100 Acres Fentanyl Camp, Pictures AZ Daily Star, Mayor and Council Will Not Show You; PEDESTRIAN Deaths Continue to Climb in City of Tucson

100 Acres Fentanyl Camp, Pictures AZ Daily Star, Mayor and Council Will Not Show You; PEDESTRIAN Deaths Continue to Climb in City of Tucson

100 Acres Fentanyl Camp/The Pictures AZ Daily Star and Mayor and Council ARE NOT SHOWING YOU

This week The Arizona Daily Star featured the misery at the "100 Acre Wood" Fentanyl Camp. 

The Tucson Crime Free Coalition on numerous occasions has visited this encampment. We have witnessed the human despair, crime and rampant drug use as well as drug dealing that is occurring inside this encampment. This encampment has also been the site of several violent crimes.

Part of what TCFC has observed in encampments like 100 Acres is the high rate of individuals that are living this way due to 60% having Serious Mental Illness (SMI) as well as 80% having Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

It is concerning to hear Resource Navigators (City of Tucson and Non-Profit employees) report that inhabitants in these encampments routinely turn down services and prefer to live in these dire conditions.

Our conclusion is that by the City of Tucson creating the “Tiered Encampment Protocol,” as well directing TPD to stay out of the encampments, they are actually not only enabling individuals to live this way, they are also promoting it.  

The solution is offering support and treatment of existing services, however when services are turned down, the enforcement of laws must be utilized.

A solution TCFC has advocated to connect individuals to support and services is the Transition Center.

CLICK HERE to Learn more about the TRANSITION CENTER

TCFC wants to show you actual pictures that we have taken verses what the AZ Daily Star and the City of Tucson would like you to see and believe.















  • Glen Ortel

    I see it everyday. They are not homeless! They are drug addicts! Steal and sit ground and get high all day long.

  • Nate

    The Arizona Daily Star is a leftist publication that will never show the truth about what the democrat policies are doing to our city. I am not surprised the real photos of the filth are never published. We will never see fair story or opinion from this newspaper as long as the liberal leadership of the city and the newspaper stay in place.

  • Tara

    I appreciate you guys so much for uncovering the truth and displaying it for the rest of us. Amazing how much is just ignored and lied about all while we can see it all with our own eyes.

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for being our voice. I will definitely drive by the encampment. A 100 acres! I can’t even imagine.

  • Mary S

    TCFC is helping to get the voice of Tucson Herd for the first time in years Thank You Very much. We need to demand more from all of us not just people on the street but from the top down working together to bring Tucson back to a safer healthier caring community. We can’t help if we keep pretending we need to face head on 1 step at a time.

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