87A6-814ABDD7A75B&tam_xma_content_type=3000&is_fb_content=true&forward=false&ts=1714412163624&wtsid=rdr_08IFlPK23oP8caWjq


  • Ruth W

    Recently I was in the Democratic run city of Ft. Wayne, Indiana where there were no panhandling or homeless I could see. Plus the roads were good and their parks were also free of homeless. Why is our Democratic city so terribly different?

  • Anonymous

    Just weeks ago we pulled up stakes and left Tucson forever. We had planned to retire there and had even bought a home. How long did we last? Less than 2 years. We were so desperate to leave we didn’t even sell our home first. We’d never done that before; it was listed after we left. As a parting gift from some criminal, they broke out my spouse’s car windows before our move date and yet we lived in one of the nicer neighborhoods. Our disgust at city leaders there is immense. Our respect for this community coalition is great. I’ve tapped in to your newsletters so many times because you show and tell the truth of what is actually going on in the city. Our view of Tucson….the inmates have taken over the asylum, as it were. I was all over Tucson in my brief time there as I’m not one to sit at home. I saw things in every corner of the city I had never witnessed in my life, and we were from So CA which has its own serious problems. But Tucson was unreal. Appalling theft, crime, open drug dealing and drug taking, inability to take a safe walk at night through our own nice neighborhood because of the drug dealers and their customers passing through, getting panhandled everywhere morning, noon and night, homeless encampments all over the city, trash, weeds, broken streets, fights in the middle of busy roads between drug addicts, prostitution, addicts sleeping in the alley behind our home and watching them case our house on our cameras. I could go on. I saw it all. Very sad because there are so many good, hard-working people in Tucson who are at the mercy of drug addicts, criminals and city blight (which just attracts more criminals). To the good people and this coalition, I wish you all the best and I mean that sincerely. I hope through your efforts it can be turned around to benefit the kind, honest, hard-working people in Tucson, of which there are many.

  • Michael Kochanski

    I notice the slap on the wrist plea deal with the Tucson High counselor (rapist) did not come out in the debate. why is that. Then, Conover hired the counselor’s dad to produce re-election campaign materials. What a joke.

  • Carl

    It’s encouraging to behold those hordes of college campus anti-semites and swarms of interstate Stop Cop City (Georgia) trespassers being subdued then dragged out of their ILLEGAL CAMPS and thrown in jail by campus police, local police and even state police in America.
    Hopefully SCOTUS will rule that it should also be that way in Grants Pass, Oregon and everywhere else in the U.S., including the hundreds of ILLEGAL CAMPS in Arizona.
    Carl O’Kelley
    Ward 2

  • Mike H

    I dont like conover or jette. Both are pushing more diversion. We had a situation in our HOA and the guilty parties got diversion, but there was no compensation or remorse for the thousands of dollars in damage or loss of use of facilities due to these individuals activities. Diversion is great to keep people out of jail, but there also needs to be restitution, major fines and penalties applied.. not just a 75.00 fine and move along. We as residents sustained losses but we are left holding the bag and they get off scott free.

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