10's of Millions, Opioid Settlement Money for Pima County, TCFC proposes Inter-Agency Fentanyl and Opioid Coordinating Council at BOS Meeting

10's of Millions, Opioid Settlement Money for Pima County, TCFC proposes Inter-Agency Fentanyl and Opioid Coordinating Council at BOS Meeting

City of Tucson Mayoral election as well as Ward1, Ward2 and Ward4 council members, this November.  Elections are coming soon and you should be thinking about what you are going to ask the candidates about their views about enforcing our laws and public safety?  TCFC will continue to provide resources for asking important questions to evaluate candidates on issues of public safety.

TCFC Steering Committee Leaders Monica Carlson, Kevin Daily and Oliver Swan speak at Pima County Board of Supervisors Meeting (3/7/2023) proposing that all the 50+ Million of the Opioid Settlement money by used to address the Fentanyl Crisis.  Oliver Swan describes TCFC's proposal for a

* Inter-Agency Fentanyl and Opioid Coordinating Council
* Fentanyl Operational Command Center 


Fry’s Grocery at 1st and Roger set on fire

Another example of continued failures of Mayor Regina Romero and City Council policies on crime and a symptom of a city experiencing a lack of law enforcement and lawlessness.

It has been hard to get information from TPD because TPD has not updated their media releases since January 28.  TCFC is advocating for press releases to be updated for the public in a more transparent and faster timeline. 

Read story:


Mayor Regina Romero, Ward 1 Council Member Lane Santa Cruz and City Council double down on Estevan Park destruction.  Fentanyl encampment grows to over 50 individuals, and a new cell phone charging station installed even after fire destruction of the new $350,000 playground.  Trees are now being cut down for fires as Mayor Romero and council push for support of their "progressive approach."


TCFC Presented to two large groups this week.  The presentations were well received and demonstrate the continuing concern in Tucson and Pima County about the FENTANYL AND CRIME CRISIS:

  • Rotary Club of Tucson - 120 people
  • Caballeros Del Sol

TCFC brings this article to your attention due to failed local policies that enable the demand and worsen the FENTANYL EPIDEMIC.  



  • Anonymous

    The city mayor and council’s TPD HOT squad (homeless outreach team) made up of one TPD sergeant, two officers and one CSO is now tasked with our number one criminal issue city wide and our police chief does not allow patrol officers to help with the issue. Our city M & C along with our police chief has intentionally designed it this way for pure political reasons by handcuffing patrol officers in all his patrol divisions. It was hard enough when patrol could do something to slow our crime rates down in the past but now by design, through sabotage our city residents and businesses have a small HOT squad to do it all. Fact is 85 % of our local homeless population never gets 911 called on them. The 15% of the homeless drug addicts create a large chunk of our daily calls for service for our patrol officers. There is a strong suspicion that our local politicians are making big money on creating this problem bigger and bigger at our expense and our poor addicted folks. Detoxing in jail saves lives, just ask the ones who made it out. We can’t save money at our jails, can’t save money dropping charges for no reason in our city court and justice court (misd. arrests go). We can arrest our way out of it by properly using our specialty courts applying a balanced method of “the carrot or the stick”. Dropping charges and allowing good folks and their businesses to be victimized over and over hasn’t worked this website is proof. Time for new local politicians.

  • Anonymous

    The challenge is getting all this info and exposing the current City Admin to the low information voters who rely on main stream channels who have seemingly no
    interest in upsetting the Regina regime.

  • Anonymous

    Community Bond Program at BOS Meeting 3/7/2023

    Opioid Settlement
    Pima County Accepted The Opioid Settlement receipt of funds at the 3/7/2023. They did not get the money, will come over 10 years but many 10’s of millions.

  • Anonymous

    What is the 50 plus millions opiod settlement fund? I have not heard of this? What is the bond program? Where they are creating bonds for people charged with crimes? Never heard of it as well

  • Anonymous

    There are fentanyl dealers & fentanyl smokers in a shopping center squatter camp.
    On the west side of the Wilmot Plaza shopping center, the walkway along the back of Body Central and Carbon Health (6303 E. Broadway Ste. 160 & Ste. 161) between the building and the low landscaping wall is STILL being used by fentanyl drug dealers and fentanyl smokers in broad daylight even after 911 was called about it on two separate days when it was being observed.
    The fentanyl dealers and users are not clients, customers or patients of the clinics.
    They arrive on foot from the streets, especially the Sun Tran bus stops at the SE corner and the NW corner of the intersection of E. Broadway & N. Wilmot Rd., then duck down behind the wall to commit their crimes.
    After dark it is a squatter camp.
    That wall is a public nuisance and should be removed.

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